Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper Brilliantly Demonstrate What It Is To Be A Siren

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Let’s break it down, moment by moment. (Follow along on a youtube clip – it might be helpful – link at bottom…)

First, the invitation.  Music begins, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper respond. He takes her hand, leads her up the stairs to the stage.

He, like in a dance move, puts pressure on her hand and guides her to walk away from him, toward the piano.

She turns and faces him as he begins to sing to her – all the while LEANING BACK!!!!

She listens, with completely open energy and genuine emotions building.

When her emotions build so high she can’t contain them – she does NOT move toward HIM!!

Instead, she moves to her left, to the piano, sits down, and begins to fully express herself through the piano, and then through her voice.

She plays. She sings.

Everything she does – you can see and feel how it all comes from deep inside her and out through her body.

Her hands are pounding the keys, willing them to play. Her skills are not produced by “thought.” They are just coming alive and being used in service to the feelings she feels.

It’s her deep desire to EXPRESS herself that comes through her arms, her hands, her head, her mouth, her voice.

She leans into the piano as if it’s catching and supporting her – NOT like she’s PUSHING at it.

Then Bradley takes the microphone, turns, and walks around the piano to sit with her.

He sits.  She continues to play and sing her Siren song, and as he tilts his head toward her, she responds by tilting her head toward him.  They sing together.

They finish singing.

He turns his head and looks at her.

Then she responds. She turns her head, looks at him and smiles. Totally open.

This is you and any man. 

Just copy it!

Imagine it, feel it, and do the steps! Right there with him!

*He talks. You listen.

*You play your own Siren song, sing, dance, work, make art, cook, read, walk, feel, just stand there!…

*He is enticed and follows you.

*You respond to him.

*Love grows and chemistry builds.

That’s it.

As soon as we “try” – out of our entire life’s training, our needs, and a misunderstanding of what Feminism actually IS – to move toward a man, talk him into anything, show him anything, demonstrate, convince or teach anything to him: we lose. Man walks away.

The solution is this simple set of instructions, with video! Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper demonstrating! (It doesn’t matter if it’s real or “acting” – it’s all the same. The instructions hold no matter what.)

It’s only hard to do because we’ve been raised to act like men in dresses. To not feel in front of anyone.

Join The Siren Circle and learn how to be supremely powerful in every aspect of your life – work, love and romance, all at the same time, and all from the same place: your feminine energy.  Chaos, emotion, power.  It’s already all inside you.

We begin on March 4th.

Love, Rori

And here’s one of the many youtube videos, if you’d like to follow the instructions:


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