Love Coach Jeanie Wilder Shares How To Make Every “Meeting” With A Man A GREAT DATE!

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The Question:

From Carol Ann: “Rori, I discovered your work and approaches very recently and they really speak to me. I feel like your work and the work of coaches you have trained has shed light on many many blindspots I have had over the years.

An umpteenth bumble/tinder date, post confinement, led me to you and other energy coaches.

This time is was one of the rare ones with a good guy (at least that is the impression I had). I went to the meetup (notice, I don’t use the term’ date’..!) with zero expectations, I had the impression hisease establishing rapport on audio messages could be the sign that he was a player (…).

…with hindsight see that I was missing a certain lightness, sense of fun, and reacted with masculine energy when he was acting in his masculine energy.

I think that while he was very interested leading to meeting me and at the start of the date, he probably felt that the date did not make him feel good enough.

I debriefed with a male friend of mine and he asked me if I let this guy play his ‘male’ role. This stuck with me (it’s not the first time he tells me that). What sticks with me from Rori and other coaches’ work, is that I wasn’t sufficiently warm during the date.

I was rather neutral, thinking “this is a stranger and I am meeting him for the first time and can’t go on full-on date mode with a person I meet for the first time”. He, on the other hand, was so warm and upbeat, I probably should have let myself thaw..

At this stage, I have mixed feelings: sad I have missed yet another seemingly great guy, and also thankful this post-lockdown date has led me to searching for answers and finding Rori and the feminine energy approach. Unlike other approaches I have read about, or relationship coaches I have listened to, this approach really speaks to me.

Thank you again and I very much look forward to learning more❤

The Answer – From Love Coach Jeanie Wilder

Hi Carol Ann,

I’m one of Rori Raye’s Love Coaches and she’s sent me your email to help you figure out your dating situation…

I’m happy to give you some coaching around this…I really hear you saying you’re READY for lasting love with your Mr. Right, and though I’m not your coach and I can’t give you advice– I’ll tell you what I would do if I were you…

You REALLY felt how this good masculine energy guy on this “meetup” was repelled by your reserved tendency and masculine energy, even though you’re an amazing woman!

That’s good information, so don’t take it personally and let’s simply bookmark it as we look to what you can do instead.

Now I’d do this if I were you around dating in general:

Allow ALL first, second, third, twentieth, last, dates to be called DATES, not Meetups!

These men are interviewing for the position of lovemaking-babymaker-husband, not professional-co-worker or hobby-buddy so I’d open my mental doors for all dates to be romantic adventures with the world of men… and my only job on DATES is to feel open and curious about what each man brings me as I remain warm, open, speaking my authentic heart full of feelings, so he can see who I truly am every moment of any time we meet…

And YES, I’d even let those boys lean in and kiss me if they are moved to… simply noting how I felt with each one’s energy moving towards me.

THIS is how you practice your feminine energy on dates, and we practice this in Rori’s Siren Circle! Link to learn more or join is here:

AND you are welcome to grab my FREE GIFTS to help you pull in YOUR MR. Right FAST at

I recommend both for you and I look forward to hearing how you’re transforming as you make your way forward.

You’ve got this my dear, and I have a feeling your Mr. Right is right around the corner. Now let’s get your feminine energy stoked and in gear to become your most authentic, majestic, luscious self so you can get on with your Happily-Ever-After!

Xo, Love Coach Jeanie Wilder

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