No-Cost Rori Raye Interview – And All These Interviews With HUGE Superstars – Watch Them Here

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Hi, I don’t do many of these Summits anymore…

… but I know Natalie, and she does an amazing job as an interviewer…she literally let me go on and on and on – and what I talk about are things you may have never even heard me say!

I also know most of the 40 great women on the summit, and follow and read many of them, so I know you’ll get a lot out of this (especially for free!)

Just follow the link and sign up – you’ll get emails every day of the Summit so you can get a link to each new interview…I’m scheduled for September 30th (with the great Pat Allen! – who’s my heroine, the woman who really started talking about feminine energy in a big way in her hugely bestselling books, and literally got me started talking as Rori Raye – putting Tools, steps, actual ways to shift your love life to the concepts of feminine and masculine energy…).

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The idea of this summit is that it’s for women over 40 – yet, it isn’t.

Everything I say and everything everyone else on the Summit says is for ALL women, no matter your age – with a bit of emphasis on the different situations and different focus we may find ourselves in after 40….

Here’s the general letter that gives you the info on what’s on offer at the Summit:

Are you ready to get your mojo back?

Then join the over 40 world-renowned experts – (from Rori: this Summit actually has a lot of huge names!) for the Extraordinary Life After 40 Summit so you can learn simple, powerful, practical tools to balance your hormones, feel confident, radiant, successful and fully alive and to create your life to be better than anything you have imagined!

The sessions are on topics most critical for women over forty (or fifty or sixty), including how to:

*Balance your hormones naturally through dietary and lifestyle changes as well as with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.

*Bring the spark back into your relationship and reconnect with your partner even if you haven’t felt it in years.

*Consciously uncouple to minimize resentment and maximize forgiveness if your relationship has run its course.

*Gain confidence and know-how to create a style true to your personality.

*Uncover your life purpose so you can build your legacy.

*Use your money personality to maximize abundance so you can have freedom to do whatever you want.

*Love yourself, increase your happiness set-point and manifest all that you want in your life.

And so much more!

It’s truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to receive tools and wisdom from world-renowned experts – NY Times best-selling authors, transformational teachers, visionaries, doctors, coaches and healers – all for free!

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See you virtually on September 30th!

Love, Rori

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