The Difference Between Passive Aggression and Feminine Scripts!

By Rori Raye | August 1, 2020

The Question:

Rori, Will you please be more explicit with your examples.. about what’s the true feminine way & what’s passive aggression?

My Answer:

– I know this cannot possibly feel clear for every situation – because each situation might require a completely different “Script” for you to use!

This is because it’s all about your “vibe,” and what’s underneath your words, that counts! Sometimes, … Read more and leave a comment or question for Rori »

By Rori Raye | April 6, 2020

Here’s an extraordinary letter from  Jane. Near the end, you’ll see it turns into a powerful  poem…

The Question:

“hi everyone
I have finished a 5 year relationship…we broke up now and I recently found out my ex has a brain tumor behind his eye and is having serious health problems….

I feel very bad for him but recently i also found out I feel very bad for me too.

I was a palliative care nurse for many years and spent so many hours and days holding and comforting and loving people on the brink of death, I have seen 18 year olds over dose in my arms helplessly, held the mother of a child born still, I have seen some of the most crazy things in my life and had the privilege … Read more and leave a comment or question for Rori »

How To Get Going When You Don’t Feel Like It

By Rori Raye | April 4, 2020

The Question:

“Rori, I’m not sure how to move forward. I feel stuck. Like, emotionally or mentally stuck. I know what I need to be doing. I’m just not doing it.

I feel like I’m moving along, but just very very slowly.

I think this Quarantine thing has got me in a funk. I’m not sure. Help! Tessa”

My Answer:

Tessa – Thank you for writing! I totally, totally understand!

We’re ALL in the “doldrums” and all feeling “stuck” – the trick is to get past that by doing things that inspire you.

So, we’ll try to get those things woken up!

To give you a tiny idea from my own life – I now don’t much feel like doing anything UNTIL I BEGIN doing it!

Don’t even feel like painting – until I step up to the easel, pick up a brush…and then, if I’m still feeling uninvolved, I can sense it’s often the painting itself that doesn’t feel inspiring to me.

So – I start something a new painting from scratch!

And if I start with a completely new approach (like throwing my watercolor paint at the paper instead of “drawing” as a beginning), I feel enlivened even more.

And, if I’m starting from scratch: going through photos on my phone (photos of many different things!), until I come upon one that activates a strong feeling in me – totally changes my mood!

We just need to make that adjustment for you.

Here’s another idea: I’ve discovered that if I start each morning (literally, right after I let my dog into the backyard) by taking pictures of myself with my phone – I wake up emotionally and get interested!

Go figure!

I instinctively shake out my hair, put on lipstick – and then I’m off and running. It’s like my inner fires have been stoked!

Love, Rori

How I Changed From A Woman Who Intimidated Men And My Work Colleagues To A Women Who Is Valued For Her Warmth And Calm. – Coach Michelle Manley

By Rori Raye | April 2, 2020

Here’s an article from Michelle Manley to help you stay in your Feminine Energy ALL the time, no matter what – even in high-stakes work situations”

(Michelle’s the sharpest, softest, most amazing womanand you’d NEVER even imagine her as “bossy” or “purposefully intimidating”) :

By Michelle Manley


“If you’d known me 7 years ago you’d have known me as ‘Corporate’ Michelle.

I APPEARED confident, capable and I was quite a bit intimidating – well that was certainly a word I heard used a lot to describe me.

A word I hated to hear!

I didn’t like being perceived in that way.

Actually, at times I did feel confident and capable AND I also felt frazzled, exhausted, stressed and a fraud!

I had the ‘impostor syndrome’ big style!

Fast forward 7 years and I think I STILL appear confident and capable.

I’m ALSO soft, gentle and warm (well most of the time!) – thankfully these are now the words I hear used to describe me.

In addition, I DO FEEL confident and capable AND I also feel content, excited and energized.

There are moments too when I feel scared, tired and overwhelmed and they are just that, moments.

What’s made the difference?Read more and leave a comment or question for Rori »

How Do We Heal In Such Confusing Times? From Coach Jeffrey Mark Levine

By Rori Raye | April 1, 2020

From my husband, Jeffrey Mark Levine:

“How do we heal?

Some thoughts on what we’re all going through…

I keep hearing conversations where people are asking “When are we going to get back to normal?”

