If You Want To Have What You Want – Here’s The Solution!

By Rori Raye | October 15, 2020

If you’re anything like me, you’ve always had a “lid” on what you want.

Every time you reach further for something “more”: love, money, fun… – voices in your head that were placed there by someone else over the years of your life pop up with exceptions, rules, caveats, bargains, troubling feelings, doubt, anger, and outright disbelief…

I know what this feels like, and in all my years of becoming and being Rori Raye, while experiencing my ever growing, great marriage – I’ve felt, just like you, the jarring sensation of “moving up the ladder.”

…How weird and uncomfortable it can feel to be accepting the reality of having genuine love instead of always chasing love.

…How an overwhelming feeling of “inappropriateness” can automatically show up when something BIG in your life goes right, or something that you never figured on getting shows up.

…How an instinctive wet blanket, a grey feeling of “I told you so…” or “sure, didn’t you expect that…?” can flood you when something even tiny goes sideways….

…The automatic, constant scurrying around in your head that happens when you want to accomplish and have and do things – things that the world of masculine energy and the voices you’ve been taught since birth tell you are “not naturally yours.” (They ARE!!!)

…The frustration of instinctively “trying” – when you know you’re “supposed” to be just “receiving.”

…The need to go into action when something is already on its way to you, because you, as a woman, have had the same “you’re not enough” song drilled into you, forever, that ALL of us women have experienced.

We’ve all been twisted into pretzels for so long, most of us can’t even imagine what it’s like to feel free and easy.

Most of us have been told that going BIG in any direction automatically closes off all the OTHER great things we want!

That you can’t “have it all,” or even “some of it” – and that everything in life is a “trade-off.”

That you have to bargain love for self-expression.

That the old romantic ideas of “true love” cannot co-exist with “true partnership.”

And – you can slip-slide into a completely different place now!

A place where you can smile and laugh at all this old stuff running through the world and our heads.

Where you can wink at everything that’s holding you – and all of us – back, that’s keeping you from experiencing the deep, thrilling love you deserve and the exhilaration of power you already hold.

The Solution is a new program I’m so proud of, something I never imagined would come together, and I truly hope you write to me after you’ve watched it and read it.

Right now, at The Solution’s premiere, you can not only get the entire Solution program , you can get 6 days of incredible coaching, prizes, all kinds of bonuses from my Solution partner, Dr. Jeanine Staples.

Though there are more details on the page when you follow this Solution link->   here’s just some of what you’ll get when you purchase The Solution for only $33 right now:

*4+ hours of video, where Jeanine and I talk, walk you through problems and Solutions, drill everything down to 6 basic “problems” and then solve them with 6 Solutions – all with specifics, Tools, and a discussion between Dr. Jeanine Staples and I that has a depth and breadth you’ve likely never heard before. PLUS, a full-length, written “Solutions Manual,” PLUS Jeanine’s 6 day Change Your Life Challenge, beginning October 19th, with bonuses, prizes, all kinds of extras.

If you don’t know Jeanine, she has so many credentials and awesome things about her (you can just watch her TED talk and see how amazing she is) – and here are some startling things:

Jeanine graduated my RRCT coach training in the pilot program of 2013, while she was already a tenured, highly reknowned and  regarded professor at a top-level University. She flew across the country  to be with me (and so many now guru superstars you know by name) at my first RRCT live training.

Jeanine and I have been long-distance friends ever since, and just two months ago, we put together The Solution.

We’d been talking about how – even with our quite different “messages” and focuses for women – we could also fill in the gaps for each other and come up with something comprehensive, totally different, and mind-blowing – which we did.

We put a tiny price tag on it of $33, and Jeanine is including it with her great 6-day live, online Change Your Life event – so, just go get it, and get everything Jeanine is offering, along with The Solution-> 

Jeanine is more than the real deal – she’s a superstar “guru,” a genuine activist, a highly-regarded professor, a TED speaker, the founder of The Supreme Love Project, and the way we put this project together is pretty amazing!

We sat across the Zoom screens and talked into the cameras.  Jeanine calls it a “Coveted Conversation” – yet, for me, it was the biggest opportunity I’ve ever had to say everything I want to say, to come up with my take on everything, my answers and solutions for everything – and then, having Jeanine do the exact same thing.

