0608262920-sidewglassessmallTo focus on mentoring newly Certified Rori Raye Coaches, I'm no longer taking new clients...AND - this gives you an amazing opportunity to get brilliant, innovative, amazingly fast, affordable and effective Rori Raye Coaching from these great new Certified coaches!

Check each of them out, schedule intro sessions with them - and get quick help.

These new coaches know how to help you USE the Tools in my programs to get what you want in love quickly. They each have a unique personal style, unique personal stories and specialties, and are all mentored by me personally:

helena hartHelena Hart at HelenaHartCoaching.com

From Rori: Helena Hart is so smart - you'll feel it the moment you hear her voice on the phone or see her face on Skype. And so kind, and clever, and able to see right away what's going on with you and how she can help.

Her masters degree in Psychology just adds to her credentials as an RRRCT Master Coach Teacher . Her specialty (if she has one...she's so good at everything) is in helping women effortlessly attract love into their lives.

She has a signature process that will turn you into a MAGNET for men - first by taking away all the things that are blocking love and great men from coming toward you, then by giving you tools that will magnetize men to you and make it so they can't get enough of you!

She's had amazing success in her own life and in turning around the love lives of her clients. So, whether you're recently single or you've been single for years - or you're in a relationship that seems to be going nowhere - Helena can help you quickly and permanently get what you want. Go here to read her unique dating and love tips, and to instantly download and read her great "3 Keys To Attract The Man You Want" report-->>">http://HelenaHartCoaching.com

leigha new smallLeigha Lake at LeighaLake.com

From Rori: Leigha, an RRRCT Master Coach Teacher, is amazing: charming, REAL, and she not only has the personal success story to prove she knows what she's doing - she has the track record with clients to prove how brilliantly she USES what she knows to help YOU - quickly.

I absolutely love - and encourage you to download right away - her free "3 Secrets To Get Your Man Back" report. It's terrific, and filled with clever, catchy, quick, effective ways to keep yourself going toward love instead of accidentally away from it. And her "Bring In Mr. Right" ebook is a must-have, full of insights and Tools that will help you so much.

Leigha's coaching style is infused with her personal warmth and compassion, and I know you'll feel an immediate change in your love life after your free session with her - be sure to take advantage of any time you can book with her, and go directly to her website www.LeighaLake.com to quickly download her free "3 Secrets To Get Your Man Back" - it will make a difference for you right away-->>

tatia home 2Tatia Dee at PowerToLove.com

From Rori: Tatia celebrates her feminine power and the magnetizing effect it has - in the most powerful and fast way imaginable. As a practicing attorney, relying often on her masculine energy to succeed in the harsh, masculine energy-infused world of law, she completely "gets" how essential it is to be connected with her feminine power as much as possible.

Tatia's all about understanding the balance between feminine and masculine power in order to stop the internal power struggle we all have going on. How to use your masculine power to get things done, while at the same time allowing your feminine power to guide you in your relationships.

Tatia focuses on guiding a you to become irresistible to a man by reconnecting with your feminine power, and her dedication to helping you achieve the love and life you want in her unique, powerful and successful way will get you the quick results you want. Go here to get her newsletter, and instantly download her "Reconnect With Your Feminine Power" free report at www.PowerToLove.com-->>

NatalinaNatalina for fb Love at LoveCoachNatalina.com

From Rori: Natalina has a gift of personal strength that she can not only teach you - it seems to transfer directly from her to her clients in a transformative, nearly magical way.

Her own personal story of how she defied her family, her friends, her culture, her religion - and nearly everything and everyone else who was telling her not to go for her dream life - is riveting, You'll not only identify with Natalina's struggles, you'll feel emboldened by it. By not listening to those who wanted to keep her "small" - she discovered her inner strength was indestructible - and that her dreams were what made her Natalina.

When you're a client of Natalina's, you can feel her respect for your bravery in your own situation - and also feel her "lightness!" You'll love her free report "Get His Love Now" - it has a completely fresh and unique take on how to get what you want in love-->>http://www.LoveCoachNatalina.com


Manley_030-200x300Michelle Manley at MichelleManleyCoaching.com

From Rori: Michelle is unique in so many ways, you'll want to know her and work with her - she can do amazing things for you in an incredibly short amount of time.