And what occurs to me is — we are never getting back to normal. At least not how we lived in the pre-CV days.

Yes, businesses will reopen, and we will venture out, and meet with friends and family, and perhaps even go to the movies and sporting events.

And we will act “normal” again.

But there is something at work here that we aren’t talking about…yet.


Most of humanity is being traumatized by these events.

Yes, we’re doing our best… virtual yoga and dance classes, watching artists perform on-line, walking outside, finding work-arounds to our daily routines. Thank goodness for Zoom and Facetime.

And at the same time, most of us are feeling scared, unsure, unsafe, confused, suspicious and frustrated. Some are seriously depressed and feeling hopeless.

Some of us in the higher risk category feel especially vulnerable. A sneeze or a cough can lead to a panic reaction for some.

Those who are struggling with financial issues and mental health issues are even more at risk.

And not for a few hours, or a day, or a week. This very high level of stress is going on for weeks… maybe months from this point.

These feelings have physical manifestations. We hold these fears and the trauma in our bodies. The adrenaline, hormones (and whatever else) produce physical effects. And the longer it goes on, the more the effect becomes part of us, on a cellular level.

We are experiencing an abnormally high level of stress. And unlike our normal stress, we can’t solve it by thinking, reasoning or solving in our usual ways. Our coping tools are woefully ill-suited for what we’re experiencing.

I personally knew people who survived The Great Depression, and The Holocaust. The lives of those survivors were forever colored by their experiences – how they lived, how they parented, how they worked, saved and spent money. Essentially, how they approached the world, from that point forward.

And as horrible as those traumatic experiences were, they actually only affected a relatively small subset of the human population.

This one is affecting everyone on the planet. Many of us will know someone who dies.

Some of these earlier generations grew up in a time when “Stiff upper lip”, “Don’t burden others with your problems”, “If I don’t think about it, it will be fine” were strategies for coping with trauma.

I’m hoping humanity is past that.

Personally, I think the way through is for us to be truth-tellers. Let’s not pretend it’s going back to the way it was. It isn’t.

Instead, let’s start having different conversations.

Which brings me back to my opening question: How do we heal?

And I mean, how do we heal humanity of the trauma that we are now experiencing?

It’s true that a subset of people won’t be traumatized. And another subset will be traumatized and won’t admit it because of shame or other pressures.

And some will be traumatized and not realize it.

There will be a new normal. There is opportunity for very positive changes. And, let’s not shy away from the difficult and painful conversations.

We all have an important role to play.

I don’t have any answers. Except that we need to be completely honest with ourselves and each other about what we’re experiencing, and the profound effect it will have on us, forever.

That, I believe, is a first step in our healing process.”

Embraceable Me

By Rori Raye | March 27, 2020

Self-Love is a mouthful.

When you’re feeling crappy – it feels like a huge chasm to leap over just to get “okay” with yourself.

We’ve all been there, and all we need is some Tool, to use within seconds to simply “Shift The View.”

Embraceable Me is a simple concept – basically just hugging ourselves.

In this time of confusion, loneliness and perhaps a rude confrontation with uncomfortable close quarters if we’re already in a live-in relationship – we need quick ways to turn things upside down and around!

In other posts, and all over the web, you’ll see all kinds of … Read more and leave a comment or question for Rori »

When He’s Come Back – Yet, Not Completely…

By Rori Raye | March 26, 2020

The Question:

Dear Rori, I first heard about you one year ago as I saw an advert for Have The Relationship You Want on the internet. I had just broken up with my boyfriend after 7 years of relationship. I felt really interested and excited and bought your ebook.

I read it bits by bits, then went back to a chapter or another… I started using the tools.

Then, I felt I needed more advice, more explanations… so I bought your Modern Siren program, started practicing the tools with men I was dating but who didn’t really light up a spark in me.

Before I felt I was comfortable practicing your tools and loving myself more, my actual boyfriend arrived in my life, with no warning. It was LOVE at first sight, on both sides. We actually talked to each other 10… Read more and leave a comment or question for Rori »

Katja Majer and RRRCT – Rori Raye Relationship Coach Training

By Rori Raye | March 23, 2020

From Katja:

How my life seemed to get turned upside down… but really just everything fell into the right places…

Do you know that feeling when the life simply … surprises you?

