How To Get The Relationship And Commitment You Want...Without Chasing, Fighting, Getting Stuck In Your Masculine Energy, Or Feeling Anxious...


♥ You're in a relationship or marriage that feels like it's falling apart...and you feel angry and afraid - all at the same time...

♥ Dating - and even just meeting - a high-quality man feels  painfully frustrating, exhausting, and nearly hopeless...

♥ So much in your life, including your work, your belief in yourself, and your hopes and dreams feels stuck somehow...

♥ Talking about any kind of commitment with a man - a commitment for forever, or even just for a date - either starts an argument, or he goes unresponsive and shuts down...

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Join Rori Raye's Siren Island, And Get:

♥ Support and personal coaching, whenever you feel the need to be heard, helped, Scripted, and get immediate help to solve your unique situation...

♥ A Treasure Chest Of Exclusive Rori Raye Materials opened up to you every few days - Beginning With The 6 Love Forever Tools that will change everything..


Live Q & A time with Rori Raye every month (and from the very beginning of your Siren Island stay, you'll have access to all of these Rori Raye Live videos...)

Once You Enter Siren Island, You'll Immediately Receive:

The Keys to a new way of love: "The 6 Love Forever Tools".

These 6 Tools are the basis for Rori Raye Coach Training, Rori Raye Siren School, the $4977 Love Forever live program, and Rori's $1975/hour private clients - and are being used by these women all over the world to change their lives nearly overnight...

*Exclusive written materials to quickly amplify the results you get from The 6 Tools...

*Individual, one-to-one attention and real answers to your questions on the Siren Island private Facebook group from incredible Rori Raye coaches (including brilliant Siren School Director Natalina Love) - every day, nearly 24-7 -

To help you quickly apply The 6 Tools to your own, very specific and unique situation.

*Live Q and A's where you can interact with a "Specialist Coach" to get even more answers for your specific questions...

*The individual attention, compassion and expertise you deserve - especially for the "deep" stuff that seems unsolvable...and...

*Rori Raye, videoing with you LIVE on the Siren Island FB group every month!

You'll  be receiving all this continually, for only $33/month, for as long as you like (or for only a month if you'd just like to see how Siren Island feels for you...)

More Of What You'll Get As A Member Of Siren Island::

*The Inspiration to truly, finally get behind yourself and believe you can have not only WHAT you want - but EVERYTHING you want!

*The real sense and experience of what genuine Feminine Energy Empowerment feels like - fueled for you by amazing Rori Raye coaches who've experienced incredible turn-arounds in their own lives - and in their clients' lives

*Answers for your specific, unique, and urgent questions nearly 24/7, every day - and quickly enough to help you when you need answers fast

*Advice and Scripting - know what to say to him by text, and right now

*Deep, personally targeted Siren Inner Work to shift your vibe to "magnetic"

*Practical help to solve even a painful, frustrating, seemingly "stuck" situation

*One-to-one coaching for every question you write, to help you truly live every part of your life from your Feminine Energy.

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Right now, if every man you go out with feels like a dead end...

If every event you go to where you're supposed to meet men turns out to be so anxiety producing, or so boring, you don't even want to go out anywhere anymore...

If you're working with the Rori Raye Modern Siren Tools and wish you could afford private coaching...

Welcome To Siren Island!

Yes, I'm the Siren in the mermaid photo...

Mermaid Rori centered

This comes from the days when I was an actress, and it was taken at a real beach in Los Angeles, where I froze my fanny off and was drenched every 5 minutes by real waves breaking over the rock they'd set me on. (I couldn't walk or even move - I was a mermaid!)

The director had personally tied me into this gorgeous, shimmery mermaid tail you see, that he'd personally created for me, and after the shoot, he wanted to carry me over to the nearest bar, set me on a stool, and photograph everyone's reactions (I had a huge fake emerald glued into my belly-button, and the wig glued down to cover my breasts).

Thank goodness, when he saw the look on my face, he changed his mind and sent me home.

The story is interesting for two reasons memorable to me, and significant to your personal Siren-ness:

First, the part (it was for a commercial) originally called for a "housewife-by-a-swimming-pool" - and they hired me for that role.

When they re-wrote it, and decided to make the woman in the commercial a mermaid - they could have easily looked for a prettier, more shapely actress who hadn't already shown up in "housewife" gear - yet, they didn't.

