Is Your Man Picker Off Because Your Inner Boy Is Messing With You? Naomie Thompson Video And Transcript!

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A brilliantly helpful video from Master Coach Naomie Thompson:

From Naomie Thompson:

“If you find yourself – when you’re dating, or the kind of guys you’re really drawn to and attracted to – you find maybe it’s the same kind of guys again and again, but in different clothing…

So it might be guys who come on really, really strong – and as soon as you start to open up, they start to disappear?”

Now, that used to be me and I found that awful.

It was like I was saying, I’m going to watch who he is, I’m going to see what kind of guy he is, I’m going to get all the evidence I need, and then I’ll open up.

And then suddenly he was gone. Suddenly he’d back off. I know how painful that is, how confusing that is.

So if you’re in that place, I want to say: There’s a part of you that’s choosing for you right now, and they may not be choosing very well for you.

You may have heard the expression, your man picker, your man pickers off and, and I really like to, to, to liken that to being a part of you that is trying to choose well for you, but is really, really struggling. So you can absolutely solve this.

You can absolutely turn this around.

We’re going to be running a workshop called the Inner Boy Masterclass on Saturday at 12 noon U.S central time.

Our inner boy is often a reflection of what is going on outside of us, in our relationships with men, in the men we choose, in the men we are attracted to.

And there’s a whole new way of going about attraction.

There’s a whole new way of relating to the way we shine our light because, you know, we are shining a light, shining a vibe. out to guys in the world, whether we’re closed or we’re open, we’re shining a  closed vibe or an open vibe.

And we will attract, you will attract, someone who vibes with that light, who vibes with your vibe.

If we’re putting out a closed vibe, “Hmm, not quite sure, not quite sure. I’m going to watch you and see what you’re like...before I open up…” we’re going to attract a guy who’s comfortable with that closed vibe.

So, when you open up, he’s going to struggle.

If you’ve got an open vibe, you’re going to attract a guy who really wants that open energy.

So, in this workshop, we’re going to dive into “What light are you shining? How can you turn around the light you’re shining?”

So actually you start to effortlessly attract a man who’s going to “get you” and want you – exactly as you are – from the very beginning.”

Love, Naomie and Rori

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