Love Success Story!

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From Jennie:

Hi, every Siren here: I wanted to send out a word of encouragement for everyone and let you know I’M GETTING MARRIED in about 2 weeks.

I still have tendency to Overfunction and be too bossy and controlling, but I’m continuing to work on it, not only for my husband, but for myself.

I’m great at giving, and it was really a challenge to learn to RECEIVE, but for me, it was key.

My husband-to-be is a wonderful man – kind, accepting, committed to my kids (even with their disabilities), makes a very good living, is fine with me working or staying home, and is very supportive.

He doesn’t want anything from me – I don’t need to “fix” anything.

Sometimes it’s hard for me to let go and trust him to take care of things, but as I have done so, he has been fully willing and capable of stepping up.

He LIKES taking care of things.

He LIKES being the man and letting me be the woman.

I do go into my masculine energy sometimes, and that works for us, especially regarding taking care of family matters or helping him with his business…but we are both more comfortable when I am predominantly in my feminine energy.

He really doesn’t want anything from me but for me to be happy and to appreciate him.

I hope to continue to work on myself with the things I have learned from Rori and the other lovely ladies on this website.

I would encourage you to be open to all kinds of men.

I might have passed my fiance by because he wasn’t my usual “type”.

I did not feel an initial spark, but took Rori’s advice and let him kiss me, and found there was something there.

He wasn’t the super-masculine type that I usually go for, but I kept open to looking for HIS type of masculinity and it wasn’t that hard to find.

His ex-wife was very emasculating and it has been interesting to see him come into his own masculinity within our relationship.

He is a real gem and I am very blessed.

I feel like he came into my life when I was ready for someone like him.

Our relationship just flows – it is so easy – we are just on the same wavelength.

Anyway, Ladies, I’m off to Maui in a couple weeks to get married.

I just wanted to say, “hang in there”. This stuff really works!

And thanks to everyone here for your help and support!


From Rori:

Brava Jennie!

It’s not an easy thing to simply “shift” from your masculine energy and overfunctioning to Leaning Back and living in your Feminine Energy.

It helps to have a support system, like the Siren Island Facebook Group, and the amazing Feminine Energy Workshop on the last Sunday of every month.

To find out what’s going on in Siren School, hit either of the links above, and then look around at the different live coaching programs (don’t forget to pick up your “How Jane Got Jim’s Commitment” free guide here on the blog, or over at!)!

Love, Rori

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