As Jeanine and I went back-and forth, going deeper and deeper, expanding wider and wider into the Solutions…I felt like I was in another dimension just sitting across from this brilliant woman.

Jeanine is so self-possessed, so bathed in self-love, and so incredibly smart, aware, conpassionate and able to actually change the world from where she sits as a professor, and gets heard on stages all over the world and online – and mostly because of who she is. Magnetic, powerful, gorgeous, an amazing speaker with amazing ideas….yes, I’m gushing because I can.

Just go here to get your space for Jeanine’s 6 day event and get The Solution program along with it – >

What you can have in your life is WAY bigger and better, actually dream-like: stupendously fun, powerful, profitable and romantic, and that is the purpose of The Solution.

I’ve never been so proud of anything. The Solution – plus everything Dr. Jeanine Staples offers – is over the top.

At only $33, it feels like a “legacy” program for me.

The Solution is an activist primer and tutorial for your own life.

And, it’s a tutorial on how, by solving the problems and upleveling the quality of your own life, you will automatically be helping create peace throughout the whole world!

I know it sounds like a lot, but, truly, by focusing on uplifting your own life – from the inside out and the outside in – no matter where you’re starting from, you also change the world. I know you’ll be blown away by the Solution.

I’ll be here for you during the Change Your Life Challenge, happy to read anything you want to write to me, and I will always here for you.  You are what I care about.

If The Solution – and the 6 days with Jeanine, plus all the bonuses, prizes and The Solution written manual -inspire you to begin the process of breaking free of whatever’s holding you back from what you want, please let me know how Jeanine and I can be of further help to you.

Love is everything.

You are made of love, you radiate love, you inspire love, and you can have a brilliant, gorgeous life and save the world, too, with just the love that’s already inside of you.

The Solution will help you see that, feel that, believe in yourself, believe in love, and learn how to use the feminine power you already possess and embody to literally change your life.

Join Jeanine, get The Solution program, and change your life….:

Love, Rori

Are You Pushing The Right Man Away?

By Rori Raye | May 15, 2020

All by ourselves, mask in pocket, wondering, when I look in Zeke’s eyes how I got so lucky he chose me (and from the moment I saw him in the big cage at Bichons and Buddies surrounded by small fluffy white dogs that were the only dogs supposed to be in the shelter where I was a volunteer – he knew I was his).

He’d literally stared at me for minute upon minute, across the room from where I stood, paralyzed, even though there were tons of people wandering around and working, even though there was a lot going on … Read more and leave a comment or question for Rori »

How To Talk To A Man – The eBook! – From My Husband Jeffrey Mark Levine

By Rori Raye | May 11, 2020

 Has this happened to you…?

A man you’re with – or even just “around…” does something clueless, insensitive or even irresponsible – and though you’re boiling with anger, you try to hold it in?

And it all feels horrible – the anger itself, and the pain of holding it so tight inside?

Or maybe you just blurt it out – let him have it because on some level he deserves it – and then that leads to an actual “fight,” bad feelings  (about him, and about yourself, too…), defending, hurtful words and more pain?

The worst is that, because whenever this happens, it seems to almost always turn out poorly – so you never get the results you want?

Well, you’re not alone.

You can get so much new and powerful information, “Scripts,” instructions and insights from a great coach who’s also a MAN – my husband, Jeffrey Mark Levine! After the one-time-only “How To Talk To A Man Masterclass” Jeffrey and I did together last year together, I asked him to write a book for you – and he did! You can pick up your copy of the How To Talk to A Man ebook here->

Jeffrey’s an executive coach and a non-violent-communication specialist. He’s used to helping business partners solve communication problems that can cost them millions.

He’s used to helping women find their power in a workplace setting that’s institutionally set up for … Read more and leave a comment or question for Rori »

When Money Feels Like It IS Everything…

By Rori Raye | April 29, 2020

The Question:

“Hi Rori, I have a concern and I’m hoping you can help me with it. I feel that my partner does not want to assist me provide for our baby financially… and it breaks my heart because I learnt that a man shows His love by providing.

I somehow feel that I’m the one to blame for this as this is what happened:

There was a time when I bought essentials for the baby all on my own… I didn’t ask his assistance on this and I realized he didn’t even ask me how I managed to get them or even, if the essentials were done and if we needed to buy more of them or not, he just kept quiet until we had to visit family one holiday and he required me to … Read more and leave a comment or question for Rori »

Coach Jeanie Wilder And RRRCT

By Rori Raye | April 24, 2020

From Love, Dating and Relationship Coach Jeanie Wilder

“How many times in your life can you say your worst tragedy has turned into your greatest success…?

