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Here's where every Rori Raye Tool comes alive for you and truly changes your love life now - with personal, intense, affordable coaching!

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Get Him Back

with Adrienne Everheart

Find Your Elemental Feminine Energies With Shellie Lee


And get the life and love you deserve

Sex And Heart


With Dominique Christine

Go Rogue


Break every rule in the book, and stick to the Rori Raye Tools!

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The Modern Siren

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Targeting Mr. Right

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Toxic Men

You can enroll in:

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Reconnect Your Relationship

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Love Scripts

You can enroll in:

Heart Connection Toolkit

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With Adrienne Everheart, Shellie Lee, Gabrielle Grae and Rogue

Siren Mom LIVE Coaching Program

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With Tatia Dee, Catie Jacobs and Tricia More

Commitment Blueprint

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With Helena Hart, Shellie Lee, Adrienne Everheart, Gabrielle Grae and Teresa Clement

Specialty Classes For Your Unique Situation:

Love and Money - Have It All LIVE

You Can Have ItAll

With Michelle Manley and Shellie Lee

Love In The Fast Lane

How to be yourself when you're with a man with money, power, prestige and a "playboy" attitude.

Gabrielle Grae

How To Read A Man


With Viona Haven, psychic medium, will teach you, step-by-step how to uplevel your existing intuition and "natural reading ability" to "get" what's really going on with a man - what he's thinking, what he feels, what he wants...without having to guess!