You'll know from her accent that she's British, and as a former member of the Corporate world, she has a real-world grasp of the vast difference between being in your masculine energy and being in your feminine energy while STILL "getting stuff done" that will bring everything about "being a girl" into crystal clarity for you.

She uses Rori Raye Tools in a truly fresh and "cinematic" way that will get you one "aha" moment after another.

Go here to pick up her free report "The 4 Step Plan To Get You Everything You Want" at http://www.MichelleManleyCoaching.com

Sami Wunder at SamiWunderCoaching.com
From Rori: Sami is just amazing! From the moment I met her, I knew she was a superstar coach with super powers to help women everywhere, and she has proven to be even more powerful than I'd predicted: Sami's truly transformational in the way she works with her clients - and in the way she IS.

She's gentle and kind, yet firm and knowing - and so very, very skilled. She commits herself to you totally, and you can feel how much she cares about you personally. Her own love story and blissful marriage is a powerful illustration for the results she can get for you in your own love life, very quickly.

Be sure to go to her website and pick up your copy of her free report: "3 Powerful Secrets To Uplift You In Love"->

megan weksMegan Weks at TheManfunnel.com

From Rori: Megan, with over a decade of dating experience in what most consider the "impossible" dating scene of Manhattan, NYC, having personally encountered nearly every imaginable dating situation and experienced so many heartbreaks, has created her happy-ending in a personal story that'll knock your socks off and give you incredible hope!

Megan's unique strengths are in the dating arena, where she can hold your hand and help you approach the dating world in a completely new way. If you have to start all over again after a breakup or divorce, if you're experiencing logistical or physical concerns, Megan will help you not only turn all those "disadvantages" around (into real assets) - she adds career, fitness, health and image consulting to the list of all the ways she can help you change your life - fast.

Go here to download her great free report: "Five Steps To Meet, Attract & Marry Your Soul-mate, QUICKLY!" here-->>

heather allisonHeather Allison at Heather-Allison.com

From Rori:  Heather, in addition to being a fantastic coach - is a photographer.  This may seem like a "nice addition" to her coaching practice - but, actually, it can make the hugest difference for YOU. Her experience of looking at women through the lens, watching them soften right in front of her eyes, is a big part of how she can feel you and your blocks to love, and help you soften.

She has an amazing "tribe" of women around her, reading every word she writes on her amazing, gorgeous website and newsletters, and taking advantage of every moment she has to book coaching sessions and spaces in her programs. She teaches you how to be a Goddess - and uses so many Tools and methods that are completely original to her - that will soften the armor you and I are all lugging around with us.

To see how quickly even Heather's writing can change your life and help you "Be In Love," go here to download her great free report: "The Heather Allison Goddess Guide” -->>


Adrienne Everheart at EverheartCoaching.com
From Rori: Adrienne is a powerhouse. She's sophisticated, social media and tech-savvy - so be sure to pick up her free report: "How to - it's unique and extremely helpful - and to bring her your toughest situations for coaching.

She's tough and firm - but kind and gentle, too - she knows what it feels like to be a powerful, smart woman running businesses in a "man's world" - and wondering if female power is "too much" and "too intimidating" for men.

Adrienne also not only KNOWS the truth: that your female power, smarts and success in the world are DRAWS for men - especially for the kind of man YOU want - she has an incredible ability to help you experience that for yourself!

Adrienne will help you quickly learn to "do" everything you already do well, and everything you WANT to do well, from the softer, much more powerful place of your feminine energy. She'll be able to get you EVERYTHING you want...Get her amazing free report: "Goddess Tech Guide" here-->>

View More: http://clauphotography.pass.us/4276868-veronica-sfavoritesVero Vidal at VeroLifeCoach.com
From Rori: Vero (Veronica) is a true superstar - literally a global celebrity superstar, especially in the Spanish-speaking world. She's the face of Lincoln cars in Spanish ads and videos, a regular guest on CNN, and known as a yogi and yoga teacher around the world. She's gorgeous, terrifically talented, and because she's bilingual - and a great coach in Spanish or English - she can help you in so many ways.

Her free report - "3 Secrets To Turn Your Love Life Around" - is in English and beautiful, and you'll experience her "Believe/Overcome/Empower" formula as unique and truly helpful. You can find Vero all over youtube, on many TV interview shows, CNN news specials, and I know you'll find it amazing to work with her in person, one-to-one.

