Stop Feeling Invisible And Be The Center Of HIs Life...



Hi, This is Rori, and I'd like to introduce you to my amazing new coach:


She's going to change your love life (and your life in general, too) in her new Love School program: Stop Feeling Invisible And Be The Center Of His Life...


Hi, I'm Shahrzad, and it's wonderful to be working with Rori in Love School with my "Stop Feeling Invisible" Live Coaching program.

If you've spent most of your life, like I have, blending into walls, trying not to be noticed, and keeping your head under everyone's radar with the help of what I now call my "Invisibility Cloak" - this class will help you come out from under, shrug off your your cloak, and step into yourself - just enough - to be with a terrific man in a completely new way.

A way that will compel him to lean in towards you, hear you, care for you, and fall in love with you.

It IS kind of magical - but, then, I always found my "invisibility" to be magical, too.

It saved me from conversations I didn't want to have. It kept me from letting anyone even close to my heart - much less the soul of me and all my"secrets."

It saved me from arguments, conflict, expectations  and love.

And now, my story's completely turned around.

I learned how to peek out from my Cloak just enough to attract the attention of the man who's soon to be my husband, and then I learned how to "be" with him - and without my "Cloak" to begin to explore the emotional intimacy of love I'd hidden from my whole life.

You can do it too.

Join me and my class in turning back the "Nice Girl Syndrome," and finally becoming comfortable feeling VISIBLE!!!

Love, Shahrzad

Here's What You'll Get In "Stop Feeling Invisible And Be The Center Of His Life"

1. Live, online classes TWICE per week for 4 weeks - that's 8  Live, Online classes... the safe, warm, loving and supportive Rori Raye Love School group setting - where you'll be personally, step-by-step, coached through Shahrzad's "Stop Feeling Invisible" Tools in each class session.

These classes will take place by teleseminar (you can use your phone, Skype, or your computer's microphone to participate in the classes!), and bonus video Zoom, on Mondays at 11am PST, and Wednesdays at 5:30pm PST, beginning Monday, October 2nd!

This way - no matter where in the world you live, you'll be able to attend class!

Using the amazingly successful, unique Rori Raye Modern Siren coaching method, you'll be immersed in a coaching experience that will transform your specific love situation more quickly than you can imagine.

You will be live coached by Shahrzad, personally, and on your private Stop Feeling Invisible Facebook group.

2. Stop Feeling Invisible private, closed Facebook group! You'll have access to Shahrzad 24/7.

3. Written material, Worksheets and Questionnaires to help you get even more value in your personal work in class and in the Facebook group

4. Recordings of the Stop Feeling Invisible And Be The Center of his Life LIVE classes as you go through them.


Stop Feeling Invisible And Be The Center of His Life LIVE begins on Monday, October 23rd!

If You're Ready To Not Only "Learn" How To Come Out From Behind Your Invisibility Cloak, And Shift Your "Vibe" From "Nice Girl" To "Real Girl" - but actually EXPERIENCE yourself, with your unique personality and emotional skills, doing it live in class just the way you'll learn to do it with a MAN - Begin Here-->>

What If you really could feel completely "yourself" - without your Invisiblity Cloak - and attract any man you wanted?


With the program, you'll receive:

* 8 live classes with me and other women who really get where you’re at

*My Stop Feeling Invisible Manual so that all my tools are right at your finger tips

*Unlimited access to me on the Stop Feeling Invisible Private Facebook group

*Worksheets and questions to help guide you through the program

*Videos where I walk you through the tools so you can do them along with me

We have so much to cover, I can’t wait to get started.

Click on the button below to get to the Stop Feeling Invisible "order form," and I'll immediately email you my welcome to the class, with a worksheet you can personally email back to me so I can know a little bit about you - and where you’re at in relationship right now.

The cost of Stop Feeling Invisible And Be The Center Of His Life, like all Rori Raye Love School live 4-week coaching programs, is only $250 - and so I can work with you personally, there will only be 10 women in class!

I look forward to knowing you,