They told me, on set, about the discussions the advertising agency, director and sponsors had about me, and how they'd argued, but decided that they liked me as a person representing the product (my line was "Hey, Culligan man..."), thought I was "cute enough," and decided to stick with me.

So - here's a concrete example (and with money involved, you know these decisions aren't made lightly) of me not falling into the way I thought of myself.

This is about a number of people important to a project who picked up on my "vibe" and experienced me as a "Siren." They thought I could sell their product. They didn't want to hire anyone else.


So - if you're coming up with all the reasons "why" any particular kind of man wouldn't be the one for you - think again.

Attraction is attraction - EVERYWHERE in the world, on every level.

Everything is done through attraction.

Every person's attraction to another person is what makes business, money, and love.

And the second important thing that happened that night was - I didn't go home.

I went to the apartment of my boyfriend.

I wanted to show off, I wanted him to see me in my makeup and with the jewel in my navel, I wanted HIM to be attracted to me and want me and...yes, commit to me, and marry me, and be with me forever, and...

And, of course, that's not what happened.

He felt the way he always felt. He gave me as much attention as he always gave me, and he was - as are all men - feeling "invaded" by my need to "go to him."

Sirens do not "go to men."

Everything I've learned in the last decades that can help you become a Siren way faster than I did is in Siren School. 

Start here, on Siren Island.

Here's How Coaching On The Siren Island Group Works:

Your private Facebook group coaches will help you every day to use the Rori Raye Modern Siren Tools in your own life, included with your Siren Island Membership for a monthly fee of only $33!

They'll custom design Tools to fit with your unique personality and situation, share their personal stories and give you not only support, a shoulder to lean on and a completely kind and gentle hand to shift your love life day-by-day - they'll "Script" you, post new videos and "Cheat Sheets," and teach you to use the Tools in exactly the same way they do their private clients.

As a bonus, and to help your coaches help you even faster - you'll have access to The Siren Island Manual, and then new materials, videos, interviews, "Cheat Sheets," new Tools, and worksheet/questionnaires every month you're enrolled.

How This Can Change Your Life:

Siren Island is a place to play, to watch men crash on the rocks at your feet, and to pull together all the Rori Raye Tools you know (and the new ones you'll learn) in the caring and consistently monitored private Siren Island Facebook Group so you'll see amazing changes happening fast under the guidance of Rori Raye Siren School Coaches.

Best of all - you'll be able to get "Scripting" help from the Coaches - so you'll know how to respond to ANY man.

* You'll know when to sit back and do nothing, when to respond - and exactly WHAT to say to him when he texts, calls, leaves you Facebook messages, swipes you on tinder or writes you on any online dating app.

* You'll know what to say to him when you feel disappointed, when you feel hurt, or angry, or sad, or frustrated because he's not stepping up like a man in general, or because he's not committing to you.

Siren Island FB screenshot

* You'll get help if the romance is gone and you want it back, if physical intimacy is fading, if there are logistical problems like long-distance, jobs and different cultures and religions.

* You'll get help if you tend to be drawn to men who treat you badly, are unavailable, have emotional challenges like depression and anger issues.

* You'll improve your man-picker as you "shift your vibe" using the Rori Raye Tools.

Getting personally coached through the Rori Raye Tools you uniquely need to get the man you want and the life-long love you want is the fastest, most fun, most incredibly transformative and results-getting way to go.

On Siren Island you'll learn new Modern Siren Tools, how to use those Tools in your own life in a way that works with your personality, lifestyle, schedule, needs and desires....

You'll get help "Scripting" anything you want to say to a man, help with not only the logistics of moving a relationship forward, but exact instructions for how to link the inner workings of a man with your wants.

Most important - those "wants" of yours that may now seem far off in the fulfilling, and even feel embarrassing to just talk about in this confusing world (like we should just keep quiet about it all, no matter how painful it is) - those WANTS will actually get heard and aimed for.

On Siren Island, you'll feel "got."

Facetune - 2022-03-20T125728.793

Not only will you feel "got"...-'ll have a home base where you can talk about anything, share whatever you're feeling, and be applauded for it.

You'll get trained in how to be authentic, honestly and bravely vulnerable and open - so that you'll quickly ramp up all men's attraction to you.

If you have questions about whether or not Siren Island is for you, please just write me here:

Sirenity (30)

I hope to see you on Siren Island, to know you, talk with you, work with you, and experience you getting what you want...


Love, Rori