It Isn’t Always About Marriage!

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The Question:

“Rori, I’ve found the whole Circular Dating idea really difficult to accomplish (but I still believe in it!), so I had three long-term relationships.

All that I knew did not have potential for marriage, but I just couldn’t break away. Hoping it’ll be different next time!!!

I have to learn to navigate the dating of many men at once, until I’m engaged. And I will master it! Still Serial Dater”

My Answer:

Still Serial – you know, being in 3 long-term relationships that were good-feeling at least in some way – hey – that sounds quite lovely!

Marriage is NOT right for everyone at all times!

There IS NO timeline!

My instant reaction to your letter is that marriage isn’t necessarily a goal for you at this exact moment, and you’d rather be involved with a man in what might feel like a more exciting way than getting aligned in a marriage right now.

When you’re in relationship with someone, it feels good to not be alone, to hopefully have good sex, and to feel that “buzz.”

Please don’t let anyone talk you into believing that any “kind” of relationship is better than any other.

It’s all about what YOU WANT!!!

Love, Rori

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