Learn To Love Change By Pouring Love On Change!

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It snowed! It made about an inch of lovely soft white stuff on the ground, and then in a matter of hours it was gone. And the sun was out, and it was warmer, and I realized how quickly things change.

And how quickly my mood can change. How quickly your stress can change. How quickly your relationship to love can change.

We feel stuck because it feels like forever. But it isn’t. Molecules are always moving.
Once you can get yourself to a place – even in a moment – where you can embrace change…No matter what it might look like…No matter the fear it brings up for you – change can start to feel like a good thing.

Like a good feeling thing. And then you can start to notice how your body reacts.
All of a sudden your arms are moving more easily. And that tells you that stress has gone. Your hormonal levels have shifted a little bit. The headache is gone.
A man doesn’t have to do much to prompt you to feel a shift.

Now try this: instead of waiting for a man to do something that will shift you from an icky feeling to a better feeling feeling – try making the shift yourself!

Sometimes all you have to do is look down at your hand. Or look closely at the fibers of the rug under your feet. Or scratch your dog all over… Or brush your teeth while looking at every single curve and cranny in your whole mouth. And doing it without judgment.

In fact, doing it with love. Love slathered and ladled and poured on everything.

I am pouring love on everything these days, and the feeling it prompts is like magic.

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Love, Rori


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