Painting My Mother…

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I just painted my mother… oh my goodness…

I was in the middle of three other paintings, and I felt nothing for working on them…then, all of a sudden I saw a black-and-white photo of my mother I’ve been saving…

I quickly clipped it up on my sketchpad and within ten minutes I had a nearly erase-free drawing I could begin with…

I transferred it (very old-fashioned lightbox method), to a piece of watercolor paper, and just started painting. I just wanted to…just felt it. It was on my wall in a frame by the next day… in colors I’d made up.

Way more delicate than my usual style… –

So… How are you living your life?

I wish to live mine moment-by-moment like this every single day.

Not just about painting, but about everything!

I feel like walking my dog, I walk my dog. I feel like eating, I eat. I feel like going to a movie, I suggest we go to a movie, I feel like dancing, I dance…

I want to work really really really hard writing an essay and getting sales pages and landing pages and all of that created, I begin that happening.

I want to talk to my amazing team of Rori Raye coaches on Siren School – I begin to write an email….

This is more than “freedom.”

This is operating from Desire.

Not from the big huge Desires that we can visualize and feel but then have so much trouble breaking down into little steps we can do…

This is starting from a Desire to do one tiny, simple baby step. If I had thought about the end result of this painting I never would’ve pulled out the first piece of paper.

If you want to start living from here… You can.

Love, Rori

Here’s a comment I received on Instagram:

This is a wonderful painting! And she looks like Marilyn Monroe!

And another:

Art is so soothing. She looks like Marilyn Monroe..


Omg … as gorgeous as Maryline Monroe ! Wow….

I wrote back:

She did look like Marilyn! My mother was an actress and singer when she was young…the style of hair is so recognizable…she had a real sensuality about her – I wonder how she was able to naturally let loose, while I was so bound up for most of my life….



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  1.  #1Caroline on June 6, 2020 at 3:29 pm

    I love this post. I find it uplifiting and full of wisdom. Thank you.

    I discovered your work and approaches very recently and they really speak to me. I feel like your work and the work of coaches you have trained has shed light on many many blindspots I have had over the years.

    An umpteenth bumble/tinder date, post confinement, led me to you and other energy coaches.
    This time is was one of the rare ones with a good guy (at least that is the impression I had). I went to the meetup (notice, I don’t use the term’ date’..!) with zero expectations, I had the impression his ease establishing rapport on audio messages could be the sign that he was a player (…). I met him for less than an hour over my lunch break outdoors, and with hindisght see that I was missing a certain lightness, sense of fun, and reacted with masculine energy when he was acting in his masculine energy.

    No surprise, whilst he did take my number and mention meeting in the future, and, whilst, I hinted to a local coffee shop, he did not get back to me on that and has not contacted me again. This was 2 weeks ago.
    I think that whilst he was very interested leading to meeting me and at the start of the date, he probably felt that the date did not make him feel good enough.

    He did everything right and I see now that his behaviour expressed all of the signs of a man looking for a sable and healthy relationship.

    I debriefed with a male friend of mine and he asked me if I let this guy play his ‘male’ role. This stuck with me (it’s not the first time he tells me that). What sticks with me from Rori and other coaches’ work, is that I wasn’t sufficiently warm during the date. I was rather neutral, thinking “this is a stranger and I am meeting him for the first time and can’t go on full-on date mode with a person I meet for the first time”. He, on the other hand, was so warm and upbeat, I probably should have let myself thawe..

    At this stage, I have mixed feelings: sad I have missed yet another seemingly great guy, and also thankful this post-lockdown date has led me to searching for answers and finding Rori and the feminine energy approach. Unlike other approaches I have read about, or relationship coaches I have listened to, this approach really speaks to me.

    I’m 37 in 3 months and want to go fast. I am single, have never shared a home with a man, never had a relationship longer than 6 months. I want to move past whatever blockages I have.

    Thank you again and I very much look forward to learning more❤️

  2.  #2Rori Raye on June 26, 2020 at 2:47 pm

    Caroline, Hi, Thank you so much for writing this, and I’ll send it personally to one of my coaches, Jeanie Wilder, who can totally help you with this – and will answer you by email. If it’s okay, I’ll then post it with her answer here, so other women can benefit! I think ALL of us are a little “close-to-the-vest” when we first meet a man, so please – no beating yourself up! Love, Rori