The Difference Between Passive Aggression and Feminine Scripts!

By Rori Raye | August 1, 2020

The Question:

Rori, Will you please be more explicit with your examples.. about what’s the true feminine way & what’s passive aggression?

My Answer:

– I know this cannot possibly feel clear for every situation – because each situation might require a completely different “Script” for you to use!

This is because it’s all about your “vibe,” and what’s underneath your words, that counts! Sometimes, … Read more and leave a comment or question for Rori »

How To Talk To A Man – The eBook! – From My Husband Jeffrey Mark Levine

By Rori Raye | May 11, 2020

 Has this happened to you…?

A man you’re with – or even just “around…” does something clueless, insensitive or even irresponsible – and though you’re boiling with anger, you try to hold it in?

And it all feels horrible – the anger itself, and the pain of holding it so tight inside?

Or maybe you just blurt it out – let him have it because on some level he deserves it – and then that leads to an actual “fight,” bad feelings  (about him, and about yourself, too…), defending, hurtful words and more pain?

The worst is that, because whenever this happens, it seems to almost always turn out poorly – so you never get the results you want?

Well, you’re not alone.

You can get so much new and powerful information, “Scripts,” instructions and insights from a great coach who’s also a MAN – my husband, Jeffrey Mark Levine! After the one-time-only “How To Talk To A Man Masterclass” Jeffrey and I did together last year together, I asked him to write a book for you – and he did! You can pick up your copy of the How To Talk to A Man ebook here->

Jeffrey’s an executive coach and a non-violent-communication specialist. He’s used to helping business partners solve communication problems that can cost them millions.

He’s used to helping women find their power in a workplace setting that’s institutionally set up for … Read more and leave a comment or question for Rori »

When Money Feels Like It IS Everything…

By Rori Raye | April 29, 2020

The Question:

“Hi Rori, I have a concern and I’m hoping you can help me with it. I feel that my partner does not want to assist me provide for our baby financially… and it breaks my heart because I learnt that a man shows His love by providing.

I somehow feel that I’m the one to blame for this as this is what happened:

There was a time when I bought essentials for the baby all on my own… I didn’t ask his assistance on this and I realized he didn’t even ask me how I managed to get them or even, if the essentials were done and if we needed to buy more of them or not, he just kept quiet until we had to visit family one holiday and he required me to … Read more and leave a comment or question for Rori »

Coach Jeanie Wilder And RRRCT

By Rori Raye | April 24, 2020

From Love, Dating and Relationship Coach Jeanie Wilder

“How many times in your life can you say your worst tragedy has turned into your greatest success…?

This is exactly the miracle that happened for me when I joined Rori’s RRRCT program.

I transformed from a desperate, divorced single mom to a dating diva who discovered the secret dance to successful dating using all of Rori’s tools plus a few more online dating tools to find my Mr. Right, and fast.

Best of all, I transformed so fully into my most authentic, magnetic self that I am finally able to live my life powerfully in ALL directions–spiritually, emotionally pulling in all I desire. Read more and leave a comment or question for Rori »

When You’re With A Sensitive Man – Is It Exhausting?

By Rori Raye | April 23, 2020

The Question:

I always feel like I’m in Masculine energy – anything I say – ANYTHING! –  my man defends himself, gets angry, I can feel him pulling away.

I have to be so careful, it’s exhausting.  Help! Sharon”

My Answer:

Hi, Sharon, there’s so much here, just touching the tip of the iceberg, here, to begin…

What I’ve experienced is this: Some men are very sensitive.

They react with shame (Enneagrams 3-4, often) and take offense and feel corrected very easily and quickly.

With them, we walk a fine line, and that can feel exhausting.

Other men feel good enough about themselves, they’ve different personality traits, and they actually don’t feel sliced by a knife every time we enter masculine energy space.

They don’t react, don’t take offense – in fact – they think it’s “cute” and smile.

Even sexy.

So – the question is, knowing that, if we’re choosing a man from scratch, do we want a man who reacts all the time, or one who doesn’t…?

Once we’ve married a man, however – it’s a different story.

Now we “work with it” – and that’s a different process.

Nothing good or bad – just very different experiences, very different romantic experience…

Love, Rori

Relationship Remodel – Video Introduction

By Rori Raye | April 23, 2020

The Written Transcript:

Hi and welcome to Relationship Remodel!

This is Rori Raye, and I’ve decided to do this series by my phone – because this way I can walk around and show you things – we can get into all the details of tile and floor and…

…this is my front door –  oh!… there’s my dog! … this is Zeke… you’re gonna see him a lot…

…so I’m going to welcome you into my home and I’ll be showing you pictures of what it looked like before I started doing anything and then after I tore out walls…

…and when the walls were coming down…

…and all the things I discovered from lighting to design…

…and we’ll see to talk about what design is and how you can do it…

…and how you can design not only your home or your office but your life and your relationship!

Love, Rori



Go High For Love – A New Tool And Video!

By Rori Raye | April 22, 2020

Hi, this is Rori, and I had an idea.

Are you stuck kind of seeing things from, you know, an ant’s point of view — looking up, wondering where love is, where kindness is, where attention is?

I wonder what it would be like to be looking down…


If you’d like private, personal help…

Read more and leave a comment or question for Rori »

How To Shift Your Instinct To Attach To A Man Too Quickly

By Rori Raye | April 22, 2020

The Question:

“Rori, help, I get attached so quickly to a man – even one I’ve just met on a dating app – and it makes me feel so foolish and weak to get so attached…This is why I hate dating! June”

My Answer:

June, Hi, and, for me, the big word here – the word that will help you SO much is: “experience.”

You just need experience in Circular Dating – and once you do, you’ll begin to notice that you feel less quickly attached, you feel … Read more and leave a comment or question for Rori »

Becoming “The Coach” In Coronatimes

By Rori Raye | April 16, 2020

Now is a difficult time. The coronavirus has stripped us of our “normal.”

We have nowhere to go except where we “have to” and “need to” – work, the grocery store…

It may seem like a foolish time to begin a new career.

And yet, it’s not only the perfect time to become a coach – these coronatimes are the greatest time ever in history for women around love, romance, relationships and dating.

I know that sounds weird. I mean – how can you even “Circular Date”? You can’t leave the house for anything “fun”!

And – that’s the WHY of why this is such a great time for women.

And, therefore – why this is such an amazing time to become a professional coach – and QUICKLY.

Here’s a list of some of these good reasons:

1. Online dating: Men can no longer bed you and then ghost you. They cannot get quick, disconnected… Read more and leave a comment or question for Rori »

Bring Joy Back Into Your Life! From Coach Sophie Drakkar

By Rori Raye | April 9, 2020

When you begin to feel JOY in your life – that’s when your healing begins

by Sophie Drakkar Coaching

Do you remember the days when you were just a little more carefree?

When the weight of the world didn’t rest on your shoulders alone?

And do you remember when spontaneity was your middle name?

Do you recall your curious soul that use to find joy in trying out new things…?

I am calling on that side of YOU that still exists somewhere in there.Read more and leave a comment or question for Rori »