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The Question:

“Rori, I have a vaginal pain problem, it’s been an issue for me for years (I’ve even had surgery that worked for awhile, but the pain is back now) – and so I can’t tolerate sex with intercourse and penetration.  It’s affected my dating and relationship life so much, I feel so unconfident and weird, and don’t know what to do to change things. Will the Modern Siren Tools help me with this? ‘Painful Sex'”

My Answer:

Dear “Painful Sex” – as a woman with Interstitial Cystitis, I have some experience with vulvodynia and vaginal pain, and my heart goes out to you.

Though I was able to overcome both of those with alternative medicine, I’m guessing your medical situation is somewhat different and more complex.

If some of what I know that has helped me and others might be helpful to you, I’m happy to send you some ideas to research out there, and practitioners who might be helpful – and to answer your question directly about men, right now:

Though you may have difficulty with penetrative sex, you are NOT handicapped!

You are capable of tremendous sexual mastery, and possess allure and sexual skills that ANY man would want to experience! 

It’s a learning thing, like anything else.

I have a friend with IC, who has not worked with practitioners, diet, supplements, etc., as I have, and has literally “closed down her vagina” – who has a fantastic husband, a fantastic marriage, and a LOT of great sex!

Skill sets with hands and mouth and total body ease and connection WAY outweigh penetrative sex for a GREAT many men (especially men over 30 who are having difficulty with erection – which is a great many men!).

My advice for you would be a coach who is great at sex, regardless of what it looks like.

I can refer you to Mariah Grey, who I believe is the best around (and we have an amazing “Sex Masterclass” video program for $97 that might open up the possibilities for you, and introduce you to Mariah as she wraps up the Masterclass with stunning knowledge and advice).

I just want to leave you with the truth that sex is WAY more than penetration, and if you are open to exotic ideas, erotic ways to express yourself, and gaining skills that hardly ANY other women have – that would be the ticket for you to tremendous confidence, and likely help your medical situation as well, because it would reduce stress and add fun!

If you’d like to try working with Mariah (you’ll get so much from her) – it would be the Siren School Sirenity Private Coaching program – you could start with one session and see what you want to do after that. You can find Sirenity here->, and if you’d like to ask more questions, and get personally referred to Mariah, just write to me in the contact box below.

The Sex Masterclass is here (I’m speaking and coaching through most of, if you’d like to get that immediately): 

Love, Rori

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