Love Has Many Faces

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Rori, I just finished my first session with Danai.

It was such an eye-opening experience for me. I cried, laughed, and had so so much feelings going on and on. It was the first time I felt this safe to express the nasty voice in my head/body, my inner boy, and all the locked feelings of anxiousness, tension, and fear of abandonment.

I loved how Danai didn’t approach any of my feelings with logic and instead guided me on how to accept all the scary shades of my feelings.

Love Coach Danai

When Danai guided me to love the parts of me that feel scared, I told her I don’t know how to feel love or truly experience love.

She reassured me saying that love has many faces and it is best to be approached step by step so that every part of me gets in touch with how it truly feels.

Once she said that, I began to experience a cloud of calmness over my heart and had an inner intuition telling me that if I welcome the little flavours of love (calmness, confidence, beauty,..) , one baby step at a time, the whole experience of love will gradually unfold into something more beautiful than I had ever imagined before.

I felt so curious about how this feeling called “love” will taste and felt so excited to start experimenting all its shades ❤️.

My next step is to be present in areas where men are present and to start experimenting how I feel when men send me arrows.

I was also guided to address any rushing emotions with kindness and embrace as Danai taught me to in the session.

Lastly, I am to take note of any unfolding events/emotions and share my experience with Danai during our next session.

Danai is such a beautiful coach with a beautiful aura of warmth and safety.

I would love to continue with her in the following sessions and hopefully I will become one of her successful love stories soon ❤️.

All the love, Helen

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Love, Rori

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