Making Him Wrong – Especially When He IS Wrong! – Will Get You Nowhere


No woman will ever, ever get anywhere with any man…

…no woman ever will, by telling him what he’s doing wrong.

Even – and especially – when he IS wrong!

It simply will get you nowhere you want to be.

It’ll lead you to old fights, to high-school-like feelings, to him being defensive and self-protective and angry. All of that.

There’s no question that you’re “right” most, if not ALL of the time.

I mean – what mature man would not know that:

….mixing current women with exes on Facebook groups or real life events is a bad idea…?

…forgetting birthdays, Valentine’s Day, special occasions, anything that’s important to you is a bad idea…?

…getting angry and defensive when they’ve clearly made a horrible mistake and hurt you is a bad idea….?

And yet, perhaps the man you’re with is used to women literally “tearing him new ones” all the time, and maybe he likes to egg that on.

Or, maybe he really is completely clueless.

Or, maybe he doesn’t care even a tiny bit how uncomfortable anyone else is!

No matter the “why” of “why” he does ANYTHING – isn’t it time for you and I to do something different?

If you don’t want him – then do whatever you want.

And, I’m guessing, because you’re here, that you DO want him…

…So – how about you “train” him properly?

On Siren Island, follow our coaching instructions – where you can quickly learn how to use Feeling Messages in ALL situations (including high-powered work!), so you can truly be “different” from every other woman, and get completely different results with men than most other women get.

You combine Feeling Messages with your for-sure inner strength – so you’re never “whiny” or “insecure.”

Instead, you’re always simply letting him know what doesn’t feel good, and that you appreciate him hearing you let him know that when things go haywire, it doesn’t feel cool with you.

Yes, it does feel sad when men just aren’t up to being good partners for us – yet, the good men are NOT hard to find!

They are not your immediate choices in looks and money, perhaps, but in devotion and maturity – they’re out there…

…and hardly any other women are noticing them!

You have a clear field if you’ve got your eye on the qualities you truly want.

Love, Rori

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