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Guest Post by Sophie Drakkar

“I am Love. Love is within me. Love is all around me. I give and receive love freely.”

Today I want to share with you something that I hear very often. It’s actually a thought pattern that I used to have as well – and it’s super common! You might relate to this…

Recently I had breakfast with a girlfriend of mine and she expressed to me that she will feel love once she meets her man. I can’t express enough how deeply what she said resonated with me.

For as long as I could remember, that’s what I thought too! When I meet my partner, then I will have and feel love in my life.

I realize now that love is something you share. That means you have to have it in you in order to share it with those you care for – especially your soulmate!

But let’s go with the analogy that ONCE you meet your soulmate THEN you’ll be full of love…

You’re an empty glass… waiting to meet your soulmate so that they can fill your glass with LOVE.

You finally meet your soulmate – yay!

But the mindset that goes along with this analogy works both ways.

He’s also an empty glass waiting for YOU to fill it.

See the conundrum you’re both in?

Neither of your glasses are full to share the love with each other.

Now let’s switch things up a bit… let’s say one of you is the glass full of love and you’re sharing your love.

Does the other person have any love to share with you other than what’s been given to them? – not likely…

In this second scenario, the person waiting for love can only give what they receive, but they aren’t able to cultivate love within themselves.

Gosh that can feel very draining for the person who is able to cultivate love because the supply of love rests on their shoulders alone.

When you wait for love to come at you from outside of you, then your love life is very much circumstantial. If it’s circumstantial, maybe one day you have love and perhaps the next day you don’t.

You can certainly receive love, but remember that love ALWAYS originates from within you!

Love is a choice. Just like happiness and gratitude are a choice.

We often don’t think of it that way because we likely recall past moments of having fallen in love as meeting someone and then falling for them.

But let me draw another analogy here… you badly want to have a child. You haven’t conceived yet, but you’re trying. You love this child already. Finally, you’ve conceived and the love grows and it continues to grow… you haven’t even laid eyes on this baby – but your love has been cultivating within you. Now your baby is born and you just pour all your love into that baby. You didn’t wait for the baby to be born or even conceived before you could plant the seed of love within you, did you? No, because you planted the seed first and you were already filled with love.

I invite you to plant the seed of love today! Cultivate that within yourself and remember to feed it every day.

Then when you meet your soulmate – pour that love into them AND enjoy receiving the love they have to share with you!

To learn more about this, I invite you to download my complimentary program ‘Expand Your Magnetism And Attract His Everlasting Love‘ – as my gift to you!

Love, Sophie

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