Go here to meet Vero and download her free report-->>

Marguerite Elise at MargueriteElise.com

From Rori: Marguerite is an amazing, soft, smart, and unique coach - and not just because she's also a veterinarian! I encourage you to go right now and download Marguerite's free report: "The 5 Steps To Find And Keep The Love You Want"-->>

Marguerite has a unique, innate sense of "who you are" from the moment she sees you on Skype or hears your voice, in just the way she so intuitively and instinctively connects with animals - "getting" where their pain is even though they can't speak.

She'll not only "get" your pain, your desires, your challenges right off, she'll be able to put a plan together for you in moments, through the skills she has as a Rori Raye trained coach, and through her natural ability to heal others. Marguerite herself has come from a place of loneliness and despair to a happy, fulfilling marriage that's everything she ever wanted in love. Take advantage of her natural kindness (you can sense it from her photo), book a free session with her, and download her free report -->>

Shahrzad at ShahrzadCoaching.com

From Rori: Shahrzad is so brilliant, so knowing - and in a presence so sweet - you'll hardly believe anyone can be there for you with all these qualities. And yet Shahrzad is all that (and she's already got a huge track record with the fastest growing private coaching practice in the history of RRRCT). I encourage you to go right now and download Shahrzad's free report: "Stop Feeling Invisible and Be The Center Of His Life"-->>

When you look at her at first, it's hard to believe she's suffered in love, or thought herself "unworthy" of it - and yet, that's exactly her personal story. When you get her newsletters, your mouth will hang open at her history of cowtowing and catering to men - which makes her personal love turnaround so powerful (you can read about it on her website) and her coaching so quickly transformative.

Naomie Thompson at NaomieThompsonCoaching.com

From Rori: Naomie is a find, a treasure, a true "Brit" who deeply understands the British "reserve" and "stiff upper lip" and all of societies "conventions" about women that have been the deep obstacle for ALL of us women, all over the world - the training we've all had to "cover up" our feelings and our real selves. Naomie can quickly help you to sidestep all of that and get what you REALLY want in life.

Go visit Naomie and pick up her great free report: "5 Steps To Attract Love Like Never Before" here-> and read her blog posts and client testimonials about how to begin truly softening your entire vibe on dates, at events, wherever you are in a relationship - and "Scripting" your words!

Naomie is the RRCT Director, and Scripting is her brilliant specialty, along with all her other talents and the completely lovely and loving "way about her." 

Viona Haven at VionaHaven.com

From Rori: Viona is unique and so powerful, lovely and effective, she became an in-demand coach early in RRRCT Training, and has built her huge following steadily ever since. In addition to being a superb coach, using the Rori Raye Method exactly as Rori would, she's a well-known psychic medium in Sweden and Denmark.

Though Viona's English is as good as Rori's, her Netherlands "vibe" infuses Viona's work in such a profoundly uplifting way you'll believe in her ability to "read" you and understand you within the first 30 seconds of meeting her.  

Right Now, Viona is focusing on helping women crash through the glass ceiling of wealth, and make tons of money! Go get her free training here->

Katelyn Kent at CoachKatelyn.com

From Rori: Katelyn is astonishing. As a well-known "Horse Whisperer," she has the uncanny ability to not only "tune in" to your deepest self and find the best, fastest and easiest way to heal your old wounds and get yourself feeling better - she can quickly find the key to what's going wrong in your situation and then help you fix it. She is not only a "Love Whisperer" herself - she can teach YOU to be a Love Whisperer.

Her clients tell me that they feel "got" by her on a level they're not used to even experiencing.  It's as if she can not only sense what's really keeping you from the life and love you want - she can cut through all the horrible training we women have endured and make you feel uplifted and motivated again.

Go visit CoachKatelyn to read her great articles and schedule a free coaching session to experience her yourself ->

Jane Mary at JaneMaryCoaching.com

From Rori: Jane has a specialty that will take your breath away, and fix whatever's going on for you that's keeping you from the love you deserve in a brand new way! She calls it "Ancestral Healing" - and it's not about going "deep and dark." Instead, she lightens the load of whatever emotional and psychological baggage you've been carrying around with you without digging up old pain. 