This is exactly the miracle that happened for me when I joined Rori’s RRRCT program.

I transformed from a desperate, divorced single mom to a dating diva who discovered the secret dance to successful dating using all of Rori’s tools plus a few more online dating tools to find my Mr. Right, and fast.

Best of all, I transformed so fully into my most authentic, magnetic self that I am finally able to live my life powerfully in ALL directions–spiritually, emotionally pulling in all I desire. Read more and leave a comment or question for Rori »

When You’re With A Sensitive Man – Is It Exhausting?

By Rori Raye | April 23, 2020

The Question:

I always feel like I’m in Masculine energy – anything I say – ANYTHING! –  my man defends himself, gets angry, I can feel him pulling away.

I have to be so careful, it’s exhausting.  Help! Sharon”

My Answer:

Hi, Sharon, there’s so much here, just touching the tip of the iceberg, here, to begin…

What I’ve experienced is this: Some men are very sensitive.

They react with shame (Enneagrams 3-4, often) and take offense and feel corrected very easily and quickly.

With them, we walk a fine line, and that can feel exhausting.

Other men feel good enough about themselves, they’ve different personality traits, and they actually don’t feel sliced by a knife every time we enter masculine energy space.

They don’t react, don’t take offense – in fact – they think it’s “cute” and smile.

Even sexy.

So – the question is, knowing that, if we’re choosing a man from scratch, do we want a man who reacts all the time, or one who doesn’t…?

Once we’ve married a man, however – it’s a different story.

Now we “work with it” – and that’s a different process.

Nothing good or bad – just very different experiences, very different romantic experience…

Love, Rori

Relationship Remodel – Video Introduction

By Rori Raye | April 23, 2020

The Written Transcript:

Hi and welcome to Relationship Remodel!

This is Rori Raye, and I’ve decided to do this series by my phone – because this way I can walk around and show you things – we can get into all the details of tile and floor and…

…this is my front door –  oh!… there’s my dog! … this is Zeke… you’re gonna see him a lot…

…so I’m going to welcome you into my home and I’ll be showing you pictures of what it looked like before I started doing anything and then after I tore out walls…

…and when the walls were coming down…

…and all the things I discovered from lighting to design…

…and we’ll see to talk about what design is and how you can do it…

…and how you can design not only your home or your office but your life and your relationship!

Love, Rori



Go High For Love – A New Tool And Video!

By Rori Raye | April 22, 2020

Hi, this is Rori, and I had an idea.

Are you stuck kind of seeing things from, you know, an ant’s point of view — looking up, wondering where love is, where kindness is, where attention is?

I wonder what it would be like to be looking down…


If you’d like private, personal help…

Read more and leave a comment or question for Rori »

How To Shift Your Instinct To Attach To A Man Too Quickly

By Rori Raye | April 22, 2020

The Question:

“Rori, help, I get attached so quickly to a man – even one I’ve just met on a dating app – and it makes me feel so foolish and weak to get so attached…This is why I hate dating! June”

My Answer:

June, Hi, and, for me, the big word here – the word that will help you SO much is: “experience.”

You just need experience in Circular Dating – and once you do, you’ll begin to notice that you feel less quickly attached, you feel … Read more and leave a comment or question for Rori »

Becoming “The Coach” In Coronatimes

By Rori Raye | April 16, 2020

Now is a difficult time. The coronavirus has stripped us of our “normal.”

We have nowhere to go except where we “have to” and “need to” – work, the grocery store…

It may seem like a foolish time to begin a new career.

And yet, it’s not only the perfect time to become a coach – these coronatimes are the greatest time ever in history for women around love, romance, relationships and dating.

I know that sounds weird. I mean – how can you even “Circular Date”? You can’t leave the house for anything “fun”!

And – that’s the WHY of why this is such a great time for women.

And, therefore – why this is such an amazing time to become a professional coach – and QUICKLY.

Here’s a list of some of these good reasons:

1. Online dating: Men can no longer bed you and then ghost you. They cannot get quick, disconnected… Read more and leave a comment or question for Rori »