Is Madonna’s Marriage Not Working Anymore?

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I’ve always been fascinated by Madonna – by her bold career moves and her passionate and unruly choices in men, and her good business sense. And I’ve felt so happy for her these last 7 years with her seemingly solid marriage to Guy Richie and her obvious commitment to her children, her devotion to a spiritual path and her willingness to use her money to help other children through her charity work. Even her children’s book.

I did not want to see her in another love scandal that would cause pain to others.

We have no idea what the truth is about her relationship with Alex Rodriguez, or about the state of his marriage before Madonna became his “friend,” and no one should judge anyone else, anyway, but I realized how important it was to me to think that she “had it all together.”

If her marriage was becoming a sham, and they were already separating both physically and emotionally, and A-Rod was intensely unhappy in his marriage, and if they’d all done all they could to repair the damage and resurrect the marriages, then I would say their behavior isn’t exactly “scandalous.” But it still feels terrible, and seeing other people in such disarray and with so much pain being thrown around makes you think about your own love life.

It makes you wonder about the nature of relationships, and what it is that makes them drift away, and why passion and intimacy are so difficult to keep going for some, and yet easy for others (and yes – there are so many people for whom intimacy is easy and lasts a lifetime with the same person).

I’d love to hear your own thoughts and feelings about the “musical chairs” quality of some marriages we know of, and the lifelong, everlasting quality of so many other marriages. Let me know what yRu think makes all the difference, and then I’ll write some solutions to all this.

Love, Rori