As a really cool and vibrant Australian, Jane centers on you in the most powerful way. She's kind and gentle and has an amazing ability to zero in on you and make you feel cared for. She's fixed her own history and love life, and will do the same for you. If you have a personal story, family turmoil, any circumstances that you feel are keeping you from having what you want - Jane's your coach.

Go visit her to instantly download her great free report "Have The Love You Deserve" here->

Jen Michelle at JenMichelleCoaching.com

From Rori: Jen has so much therapeutic bandwidth and training. Even before she became a Certified Rori Raye Coach, she was a therapist, working with the hardest cases - and with MEN! So -she has so much to offer you in understanding where men go wrong, where relationships go wrong, and how you can turn all that around with knowledge and Rori Raye Tools.

You'll love Jen's deeply understanding, personal, compassionate and caring style, and feel SO taken care of. Jen's own happy married life is testament to the natural way she can help you get exactly what you want.

Jen says:" What often happens is, a woman will convince herself that its ok to take less than what she wants, OR will put her life on hold waiting for the man to change. So often we apply what has worked for us professionally to our personal relationship without the knowledge that this will never connect us to a man’s heart.

So - to learn how you CAN connect to his heart, go here to pick up Jen's free guide: 'Magnetic Sensitivity - The Feminine Introvert's Advantage In Love & Relationships"

Katja Majer at aumeaheart.com

From Rori: Katja Is amazing. One of the finest coaches I have ever met, she is incredibly sensitive, kind, and so smart and intuitive she can sense, grasp and create a plan for your exact situation almost immediately.

She is remarkable in the way she’s able to embody such a strong sense of accomplishment (she's also a well-known sculptor...) while operating almost completely from feminine energy. This means she is able to inspire you to have what you want in life and love instead of having to “push” you toward it - which gets so much faster results.

Katja lives in the beautiful country of Slovenia, speaks several languages, and coaches brilliantly in English. If you have a life or love situation that needs fixing, or would simply like to have “more” of everything you want, Katja is your coach.

Go here to instantly download Katja's free guide "Become A Muse of Love" ->

Deirdre Sophia at DeirdreSophia.com

From Rori: From Rori: Deirdre brings warmth, empathy and a lifetime of studying romantic relationships to coaching women in turning around their unhappy experiences in love.

Her specialty is helping women in long-term relationships who feel unsure if they should stay or go—she can help you because she’s been there herself and used the power of feminine energy to turn her marriage around.

Visit her website at DeirdreSophia.com and get her great free guide, “7 Steps To End The Struggle And Draw In Love”.



  1.  #1LaQuita Danielle Pollard on August 25, 2016 at 5:42 am

    to learn how to keep my mouth shut it gets me in trouble in life I want to learn how to stop running my mouth so much and listen more in life to save my life running my mouth so much will get me killed in lifeI wish somebody can help me show me how to keep my mouth close and not run so much it would save me in life.

  2.  #2LaQuita Danielle Pollard on August 25, 2016 at 5:47 am

    I really do want to learn how to stop running my mouth so muchand start listening more and understand people telling me to save my life.

  3.  #3Linda on February 12, 2017 at 8:08 pm

    I’ve been living with my bf for 6 yrs now. We have been thru so much. I’ve been here for4 him no matter what. I have been abused over and over. He said its my fault that he doesn’t want to be around me. I get upset because he ignores me. I throw things and want to break them because he won’t talk to me. What can I do? I really want things to work out

  4.  #4Rori Raye on February 13, 2017 at 12:32 pm

    Linda, so sorry for your pain – and I’m not sure you’ll want to hear what I have to say. When you say: “I get upset….I throw things and want to break them….” it’s clear everything is in your own hands. This is what needs “fixing.” Your reactions to his behavior are unnecessary. Your FEELINGS that get triggered by him are essential, and it’s crucial for you to feel them – but ACTING on them by throwing objects, and allowing those feelings to “get you upset” is what needs to be worked with. I hope you’ll try out my Certified Coaches and Rori Raye Trained Coaches and work with someone personally. You can get this fixed FAST! It’s all up to you and how you use the Modern Siren Tools. Love, Rori

  5.  #5Linda on February 13, 2017 at 5:01 pm

    How can I get him to understand what he is doing wrong? He went from drinking everyday to now don’t drugs. Another crutch to keep him from talking to me or having anything to do with me.
    U have tried to do everything to get him to understand what he is doing is wrong but he only cares about his self. His mom had even told him to start acting right or she wouldn’t do anything else for him. I’ve prayed, he had a stroke, that only stopped him from drinking. I want him to do better for his self. So he can see his grdkids grow up.
    What else can I do? Leaving only makes things worst.

