Is Your Sexy Really Making Men Not See You As “Forever”?

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The Question:

“Rori, I tend to always act really sexual when I really like someone. This makes the men see me as someone nice to play with, not as girlfriend material.

Again this happened with my current crush. He’s the man of my dreams. How can I reverse this and make him see me as girlfriend material?

Here’s An Answer From Coach Natalina Love:

Hi! This is Natalina Love, I’m a Rori Raye Coach. I’ve read your letter… So glad you found Rori! You are in such good company, and ..first question – how do you feel about your sexuality?

It’s a pretty common idea that the IF we are sexual or not will affect IF we can attract a suitable partner…and all the advice is really confusing because everyone has a different opinion of the matter.

There’s lots of pressure to choose “right”, I grew up with Purity Culture… and it still messes with my mind and emotions, and I know I’m not alone in that, but what if there is no wrong here?

Sex can be healing, and there are plenty of women who’ve stories to prove that having ‘sex too soon will NOT ruin your chance at relationship’.

There Are TONS of Happy women in relationships who had sex on a first date… So then, why not you?

The big thing here is that YOU feel good with you.

What the problem is, (or the opportunity!) is how we connect with men And ourselves, do we let him see us, or JUST the sexual part of us?

Where are we not available for the relationship we want?

This is something I’ve learned over time working with Rori’s materials and amazing Modern Siren Tools:

Everyone wants intimacy, and Intimacy is more than just sex… intimacy is wildly thrilling and frightening all at the same time, this is what Siren School Coaches can help you with in The Siren Circle Private coaching Program.

Usually there is so much that we are trying to cover up out of trying to control the fear we feel, and trying to control results too, it’s our ‘go to” to pretend – to perform, to act, and this is true for both MEN AND WOMEN.

In Regards to Bringing your crush back, Your Best Bet is to come back to who you are, for you to embrace you.

(I know this might feel like flimsy, overused advice, and yet it’s still the core of every success story)

In The Siren Circle, the first week will be coaching and exploration around the harmony of your Masculine and Feminine Energy.

**This will shed A LOT of light and clarity on how you’ve pushed away great men, including this man that you want back in your life, and hot to turn it around so you get to have the relationship you want.

The Siren Circle Program offers a format of 3 full hour sessions privately, plus 4 weeks of voice messaging support for only $297.

I’ll be there for you to organize and schedule your sessions for you with the most optimum Siren School coaches for you.

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