More On My Birthday

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It’s my birthday! Just standing outside at sunset looking at the trees in my backyard remembering this moment… And feeling a bit melancholy.

I don’t like the feeling of the passage of time.

It feels sad and way way way too aware of what I imagine as time limits on what I can do and how long I can be here…

And I just sit down. I realize I am not, at heart, a rusher.

I am not someone all up in my head wanting to do what I think I need to do and even what I want to do… As though there are time limits.

Instead, when I get down inside, I feel kind of limitless. Choices I think are big in the moment actually, when I just sit down, Seem to be pretty fluid and not huge.

Is the simple moment, when I’m feeling so much, that feels never ending. It’s the never ending story. Just one moment. And then another.

One feeling leading to another, and then I just feel the urge for something else.

Feels like a very nice way to live.

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Love, Rori

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