Strong Surrender – Be Love, Meet Love, Have Love, Live In Love Forever

rorilaughA Note from Rori…

Rather than call myself a “Teacher” I think of myself as a “Sharer.”

I see every moment of my own life – my personal story – as so much like yours.

If I look back, I can see from the distance of then to now, and then I can also pull that old moment up into this moment so that I almost re-experience it.

I am there, and also I am here – the emotions that come up when I re-experience feel like I imagine they did then – but without the intensity and urgency and nauseating terror.

I remember the moments of healing.

I see the whole pattern of the depths of despair followed by a breakthrough into good feelings, even joy, and then a slow descent back into the “blues,” and then things happening that trigger more upset, until I find my body tense like a wire – like a rubber band stretched as far as it can go.

It’s like walking around like some kind of robot, afraid the band will snap and I’ll fly away and disappear, afraid to take a step, repeating the same moves and thoughts and words over and over again, until something happens that jars me so quickly the rubber band snaps.

And I remember when it felt like the rubber band snapped and the wire had lost it’s hold on one end, I didn’t so much fly away as drop down.

I remember and see images of wells and canyons, of dropping into myself. I remember the waves of emotion that came loose.

I’ve somehow chronicled all of these ups and downs in a way that I can almost predict, now, and have discovered ways to reverse the process – so that the wire never gets pulled tight, and the rubber band never stretches too much.

So that instead of catastrophic breakthroughs and then recoveries – sometimes taking years each, I can drop down, experience a small and not-so-scary breakthrough, and then return to a bigger sense of joy and a fuller sense of ease than I started with before the tightness and fear set in.

And this is what I want to share with you.

I Believe That Your Life Can Change In An Instant

We’re all used to that idea as a result of great tragedy striking and changing things forever, or the great joyous gift of a million dollars won on a game show, a baby, a wedding, the high moments and milestones of our lives.

But, what if all that’s just a matter of perception?

What if, in every moment of everyday life – you could turn small versions of tragedy – like boredom, or a missed phone call, or the ending of a relationship, into the emotional breakthroughs that will make the VERY NEXT moment a small gift?

A gift like true hope that there is a very next man, and that he’s for you.

A gift like the very last time you’ll accept the kind of treatment you’ve been accepting from a man for so long.

A gift like a sudden belief in yourself.

There are a lot of books and great teachers around the idea of personal growth and how to accomplish it – through meditation, and shifting old belief patterns, and learning how to live in the present moment with your heart and body, instead of in your head either about the past or what’s to come.

This Blog Is About How To Accomplish Personal Growth – To Shift Old Belief Patterns And Learn How To Live In Every Moment With Your Heart And Body – Through A Romantic Relationship With A Man

And then, how those personal shifts can profoundly affect your relationship so it becomes an amazing, intimate, glorious, fully committed relationship.

There are many processes and ways to do both personal growth and relationships.

There are many techniques of all kinds, from visualizations and meditations to strategies for dealing with a man.

What I offer you is the detail of a moment-by-moment experience of emotions and insights and images – so that if you’re anything like me, you’ll be able to basically reproduce my experience:

My turnaround from a frightened, lonely woman who could not function both on an emotional level and a practical level in a relationship and so sacrificed my true self to what I thought would get me what I wanted in life but never did, to a confident, happy, intimately married woman who can both feel and think and Do and Be.

A woman like you.

All of the exercises and visualizations and meditations you’ll find in this blog and in my core concept called “Strong Surrender” are about romance.

Either the man you have in your life right now or the man you want in your life right now will participate with you through your imagination. Using these Tools that worked for me and continue to work for me will get you as close as possible to experiencing an actual breakthrough into love.

Love, Rori

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