It’s Not About Learning To Fake Well


The Question:

I am curious why do all of the emails and all of your book titles have us catering to the man – like, as a woman, we have to change everything that we do and everything that we say and everything we feel and be fake – because that’s what it is, it’s being fake – all to get a man to want us in to like us. This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever tried.

My Answer:

“Curious”,  I SO hear everything you say, and, actually, all of Modern Siren is the exact opposite of anything fake.

I’m guessing you don’t have any of my books or programs – and realize all the titles of everything could make you think the Rori Raye Tools are about trickery, but they’re …yes, the opposite!

The entire Modern Siren methodology and coaching is based on getting real, learning to speak your truth to a man, saying what you feel, instead of what you think, or strategize.

Every article on this blog pretty much talks about authenticity and saying the truth, not fudging.

We’re on exactly the same wavelength, especially in terms of “not blaming” anyone, especially not blaming someone you love, and about speaking to everyone respectfully.

To me, that’s just common sense.

The idea is to develop bravery to not go with reactions and defensiveness, and instead create true communication.

The thing is, most of us women have been taught to hold IN our feelings and NOT say the truth, so The Rori Raye Methods are about helping us UNDO all that conditioning, and begin to be straightforward and truthful.

I hear that this might be easy for you, yet, most of the women I talk to (and myself as well, throughout my own personal history), have learned to smile no matter what.

We’ve learned how to say things that are masculine-oriented (meaning, from our brains, like men do, instead of acknowledging our genuine feelings) that we “think” are what will make a man happy and want to be with us forever.

Only – that never works.

I hope you’ll take a minute to look around the blog, find your particular interests and situation, and see what might be of value for you…

Love, Rori


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