Is Your Personality Type Helping You Or Hurting You? Podcast!

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Let me introduce a known thing that I’ve become into drawn in by my daughter: Personality Typing.

Typing isn’t just about “what you’re like” – it’s very complex.

It’s about how we process things.

In other words, the type that you are (I’m, I’ve just discovered, an ENFJ/not a jumper/double feminine/wildfire) – to people who know about this stuff and want to talk about it – it becomes a “bonding” thing.

It’s not like an astrological or  numerological identification, where it was decided long ago and identified at birth…

It’s like a kind of a definition, a containerizing, of the way we see ourselves right now.

And I find it extremely helpful.

These containers are decided by your processes of how you feel things.

How you feel things, and then how you express them, how you think your way through things.

Whether you think back to your past, or if your mind is going forward into the future.

Are you expanding? Or are you trying to kind of containerize some big concept?

All of those things are fascinating for me.

And we are all each completely different.


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