When you feel like you have it all sorted out in some specific area of your life, you feel peace about it and you would never expect yourself to do anything radically different … and then, suddenly, you do?

Well … I certainly do know that.

I am a classically educated sculptor.

My priority are large sculptures and monuments.

I also make lots of small art like ceramics and jewelry that people like to buy for gifts and souvenirs.

I have a public art studio in sLOVEnia, the small, green and charming Central European land of love.

For 18 years I have been building my path as a sculptor, have said NO, to several offered much easier, but far less creative ways of living and have made myself a winner with living from art in the environment where only few people make it and I was even a single mum for a lot of that time.

And then, completely out of the blue, I felt with all my body and soul, that I want sign in the RRRCT and not only that, I felt I want to work as a relationship coach.

The feeling of attraction to RRRCT was so peaceful, crystal clear and incredibly strong at the same time, in the background I felt of a huge golden field of inspiring, clear energies, that were talking to me about how the life in love, peace and harmony is becoming an everyday reality for me, that I have decided to go for it practically overnight.

I knew those energies from before.

The truth is I have been a lightworker ever since I know about myself.

I have been studying all kinds of spiritual practices informally (Geomancy, Reiki, Regresotherapy, Aurasoma, Family Constellations, EFT, all kinds of popular psychology, practically all that was available to me … ) from my early teens on and all that time I have considered this as equally important education as art.

I have always been committed to self-growth and to exploring new paths, new knowledges.

Ever since my early beginnings I consider the priority in my art is to create a spiritual experience for my client or the consumer of art.

I consider my art successful when it brings a sparkle of the pure, clear energy of love, peace and harmony in the planet (I call it the New Earth) to the space.

The sparkle of the same golden energy …

This art can be in almost any form or technique, I just has to have this sparkle, since I believe this sparkle is a kind of homeopathic seed, that helps a better world to emerge.

Even if I have always had this spiritual knowledge, I never decided to put it up front, I felt I can do much more as an artist and my art was always spiritual.

It was always very material, since sculpture is the most material art of all arts and it was throughout spiritual at the same time.

It seems like RRRCT turned everything upside down.

While, looking back I see it just added some missing pieces …

It all started few years earlier when I was so deeply socked about how my relationships with men never seem to work no matter what I do, that I have been praying for someone to finally tell me, what am I doing wrong, why am I so bad in relationships with men?

By that time, I have already done all that was available to me to improve my relationships with men through self-growth and nothing seemed to work, although I really worked hard.

The next day Rori’s work fell into my arms completely out of nowhere.

Of course, I have bought the e-book immediately, then the full collection and I was studying like crazy.

The results came immediately.

I have never thought there can be so amazingly large area of possibilities for self-growth hidden in awakening and living my feminine energy.

It was the missing piece and with working on my feminine I was able to do all that I wasn’t with other systems of self-growth.

Rori even makes an incredibly simple and completely effective system of tools (far more in the RRRCT) that operate perfectly in any life situation.

You simply do not need other systems anymore, because she gives you a cleared-out synthesis of what actually works deeply and fast.

From this perspective RRRCT was just the next logical step for me.

It enabled me to live from my feminine fully in all areas of my life.

It enabled to create a blissful relationship for myself.

It enabled me to stop struggling and to become soft, fulfilled and self-realized person.

It deeply supports my art, since I am better and far more looked for by my art clients, since I have started with RRRCT.

And it gave me a new passion to work with women and help them find completely new happiness in partnership and professional life.

Today I work on both, coaching and art.

And I love it!

And I feel I am manifesting a seed of that golden light with all that I do.

And I love the fact that it forces me to choose what do I really want to work on or who do I really want to work with, since my time resources are limited.

My huge problem was I was living from my masculine and wasn’t even aware of that.

Imagine me, a sculptor, what a masculine profession!

And I was even more masculine in my personal life, of course all men ran away from me!

If you have asked me about femininity or how is it to be a woman five years ago, I would role my eyes on you.

I was so strong in a genuine masculine way, that all ‘feminine’ hugely triggered me, since I felt like I would need to give up my power.

The greatest gift I have received from RRRCT is that I have learned I can be far more powerful in the feminine way than I was before in the masculine.

Operating from the masculine is also directly connected to burn-out.

You cannot burn-out if you prioritize operating from your feminine.

