Should Men Be Providers?

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The Question:

“Hi Rori, Should Masculine energy men be providers??
Should they be providing financially??
Lot of relationships coaches say men should provide financially, and that 50-50 doesn’t work…Confused”

The Answer From Natalina Love

Dear Confused, This is a really good question, it’s such a big topic right now, and Rori’s answer, her view on this, might shock you.

There are lots of women these days who are WAY more successful than their men. So much so that even a 50-50 split is impossible. If he’s an artist or a musician, he might just barely be making a living for himself.

The ways that a man ‘provides’ and takes care of a woman in that arrangement would also shift, where it still feels very clear that a woman is being loved, adored, and taken care of in the ways that matter (imagine him: running baths, driving her anywhere she wants to go, arranging things to get done, cooking… etc. – so many ways!).

Just saying that, though, ultimately, it’s still up to you what’s important to you. That’s a question we all ask ourselves. Is this what I want? What do I want? Why am I here?

If you can handle a 50-50 relationship, truly and happily, and if you have career ambitions that may not have been so clear in the past, that could be worth exploring, perhaps for no other reason than knowing you’re okay and financially independent.

You don’t want to feel like you’re pushing, pulling, nagging, or begging a man to ‘be there’ for you, or feel like you’d be stuck and dependent on a man who can’t or won’t provide for you.

You may find that working and climbing career ladders actually bring you tons of joy, and your man can be a provider of other important aspects that turn you on and feel good in the partnership.

Either way, you’ll have what you need to know you can walk away. No matter what anyone else suggests, what do you need to feel good in your relationship? Your own sense of peace will point you in the right direction.

It’s not a simple “he should” or “you should” kind of question, and that’s what makes it such a good question.

It’s a place we all find ourselves returning to – what’s important for me?

Is this working for me?

What do I really want?

You’ve got a unique story, and you will FOREVER have options of what you want to do next, how you choose to move forward in the next moments.

I really truly get how it is to feel like you’re ‘stuck’ with a man in a situation that doesn’t feel good, with money that doesn’t feel great, and all of this is simply a beginning place.

Sending you so much love, Natalina

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