Men Who Are Confused Aren’t Ready For You

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Is he worthwhile? The answer to that has little to do with him.

His “qualities” may be stellar. His looks may be awesome. His finances may be so comforting.

And yet, the absolutely only thing that matters is if he wants to be your “partner”. If he wants to be around you.

If he KNOWS he WANTS you.

Confusion is a pretty “heady” thing.

Your heart wants one thing, your body wants another thing, your mind wants yet another thing. For a man in general, confusion is logical in terms of marriage, engagement, life-long commitment.

His head wants freedom, his body and heart want you…and – his head also wants comfort and commitment!

But NONE of this should be keeping him from wanting to be with you. None of this is enough to dampen his enthusiasm for you – or if you’ve been together so long it feels like the glamour has faded – none of his “confusion” should interfere with his “goal” of having you.

A man who cannot make decisions is going to be problematical in your life together. A may who shys away from you because of confusion will shy away from you for other things that come up.

Your job here is simple: Tell him the absolute truth. Ask him the questions you need to ask him. Listen to him. Believe what he says. And…

Circular Date!!!!

Never, ever let a confused man have it “his way” or “both ways” when it comes to exclusivity.

Love Rori

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