I was a burned-out workaholic before and I never ever want to live like that anymore.

I have also learned that my enormous sensibility is my greatest gift in life.

I have been channeling it through my work like it was the only safe space for it and avoiding it in personal life.

Today I know how to live my sensibility in all areas of my life and how priceless and supportive it is for me.

It gives life colors!

And beautiful melodies…

I want to live from my feminine, have time to taste life and be happy!

RRRCT made it possible for me.

I believe we live in a happy time.

The world is changing and what the feminist movement in the previous century have done is evolving to new dimensions today.

I feel happiness and warmth.

I believe the moment we live in is the beginning of a wave of pure healthy femininity that will create deeply loving relationships and make this beautiful planet a better place for all of us.

This is how we can save the world.

And we will.

I welcome any woman joining this wave with love and tears of mercy in my eyes.


Talk With Rori…

If you’re feeling a bit of a tingle – perhaps like a dream waking up inside you – when you imagine yourself being “The Coach,” like Carrie, just write me here, and we’ll get together over video Zoom to see exactly how being an RRRCTer, “under my wing,” could make your dream of being a professional, successful coach real. Love, Rori

You can have soul-deep satisfying, spiritually meaningful, financially exciting, juicy-every-day work you love – helping women all over the world as The Coach they trust…




It’s time to make your own dream real…





Don’t assume it’s too “hard.”

YOU’RE MUCH SMARTER, tougher, creative, ambitious, and worthy of success doing something you love than you think.


…you already work in the corporate world – and it makes you great money, but keeps you yearning for something more personal and fulfilling…

…you’re already a healer, a therapist, a counselor, a coach – and find yourself wanting a “technique” or “method” that can get quick results for the one thing every woman you work with asks you for: help with romantic relationships…or,

…perhaps you’re not completely happy with your own romantic life right now, and so you’re waiting until that changes to truly believe you can help another woman with hers (you’re actually in the perfect place to help other women – and your own love life, too. RRRCT is filled with stories of relationships and marriages happening during Training)…


All the moments in your life where you “rose above” something painful and frustrating are what made you deep.

They made you profound.

These moments – your history – will enable you to help other women in SO many ways…

It’s time for you to realize your gifts, to stop seeing anyone else as “above” you – and to step out as the one your clients call “The Coach.”

When you learn “The Rori Raye Method of Coaching,” you’ll find yourself deep in a complex, fascinating, dramatic, theatrical, highly artistic and intuitive “style” of coaching that brings out your gifts and uses every one of them.

Though The Rori Raye Method should be impossible to teach, because it’s so improvisational and creative…RRRCT has proved, over 7 years, that you can learn The Rori Raye Method, build a complete website and business plan –

– AND become a hugely successful coach in a way that brings out your unique brilliance.

Yes, you have brilliance in you. You do!

I know, because I’ve seen it happen over and over.


RRRCT 2020 Spring Session Is NOW Enrolling!

If you have questions, and would like to meet with Rori or an RRRCT Master Coach Teacher – Just contact us here:


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All of these star RRRCTers are working coaches, offering programs, speaking and coaching on world stages in 5 different languages, and coaching on Siren School Live programs and classes.


And you will be one of them…

To learn more, and watch videos from successful RRRCT graduates like Helena Hart, Leigha Lake and Tatia Dee – go to the RRRCT “info” page here->

Love, Rori

Staying Safe and Healthy In Mind and Body – Love And Magnetic Sensitivity Coach Jen Michelle

By Rori Raye | March 20, 2020

Jen Michelle is a superb coach who, because she herself  happens to consider herself an “introvert,” works wonders for sensitive women who consider themselves to be introverts as well.

In society as we know it, it often feels like we have to “get out there” in order for anything to happen in our lives – and that’s just not true.

The power of feminine energy completely releases us from the need to “suit up” like men, and eliminates the frustration of not feeling seen and heard.

Right now, we’re all in isolation – and this is where your sensitivity is truly an asset for taking care of, not only yourself, but everyone else on the planet through your natural feminine energy.

Here’s some help for the weeks ahead:

From Jen:

“I hope you’re all staying safe and healthy during this challenging time.

I believe now more than ever we need this practice of surrender, accepting the things out of our control, and being in the moment.

This is the power and beauty we access within ourselves through our feminine energy.

