Is The Word “Upgrade” Exhausting You? Video!

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Hi, this is Rori and I’m just checking out my new camera on my new computer…and so much to think about!

Starting over with something new, fresh, empty, checking out all the new qualities of it.

Some qualities make you happy, some don’t.

Some make you feel, Why? Why do I need to keep upgrading?

So the word here is “Upgrading”.

Upgrading my computer. Upgrading my pajamas. Upgrading my bed. Upgrading my food. Upgrading what I do, what I see. The TV shows I watch. The books I read.

Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade, upgrade, upgrade.

It’s exhausting, isn’t it? Literally, and absolutely. Exhausting.

Why do we need to upgrade anything? What is upgrade anyway?

Upgrade just means I’m at an upper level for who?

For me? For someone else? For a general assessment?

Am I going to be assessed like a house?

I’m feeling through this as an “Upgrade issue”.

“Guilty pleasures” are the TV shows we watch and the books we read that are not approved by the whole – everyone else.

Like: Silly. Being silly.

When you actually let yourself be silly and read a silly book, fun thing, do something silly and fun and laugh, what do you actually feel?

For me, I feel liberated.


Like,” Wait a minute. This is what life is supposed to be for me.”

And then it becomes a big question.

What is the daily grind? What is it? What is the upgrade I’m seeking?

So, I would love to read in your comments: what it is for you, as you examine what the pleasure is, and the joy in your day, and what’s the frustration.

Is it that you’re looking for? What is the feeling that you want to have?

And what’s in your way? What are you doing that is not creating that?

And if you have kids, there’re so many things that get in the way!

My big solution, and I’ll talk about it more, is Romance. Romancing the everyday. Romancing your family.

Romancing the mess. Romancing the prep for the food.

All of that. It changes everything.

So that the word upgrade is irrelevant here.

Talking romance.

Let me know how that works for you!

The idea of “upgrading” can make us feel that where we are right now isn’t “good enough”...and it strains the relationships you have, and your feelings for yourself…yet…

It’s SO important to want what you want!

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Love, Rori

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