My “Where Am I?” List To Change Your Relationship Around

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Try printing this, leaving it out where you can see it (with a pen or pencil right by it) and writing things that come to you whenever you feel like it!

Whenever I ask these kinds of questions on a worksheet, or in a client session, it’s like a surprise.

I know when I ask myself questions like this – it feels like a light bulb just went on.

And it feels like a surprise and a light bulb not just because we’re giving ourselves a moment to look inside – but because it completely shifts our perspective…Our point of view immediately changes!

All of a sudden, instead of focusing on what HE’S doing wrong, or what HE’S not doing, and how HE’S disappointing us – we start to focus on what we WANT!

That’s magic, right there.

Instead of “entertaining” the problem, the disturbance, the “not quite right feeling” that leads us to question ourselves – we begin “playing” with our own desires.

If I let my mind go to where I am letting myself down…I can quickly go to self-doubt, self-dislike – all of that, so it’s really important to follow that feeling down, and move into the next logical question: What do I WANT?

So – notice if that starts happening for you, and, instead ask the second question in the set – what do I WANT?

Here’s a list of questions to try:

*Where am I not supporting me?  And then…How would it look and feel to support myself? How would I do that? Is there one thing I can think of that I could do for myself? One thing that would make me feel good and supported by ME?…

*Where am I abandoning me? And…How would it look and feel to trust myself, that I wouldn’t abandon myself?… What does that look like for me?…

*Where am I not allowing myself freedom? What does freedom feel like for me? What is something I’d like to feel free around?…

Once you start with a question, don’t just stop with the “problem.” Instead, keep asking what that would look like, what you’d WANT, how that would feel, what you could do to help yourself feel good, and feel this feeling you want to feel….

Just keep asking, and if you’d like extra help to make this really sing – go to the “Power and Self-Esteem” category here on the blog and find all the “Riffing” articles.

Riffing is an awesome Tool in my Targeting Mr. Right program that can change everything for you – and the instructions and demonstrations are right here on the blog.

If you’d like personal, private help using this way of shifting from your disappointments to your WANTS, go to The Siren Circle Private Coaching program here->

Here are some more Questions and Prompts:

Where am I not giving myself love and romance?

Where am I not allowing myself fun?

What do I need to do, not do, think, not think to allow myself to experience more love and romance?

Where am I not filling myself up?

Where am I in partnership with myself? Where am I not allowing partnership with myself?

Where am I assuming it’s a man’s job to fill me up?

Where am I angry with a man for doing or not doing that I’m doing or not doing to me?

Where am I not remembering who and whose I am?

Where am I not loving myself?

Where AM I loving myself?

Love, Rori

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