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Jen Michelle is a superb coach who, because she herself  happens to consider herself an “introvert,” works wonders for sensitive women who consider themselves to be introverts as well.

In society as we know it, it often feels like we have to “get out there” in order for anything to happen in our lives – and that’s just not true.

The power of feminine energy completely releases us from the need to “suit up” like men, and eliminates the frustration of not feeling seen and heard.

Right now, we’re all in isolation – and this is where your sensitivity is truly an asset for taking care of, not only yourself, but everyone else on the planet through your natural feminine energy.

Here’s some help for the weeks ahead:

From Jen:

“I hope you’re all staying safe and healthy during this challenging time.

I believe now more than ever we need this practice of surrender, accepting the things out of our control, and being in the moment.

This is the power and beauty we access within ourselves through our feminine energy.

We all have the ability to create a loving centered energy that sets the tone for all of those around us.

I’ve talked with many of you, and we’re all in different situations.

Some of you are also on the front lines serving those that need medical care.

My deepest gratitude for all of the women (and men) on the front lines managing this crisis, thank you for your service.

Being at home and working from home during this time is a privilege not all are given.

Some of you have shared that you feel completely isolated, cut off from the outside world with no source of support.
It feels like meeting and creating a loving connection is further away than ever, it’s all just come to an abrupt halt.

Others share a house with a partner where the distance feels stronger and more tense than ever.

It’s a new challenge to find a new way to navigate and manage an already heavy and strained relationship with now being in a house together practically 24/7.

No matter what your situation is, it’s hard not to succumb to the fear, uncertainty, and anger that’s completely normal to feel when our world gets turned upside down.
We count on our routines as a source of stability and grounding, so what happens when we no longer have that?How do we center and ground ourselves in the midst of what feels like chaos?

How do we practice and allow feminine energy to guide and soothe us when instinctively we want to do the exact opposite of surrender, accepting, and not worrying?

How do we embrace the idea that feminine energy is there for us as a reminder, and a practice for when we need it the most?

If you’re feeling less than “magnetically feminine” right now, I always like to remind clients that we’re not our emotions, and we’re not going to feel the same intensity of them forever.

Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that how we’re feeling now is not representative of how we’re going to feel the rest of our lives.

What we resist persists, so we want to recognize this and give ourselves full permission to experience our emotions, so we can release them and move forward.

Three Ways To Stop Negative Thinking:

1. Give Yourself Permission To Worry About It Later

I love telling my mind that I can let whatever I’m worried about go just for now, but can revisit it in a couple hours or tomorrow.

Somehow this satisfies the mind instead of when we tell ourselves sternly to “Stop thinking about it!”

When we gently tell ourselves “Just for today, I’m giving myself permission not to worry” we reassure our mind that we’re not abandoning the thought completely, but are giving ourselves permission to let it go just for right now.

As we continue to give ourselves permission to stop worrying about the things we can’t control, we’ll notice ourselves worrying less and being in the moment more.

2. Hit The Reset Button

Sometimes it’s thinking about our situation less as something we have to work around and instead as an opportunity to reset.

We understand that taking fearful actions or choosing not to bite our tongue in those moments where we want to lash out or “make the comment,” won’t give us what we’re looking for…

When we choose to look at our situation less as something we need to work around but as an opportunity to reset, we start to identify some new rituals and ways to feel good right now.

It’s when we choose to no longer put off feeling good or say “I’ll feel better when….”

3. Take Some Time To Know Yourself and What You Need Right Now

There are so many memes out there now that say this is the moment introverts have been preparing for their entire lives….but what about extroverts?

Extroverts fill their tank up and thrive off social connection.

How does an extrovert turn inward indefinitely?

Even with us introverts we aren’t hermits, so how do we maintain that sense of community and connection when we’re feeling that sense of being cut off?

This looks like tuning into our feminine energy, our intuition, and giving ourselves what we need as much as we can right now.

If we’re telling ourselves we should be different than we are right now, it’s depleting and emptying a tank that’s already low.

How can you intuitively feel into creative ways to replenish?

Practice feeling into this and again allowing our intuitive feminine energy to guide this process.

As we start to feel lighter, we’ll see things differently.

Perspective comes from self care and putting drops back in our tank in a way that feels uniquely best for us.

Sending you all lots of love during this time!

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