  6.  #6Mar on August 21, 2017 at 6:21 pm

    Dear Rory, can you please advise what your view is on chemistry? My never ending problem is that every time, when my relationships were over, it takes me years to fully take my exes out of my system resulting in feeling rejection towards the opposite sex when it comes to being intimate. It takes me a very long time to like a new guy. The sad part is that I have met a few great guys and despite trying on my end to just relax and give them a chance, I can’t even kiss them, I feel completely turned off and just can’t dare to go there out of fear of being completely dismissed out by it. Is there’s something I can do to help me to start liking these good guys on a romantic level naturally? I enjoy their company and I can defo try to give them 3 dates but till this day I haven’t been surprised, in the end I know I don’t want to be touched by them, let alone kissed. Thanks for your advise!!

  7.  #7Rori Raye on September 8, 2017 at 4:05 pm

    Mar – its like everything else – practice. Just kiss someone. then kiss someone else. Let yourself go. Practice letting yourself go. Things will open up. And – get a coach like Mariah Grey – who’s GREAT at this stuff! Love, rori

  8.  #8Myrsini on September 18, 2017 at 11:24 pm

    Hi Rori, I have been with this man for over a year now. The story goes like this. The fist time he broke up with me was within one month of being together as he said he doesn’t think he is relationship material. We then spoke about it and then the answer was okay let’s try it. Well in this year we have been on trips together and only a few months ago did he say he loves me. I have met the family etc. We were meant to move to another town and that fell through 3 months down the line as he changed his mind. In the year I have also been retrenched and he helped me start my own business from home. We are both committed and yes as you say not a good idea to be solely committed but that is who i am. I am 39 year old and have a 11 year old son (who has also fallen in love with this man) We have after the one move (fall through) decided to move in together at the end of the year. BUT now this last Sunday he came up and said he is not ready! the move was his idea and now he is not ready. He also last week dropped the bomb that he never wants to get married. Before it was on the table. Now it is gone. Oh there is so much more that has happened in this year. But we have worked together as a couple together. But I am so confused about this not ready! After all this time. What now??

  9.  #9Jeremy on October 31, 2017 at 5:23 am

    I love my wife,and I need her,she don’t need me.
    I devoted myself fully,our vows may of been words,I truely meant 100%of my love and partnership,to be understanding,listen to get ideals,wishes,communicate without judging/putdowns,I am only human and I error in the heat of an arguement,wanting the makeup to be even morepassionate.I accept my lover to be who she is with exception of linfidelity ,untruthful ,and gone.as we never agreed to open vows.guys,gals.masculine,to feminine, we all struggle.I just am happy with alison my wife and if she is done ,I am stuck as I just don’t wana share my life with no one else .I am destructible, I to feel the same as anyone does.We’ll I’m nothing without my family,my family is my happiness,reason to be prideful,to carry eachday with a smile.help.

  10.  #10Chara on December 18, 2017 at 3:58 pm

    My beloved Rori,
    Keeping a journal with feeling messages I wonder if it would be better to write them in English like you do or in my native language(Greek)?

