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The Letter:

Dear Rori, I just wanted to tell you that as a french woman, I found your programs (all of them) fantastic and applicable to… French men!;-) It has been a month today that I started my personal love coaching with you and it’s a real pleasure for me to have a appointment with you every evening, in… my bed!

Don’t take it wrong, i love to listen and watch you on my computer, from my bed, surrounded by my pillows and covers: I live in the French Alps and it’s a very cold winter here, I am surrounded by snow in my garden.

After 20 years marriage, and a divorce (I have two kids), I have a wonderful but difficult relationship with a man that is not “rowing the boat” of the relationship, but just floating on the lake with me, leaving me with the choice of rowing or letting it go.

Until now I kept rowing courageously and full of hope. We spend wonderful moment together in Corsica at the beach, or in Rome.

BUT I KNOW IT IS A MISTAKE NOW TO DO THE ROWING Is it because he is still in love with his ex-wife I feel very present in his life (they have 2 small kids and divorce 3 years ago)?

Is he emotionally immature? Is he still reconstructing his balance, after the wreckage of the family life he had and adored? Is it because I didn’t give us the SPACE he needed to react before I was? I think I had been to fast and pushy… I don’t know.

I just know that he told me last Saturday that “he loved me, but not ENOUGH to stop living by himself” (vs. not enough to consider a life living together, i guess?)

What do you do, if you’re a girl, and you hear that? You cry and get desperate, and ask why, how, when, how to, scream, beg,… and so on. BUT what do you do when you are a Rori girl, when you hear that? YOU LET THE BALL FALL ON THE FLOOR and start being a Siren I hope I’m right, Rori.

That’s what I did. Just let it go, don’t give news, don’t call, listen to my heart, my pain, acknowledge it, and see what happens. I started circular dating last Thursday. Had My first conversation yesterday nigh of one hour on the phone with a great guy I met. We will see each other in one week.

BUT… I still fell I’m desperately in love with my complicated non-rowing man. Rori, tell me that this will pass… Tell me that’s the only way to get a chance to see him handling the ROWING gears and start rowing one day, realizing he wants me in his life. How can you bear the “I love you but… NOT ENOUGH” thing? This is so cruel.

I thank you with all my heart for being there when i need you. Have fun and Love, Rori! and come and visit me with your husband in the Alps, We’ll slide together on the slopes (better than rowing 😉

But let me tell you one more thing: as I bought all your programs, I’m doing something I call “Circular Rori-ing”!!! When I feel sad and exhausted, I watch a bit of your “Modern Siren” program. When I find a new man to date, i never go to the appointment without listening a little bit of “Scripts for dating.”

When I have hope and feel that my relationship will reconnect with my coward (or slow) man , if he realizes one day he can row the boat ;-), then i listen to “reconnect your relationship” or “commitment blue print”.

Maybe I should start with “Toxic men” as well 😉 Thank you for giving all of us back our hopes… and our dignity, as a matter of fact. Love, “French Girl”

My Answer

Once you stop rowing, what happens is the magic of more time and energy.

All of a sudden you’re freed up to do more things for yourself.

Now you have some choices.

Now this is where Circular Dating becomes really important.

We can see this freeing up of energy as a bad thing, and go into feeling sad – or we can begin to add more thrilling things into our lives.

I know nobody wants to get out and go places… But this is where you become creative and begin to build more of a life… And this is where you meet more men!

…This is where you learn to use the Modern Siren tools in a way that will draw all men closer to you – including this man you have now…

Love, Rori

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  1.  #1Femininewoman on February 23, 2017 at 9:59 am

    ll of a sudden you’re freed up to do more things for yourself.

  2.  #2Mystique on March 8, 2017 at 3:27 pm

    It’s hard at times to let go of the oars and we sometimes fall into old habits and that is the hardest to NOT do. We have to be aware of what we are doing. It’s almost like when you tell yourself you want to smoke less but yet you keep reaching for that ciggy without thinking and smoke just as much. So you have to be aware of what you do and when.

  3.  #3Rori Raye on March 8, 2017 at 7:52 pm

    Yes! Rori

  4.  #4Christina on March 10, 2017 at 9:47 am

    rori I got one for u need u ! got asked out last week he said wed go to a movie I didn’t want to stay home ( bed Bugs) lol embarrassing so it was nice we got liquor n stuff n he got a hotel room passionate non stop kissing for 2 days n intimacy coudnt keep our hands to our self just how I like it . well all night would h

    respect my body trying to suck my breasts finger me eat me out kept saying no he said fine stopped pulled away tpo do it again very forceful until I gave up with other man I freak out but I was so passive I couldn’t inderstand why. hes nicer drunk lol we took the bus ride home together holding hands he wanted to spend more time he apologized for his behavior then when drunk saying he wasn’t sorry so I had no money food k this man took care of me n was willing to be there but how he treated me got me angry I couldn’t trust him alone he said wen he drinks he wants to fight I went downstairs alone to get laundry his toxic addiction was bothering me a big bottle of vodka straight by himself hes 29. I came back upstairs he was gone but his jacket was there I was confused. I locked the door he banged on it continuously in such a loud aggressive manner. so I gave him his shit n told him to leave. Now I cant find my cell I swear he stole it what do I do. my private has been burning didn’t know a contant rubbed and activity that I disapproved would hurt so bad she sexually assaulted me its been over a week n im still in pain. im so sad about my phone help last 4 men are alcholoics that are sexually agrresive how does that link to me? thanks