We all have the ability to create a loving centered energy that sets the tone for all of those around us.

I’ve talked with many of you, and we’re all in different situations.

Some of you are also on the front lines serving those that need medical care.

My deepest gratitude for all of the women (and men) on the front lines managing this crisis, thank you for your service.

Being at home and working from home during this time is a privilege not all are given.

Some of you have shared that you feel completely isolated, cut off from the outside world with no source of support.
It feels like meeting and creating a loving connection is further away than ever, it’s all just come to an abrupt halt.

Others share a house with a partner where the distance feels stronger and more tense than ever.

It’s a new challenge to find a new way to navigate and manage an already heavy and strained relationship with now being in a house together practically 24/7.

No matter what your situation is, it’s hard not to succumb to the fear, uncertainty, and anger that’s completely normal to feel when our world gets turned upside down.
We count on our routines as a source of stability and grounding, so what happens when we no longer have that?How do we center and ground ourselves in the midst of what feels like chaos?

How do we practice and allow feminine energy to guide and soothe us when instinctively we want to do the exact opposite of surrender, accepting, and not worrying?

How do we embrace the idea that feminine energy is there for us as a reminder, and a practice for when we need it the most?

If you’re feeling less than “magnetically feminine” right now, I always like to remind clients that we’re not our emotions, and we’re not going to feel the same intensity of them forever.

Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that how we’re feeling now is not representative of how we’re going to feel the rest of our lives.

What we resist persists, so we want to recognize this and give ourselves full permission to experience our emotions, so we can release them and move forward.

Three Ways To Stop Negative Thinking:

1. Give Yourself Permission To Worry About It Later

I love telling my mind that I can let whatever I’m worried about go just for now, but can revisit it in a couple hours or tomorrow.

Somehow this satisfies the mind instead of when we tell ourselves sternly to “Stop thinking about it!”

When we gently tell ourselves “Just for today, I’m giving myself permission not to worry” we reassure our mind that we’re not abandoning the thought completely, but are giving ourselves permission to let it go just for right now.

As we continue to give ourselves permission to stop worrying about the things we can’t control, we’ll notice ourselves worrying less and being in the moment more.

2. Hit The Reset Button

Sometimes it’s thinking about our situation less as something we have to work around and instead as an opportunity to reset.

We understand that taking fearful actions or choosing not to bite our tongue in those moments where we want to lash out or “make the comment,” won’t give us what we’re looking for…

When we choose to look at our situation less as something we need to work around but as an opportunity to reset, we start to identify some new rituals and ways to feel good right now.

It’s when we choose to no longer put off feeling good or say “I’ll feel better when….”

3. Take Some Time To Know Yourself and What You Need Right Now

There are so many memes out there now that say this is the moment introverts have been preparing for their entire lives….but what about extroverts?

Extroverts fill their tank up and thrive off social connection.

How does an extrovert turn inward indefinitely?

Even with us introverts we aren’t hermits, so how do we maintain that sense of community and connection when we’re feeling that sense of being cut off?

This looks like tuning into our feminine energy, our intuition, and giving ourselves what we need as much as we can right now.

If we’re telling ourselves we should be different than we are right now, it’s depleting and emptying a tank that’s already low.

How can you intuitively feel into creative ways to replenish?

Practice feeling into this and again allowing our intuitive feminine energy to guide this process.

As we start to feel lighter, we’ll see things differently.

Perspective comes from self care and putting drops back in our tank in a way that feels uniquely best for us.

Sending you all lots of love during this time!

Next week I’m going to be answering all of your love and relationship questions on Instagram stories. Follow me there and send me any love question that’s been on your mind!

Join my Facebook or Linked In groups for additional content, support, and a lovely community of like minded women.


From Rori: You can find Jen, and download her fantastic free “Magnetic Sensitivity” guide here->

How To Make The Whole World Feel Like “Home” – Video

By Rori Raye | March 5, 2020

Have you ever felt not-at-home?

It’s that experience like you’re floating in space, not feeling good about something that happened, something you said, something somebody else said.

It almost feels like you’re floating in a gray area in your brain.

So, what is home?

I’m sitting here my back steps, looking out on my yard.

There’s the fence, and there’s plenty of space out there that is not home…. Read more and leave a comment or question for Rori »