  11.  #11Helen on April 15, 2018 at 7:54 pm

    Hi Rori,

    My boyfriend broke up with me just over three weeks ago. We were together for almost 2 years. I have attachment issues that essentially caused me to be overly critical and controlling to the point where the more serious things got, the more I tried to sabotage the relationship. Thing is, I’m 43 and after 2 failed marriages with the WRONG people and a few relationships (also with the wrong people), finally… after 43 years, I found someone who I legitimately LOVED. We both agreed that our relationship when it was good was the best ever. Most special relationship for both of us. He is also 43 years old. But, I pushed him away. And, I can understand why. Now, he also has some issues and I believe that his exacerbated mine and it became an awful cycle. But, man, it was the real deal. The only contact we’ve had lately has been around him coming to get his belongings (he lived in my home). I have to limit contact to protect myself. I have already done the begging & pleading… the let’s please go to counseling. The desperate attempts t convince (this is not the first time either). He says he is too damaged, that he is not interested in having a romantic relationship with me any longer. He has offered to be friends and grab a beer, etc., but I have found that for the time being, I cannot be around him for fear that I will push him away. My feelings are very deep and raw right now (as you can imagine). He definitely seems resigned to moving on. So, my question is probably obvious: if our love was as special as we both said it was, is there a chance of him being willing to give it another shot? I should say he is incredibly stubborn, somewhat immature at times and has work to do of his own. Not sure whether he things that, but…
    I should add that I am in therapy once a week, reading, learning, working on growing and making the changes to love myself and not be the person that drove him away. At any rate, any guidance you can offer would be amazing! Thanks in advance.

    Take care,

  12.  #12Tiffany on June 18, 2018 at 12:17 pm

    My boyfriend of almost 1 year lives 30 minutes away from me. My disable mother (that smokes..yuck) and my brother live with me currently and I don’t feel comfortable inviting the boyfriend to come over yet. He cooks for me when I go see him and makes we watch movies I want to watch and I have his undivided attention most of the time. I drive to him twice to three times a week. He has his children every other weekend and I have not been introduced to them yet. I’m okay with this. I want to take things slow right now due to the children are still trying to adjust to going between mom and dad.

    Is this okay to drive to him? The boyfriend gave me his key and invited me to come over even if he isn’t there to relax, swim and do whatever.

    I appreciate you help. I bought your complete collection and the monthly subscription. It’s been one day and I feel so much better.

    Much love,
    Tiffany Blair

  13.  #13Anna on February 13, 2019 at 9:40 pm

    Hey, I’m in a very tough situation.so I know this guy sence was 10 but fate has made us meet at skewed times after a couple months after a couple years, so I saw him at a lot of family gatherings and parties where as his mom really liked me for him so did his sisters but after a while i found out he had a gf who he was on and off with he dated her for 3 yrs then through out the years he would follow me and wait by my house or school, after that we stated contacting each other and started talking but he was still in contact with her. In my situation my brother hates him and doenst want me with him nethier does his sister and his sister is really bipolar whoever she feels like supporting she will wethere or not thinking if it’s right or wrong my problem is why does he want to get with me but then still In contact with his ex ?but now after a couple months he’s back with her again and this time the sister that does not like me is supporting her and him to go against me. What should I do ? I can’t talk to him I don’t wanna hear rude things come out of his mouth that his sister and his on/off gf manipulated him with his ex has created a lot of drama and still constantly talks shit about me even when she’s with him for some reason every time they get into a fight or break up me and him ethier see each other or get close I’m stuck idk what to do my feeling are really involved

  14.  #14Rori Raye on February 14, 2019 at 5:03 pm

    Anna, for me, you sound like an awesome woman who allows subpar men to take her power.I know it seems weird -but you don’t have to ‘work” to get a good man you can love! n fact – it’s the quality of GETTING love from a man that makes you fall in love with him. So – I wouldn’t even spend one drop of my time and energy with a man as confused as this one is. Love, Rori

  15.  #15LINDA on July 29, 2019 at 4:05 pm

    Hi Rori,
    I am with a guy that keeps lying to me. He spends almost all of his time with me but has contact with this other woman who he says he is not interested in but used to date and that he knows he has to end it but hasn’t yet. He told me he would and then I found out he was still talking to her (2x now). He says he loves me and wants to be in a long term relationship but has not felt this way for someone in a long time and has to fix some issues to be able to move forward. I would really love to talk to you directly about this- the link to fill out the form to reach out to you directly on your website (personal coaching section) was not working- it may be my browser? Wondered how I can get in touch with you to see if it’s possible to schedule. Thank you.

  16.  #16Lei Miranda on March 29, 2020 at 10:57 am

    My ex boyfriend and I have been dating for two years. Those two years were a lot of break ups and make up and he’s ghosting me several times. The last time he ghosted me was about a month ago and I found out that he’s dating his so called friend. I went to see him the other day and he told me she’s just a friend. But she spends weekends at his house. So do you think I could get my ex-boyfriend back or is he far gone into a relationship with this Friend?

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