Love Tip From A Professional Courtesan

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This is an amazing letter from “Miss V,”  who’s a professional courtesan!

“Rori, Thank you for your e-mails

I work as a courtesan/escort/companion

I use your tools all the time

I have purchased both the Siren and the Bridging programs from you – also the e-book

I have learned so much

I just recently ran into my high school crush and told him that I don’t want to fall in love, I don’t want to get married and I am not looking to break up any current relationships that he may or may not be in

This is what I do for a living and this is what I am asking for, should he want to be physically intimate with me

Not only is he paying me for my time but he is also taking care of my car (an alternative I gave him to paying me as a Courtesan for my services (worth thousands of dollars))

When a man wants you, and you put yourself first, he will give you what you want!!!!


I know you probably are not wanting to help people in the sex trade business… lol
But you are.
Bless you!

Miss V

My Answer:

OMGoodness – Miss V –

I’ve written an article, a long time ago, called “What You Can Learn From a Call Girl” – about “The Girlfriend Experience” – which I’ll bet you can write volumes on!

If you ever want to be a professional coach, please let me know! I think many of us would be happy to pay you coaching fees the equal of your current fees to learn seemingly simple things you talk about here: to feel so highly about ourselves that we can feel comfortable asking for even just the BASICS of relationship: affection, attention, great sex, fun, harmony, devotion – and standing by us and fixing our cars, too!

Love, Rori

From Miss V:

To say that I am honored by your response would be an understatement. Thank you!

I have been reading and following your teachings since 2010.

I have a genuine love and respect for women.

It would be incredible to put my energies, experience, and acquired skills to be used to support and empower women; in their sexual growth, exploration and journey.

My hope would be, to be an effective source and positive outlet in personal and intimate relationships with husbands, boyfriends, and partners alike.

Ultimately, my desire would be for women to not ever doubt their worth, sexual attractiveness, intimate abilities, etc and I want ALL women to have a powerful voice, embrace their inner goddess without hesitation, doubt or worry, and essentially, be set free.

All women deserve to be the best possible Goddess/Siren that we can be.

As to the idea of coaching – I excitedly embrace this avenue and possible opportunity.

In truth, I have actually had a vision of being up in front of a group of women.

I begin without makeup, hair not done, wearing only a bra, underwear and a slip over top. In effect, being completely vulnerable, open, and real; nothing fake or hidden.

I am speaking and sharing experiences while I “get ready” (apply makeup, get dressed and do my hair), to drive home the point about how being vulnerable with a man is how we connect to them.

I ask at the end who they would have felt more connected to – the woman who started out at the beginning (the “real” “being” feminine” energy, or the woman they see standing before them now, looking put together and “my best” (the corporate “doing” “giving” deciding” “Male” energy)

I appreciate and look forward to your thoughts and direction to move forward with this.

Please peruse the text below:

“Eric, how are you?
Happy Wednesday

I have to be honest, I hadn’t expected to hear from you again. I figured it was “OK, saw V, caught up and now that’s done. Next!”

Would I join you for dinner and cocktails? Yes, it would be a delight.

I want to share a bit of where I am in life as I have the feeling you are not looking for friendship from me. (I don’t have sex with my friends)

I am not looking for a traditional relationship. I don’t want anyone leaving wives for me, in fact I prefer marriages stay intact.

I don’t know how much research has been done, however my companionship website asks $350 per hour of my time, whether dining or spending more intimate moments together.

Now… it might be weird having a financial transaction –  not for me, however I have other things that I need help with that perhaps would be more agreeable and I would feel my time is valued and respected.

My car is old. I love her, however she has been neglected over time. She is 20 years old. I want to keep her.

The pistons in my hatch do not work properly and whenever I am loading my trunk, the hatch falls on my head, which is painful. I need them replaced.

Years ago, I went over a curb and the front bumper tore. My mechanic put a band aid on it but to have it replaced would be sublime.

The motor for my sunroof stopped working years ago and stays in a closed position. I would love to be able to use my sun roof again, without a problem.

She is rusty in areas and to have her re-painted would be lovely.
Air-conditioning would be amazing to have…
Heated seats for those cold winter drives, hmm – yes

I leave this with you to decide what you would like to do. I am open to you walking away, as well as moving forward.”

“Eric” is in the automotive industry, so these points that I addressed spoke to a major part of his manhood. It gave him options that were attainable and within reach, and not out of his comfort zone.

It was “respecting the masculine” while not placing any expectation on his answer either way, making it completely his decision to move forward or not.

Thank you again, Rori and bless you for the work that you have been doing, are doing, and will be doing!

Miss V

From Rori:

I expect all kinds of reactions from you, reading this.

Shock that I would publish a letter from a woman who would “date” your husband for money or car fixes.

Fascination that a woman like this can also be fantastically able to tell you exactly how she manages to stay cool and yet warm at the same time, and how men will do things to be with her we would NEVER EVEN THINK OF ASKING FOR!!!

So many of us are, in truth, asking for nothing. And accepting crumbs.

So – instead of letting your judgment side win about Miss V – read what she says and see if you can add what she knows and can teach us about how men work, and how to stop thinking of ourselves as “needy,” when, actually, we’re the ones with the power.

I personally would love to be coached by a woman who can inspire nearly anything in a man.

Love, Rori



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  1.  #1Daria on January 13, 2018 at 2:11 pm

    Miss V’s writing sounds like Rori’s ! I Like that. It is super inviting! Great yay yay girl. and also i would invite you to fall in love and have a forever relationship. 😀

  2.  #2Femininewoman on January 15, 2018 at 7:55 am

    mmm it really sounds good and I feel intrigued and drawn in by the energy of her words. It almost has a fluttery butterfly feel that is describing what she has to offer if someone is interested while at the same time indicating she will not settling in or grasp as she knows there are other options out there that would accept what she has to offer without any hesitation. The very thought feels very liberating.

  3.  #3Lina on January 19, 2018 at 8:42 am

    This leads me to feel so empowered to ask what we really need of a man… Instead of hiding it behind dozens of masks to pretend we are strong and independent and need nothing!

    I have been coming to terms with needing a man to literally…. caretake for me and my 4-yr old son! I have been surviving this life feeling so completely over burdened by having to do it all on my own…
    Except I never let myself admit it, thinking, somehow, that it WOULDN’T be FAIR to ask ANYONE to “pick up the tab” for me!
    A week into Rori’s programs full immersion and I am starting to feel (and getting tons of proof from circular-dates’ feedback) that I actually have loads to give to a man, in any relationship, that is worthy to them!
    So why not be straightforward in my needs, as they have always shown to be in theirs!?

    What a revolution. I am actually considering going all the way and pushing this to the extreme, telling men right off the bat when they ask, and even writing it on dating sites. I am looking for a caretaker for myself and my son. And a loving one, at that. Oh and great sex. No deal without these three. It may sound superficial, or rather, it may take me some getting used to before I can actually feel brave and strong enough to put it out there.. but really, what else was I actually expecting I could get from a man….?