On Keeping Going Circular Dating

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Your vibe shifts with practice.  Practice is the key here, and then finding a way to lift your spirits and motivation so that you feel curious about what and who is “next” rather than dread-filled.
I know from all my clients (and now my coaches’ clients!) experiences that the man for them, the lifelong one – is just around the corner…and that if we don’t keep going, it may take way, way longer -yet, it’s still going to happen, because what you’ve learned so far is going to stick no matter what!
One of the new Rori Raye coaches – Viona Haven – is a psychic medium.  She’s a pretty extraordinary coach, too – and she firmly believes that what we’re doing here, putting the man in front of you and working with him in your imagination – is exactly what’s really happening. 
In other words, she believes we’re tapping into reality, and can therefore begin to learn to see ahead – just from experience and practice, picking up cues, believing this is real.
If you try this attitude, it may put more weight into whatever you are doing…just remember, we’re always practicing, whether it feels like it or not.
If we’re practicing old stuff, judgments, we feel shut down and bored and disinterested – if we’re practicing curiosity, things pick up, because we begin to wonder rather than judge.
Even if we’re not exercising consciously, we’re moving our bodies.  If we don’t do it consciously, the body returns to its old patterns – but way more SLOWLY!!!
In other words, what we accomplish in physical therapy sticks for a long time before old habits replace the new ones…what you’ve learned will STICK…you are NOT “going back” – you’re simply moving forward through some layers that FEEL like stuck but are actually NEW layers.
Can you see it this way?  It’s true…
Love, Rori



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  1.  #1Femininewoman on May 30, 2017 at 7:11 am

    mmmm Viona sounds like she might be an interesting match for me as a coach

  2.  #2Ariana on June 25, 2017 at 10:32 am

    I created some online profiles to meet men for circular dating and I feel like it is killing my self esteem even more, I have never felt so insecure. Many men like my profiles but do not initiate conversations, or would write one line and never write back after I reply. Just one connected with me so far and he is ugly and makes me feel insecure that I am not good enough for the better men out there. I never thought of myself as an insecure woman, but this is really messing with my head. I feel like I switched my energy from my ex to these men online who are not even reaching out to me and I already feel rejected and not good enough.

  3.  #3Leigh on July 28, 2017 at 9:21 am

    Ariana, Same thing is happening to me, I’ve found that responses from Tinder are rare, but Zoosk has been a little better for finding quality men for CDing