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from Sami Wunder!:

How can someone else ever reject you?

Only you can reject you.

How can someone else not love you? Only you can not love you.

How can someone else neglect you? Only you can neglect you.

Here’s the thing – we’re all made of PURE LOVE ENERGY.

We are pure divine light, straight from the source and we all here to shine, blossom, learn, experience joy and feel deeply cherished and connected.

Now when we experience a “lack of love” or “neglect” from someone or our man or even from a man we’re dating, we tend to mistakenly interpret that THEY are “doing” that to us.

But actually, it’s us doing that to ourselves.

For example, when we’re experiencing a huge form of neglect in a relationship, the fact that we’re still there means we’re neglecting ourselves, we’re neglecting making the CHOICES that make us happy.

Nobody else is responsible for our unhappiness. We are.

When we’re experiencing a “lack of love” or rejection from a man, it’s not him rejecting us. It’s us rejecting ourselves.

It’s us telling ourselves that we’re not good enough, not attractive enough.

It’s us rejecting our feelings of pain and disappointment and blaming the man for causing them instead of just loving them and feeling them and being okay with them.

It’s us not being okay with his choice of not choosing us.

It’s us interpreting his choice as rejection instead of a bad match or bad fit.

So here’s a new perspective/mantra for you to look at connection – disconnection with:

“When I feel disconnected with the world (my man, my coach, my friends), I am actually just disconnected with myself.

When I feel someone else is rejecting me or not loving me, it is a sign that I am rejecting me.

That I need to focus on me and love me even more.”

When we start to look at the world from the lens of love, free of blame and attack, we become softer, not just on others but most of all, on ourselves and life becomes liberating…. from the heaviness of judgement, blame, attack.

We feel more solid, more centered, more grounded in who we are and realize that nobody can shake us…. Only we can shake ourselves:

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Come heal, grow, learn to laugh and live the best version of yourself while shedding off all those useless burdens of anxiety, responsibility, self criticism that weigh you down and make you play smaller than you’re meant to be.

See you and hug you LIVE, you little big divine light !

Love, Sami

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  1.  #1Femininewoman on May 10, 2017 at 12:02 pm

    This is such a difficult concept for the mind to wrap itself around. I feel deep internal sighs, hot feelings and feel my stomach feeling like jelly as I read through the first few sentences in this article.

  2.  #2Rori Raye on May 10, 2017 at 2:33 pm

    Wow, Feminine Woman, as I was editing this to publish, I felt the same…just the word “reject” hit me hard.

    Sami is like a very tough and yet kind angel…she really sees it like it is, tells it like it is, and fixes women’s lives really, really amazingly fast. Her track record is sensational. She’s not flowery or woo-woo – she’s got a concrete insistence that we can each change this self-rejection (I’ve never heard it put quite that way), and she’s just a no-nonsense dynamo with a feminine core so strong she can go as far out on the “doing” scale as imaginable without ever getting away from that feminine essence she’s got her whole self on. I’m hoping I can make it to her event, just to see her…If anyone can transform a full room in one day – she can. Love, Rori

  3.  #3Sami Wunder on May 11, 2017 at 2:00 pm

    Rori, thank you for those incredibly honouring words.

  4.  #4Jaimelove on May 13, 2017 at 8:47 am

    This post is very timely for me. Thank you Sam! I have recently explored a lot of writing on love and how love heals, having read about some people’s near death experiences.

    As you all may remember, I am a single mother of 3 in a not very ideal situation, however I feel like the challenges that have brought me here have taught me how to tap into all the strength I possess as a woman, a person and a mother.

    I am finally letting my almost two year old into daycare and this means I will be exploring my non stay at home mom modeness which is both scary and exciting. I want to find a partner and a father for my children but I at so scared. I have gone through so much and have been feeling very little love for myself. I know I am a very beautiful and attractive woman but I have lost a lot of my self confidence because of the lack of independence and the things that have happened to me. I am also at a place that doesn’t allow me to meet a lot of English or Western type of mentality or cultural man, most here are middle eastern which is not what I want in my life. The thing I am struggling most with is how I look. I have gained some weight, and it makes me insecure, even though most people would say I’m not overweight I feel so, being a size 14 after being a size 8 is not what I’m used to. All the stress and lack of independence in my life has caused this. I look much younger than my age and feel very blessed for that.

    Should I date even though I do not feel I look my best or should I work on that. It’s not so much the physical I get it it’s my lack of self confidence that makes me feel that way. But I’m just feeling confused about everything, dating… I always find excuses not to do it but I don’t want to pass on the chance of finding a companion just because I feel scared to.

  5.  #5Sami Wunder on May 14, 2017 at 4:01 am

    Hi Jamie! Glad to know the words felt soothing.

    Date or not to date? My answer in the maximum cases is to date! Just make sure that you do it to heal yourself, to regain confidence and have fun instead of “finding a man.” That kind of pressure can exhaust you very fast since you’re at a delicate inner stage right now.

    When you date to heal, you soak up all the attention and enjoy receiving from men and watch / work on your triggers in the process. There’s tonnes of resources on my website too if you’re looking for starting tools 🙂

    Regarding the weight gain, we’ve been told our worth comes from within and I guess you know that too and that is the fundamental truth! However, YOUR current truth is, that it’s still not feeling good to you – so we need to address this in baby steps.

    What is the one thing you can start doing for your body that’s going to help you get back in shape? Set little goals and achieve them! It’s not a quick fix but doing something about what feels bad is always better than doing nothing about it. Excited for you !!
    Good luck 🙂

    Love Sami

  6.  #6Jaimelove on May 18, 2017 at 6:42 am

    Thank you Sami!
    That makes perfect sense, it’s just the way I feel! I am now working at a job that is physically demanding so I get a really good work out. And since I’m no longer a stay at home mama I am discovering a world outside than just my being a full time mom. What I have trouble with is that I always am such such a good judge of character, but I’ve always chosen up till now men who do not stay. Men who do not care about their children. My ex husband whom I left just left the boys for me to raise alone. And when I got pregnant with my ex boyfriend even though it’s a bit of a long story and I got stuck in a different country but the bottom line is he’s ignoring his only son. But what hurts is he’s got a daughter that does live close to him and he’s helping to raise her. I’m scared to go out there because my kids are so important to me and I just don’t know why I keep choosing men who do not care about my kids, even their own kids. I’m scared of that.

    I dedicate my life to my children and do not understand how a parent could just ignore having a child. Is it low self esteem that makes me a magnet for men who do not commit to me or to family?