Support For You If You Have Health Issues

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So many of the women I talk with are dealing with serious health issues like chronic illness, chronic fatigue, cancer, heart problems – so many other physical issues that take up all your time and energy, and make everything else in life so much more challenging.

I just read a comment here from Caroline, and wanted her, and you, too, if you’re struggling with a health issue, to have a place on this blog to talk about it and get support from all of us.

Though I’m not a doctor, I wanted to support you in everything you’re going through – I’ll find practitioners to guest post and help you as much as possible, and find recommendations of other sites that might help, too.

Love, Rori


  1.  #1Cassandra on October 25, 2008 at 4:13 pm

    Hi Rori….
    I hope that this is ok for me to post but I thought that it perhaps may be of some help to someone on the blog. I too used to deal with some pretty serious health issues of my own and I found tremendous relief and help using holistic physicians and NATURAL supplements. Rather than jumping to put you on just another drug they tend to find out what the issue is rather than simply treat a symptom. I was able to get off of a few medications through my holistic physicians and a process called BRT. While I no longer live in the northern VA area, there is a Dr. there that is quickly becoming known around the globe for his methods and I cannot thank him enough for how he helped me. He quite possibly may have saved my life!

    Good luck to all and Thanks again Rori for all that youa re doing to help all of us.

  2.  #2Hurting on November 1, 2008 at 7:34 am

    Thanks Rori for allowing a space for women who have health problems to come together and discuss these issues and how it effects relationships.

    The man I have an online relationship said he was lonely and wanted me to visit him during the holidays and said he couldnt wait to talk about it in our next call. And when he didnt bring it up in our next call I brought it up and he said he was only kidding 🙁 And then he said that was a stupid thing he just said but it was out of anxiety. He didn’t say anything like that when his ex told him to drive for 2 hours to visit him. He said he didnt want to but couldnt say no to her. But he can say no to me. Because he knows I’m weak and vulnerable and I dont have other men I can date due to my illness. He has taken me for granted. This of course has affected my health and sleep.

    I also have given him reasons by example to disrespect me but its too long to get into. I told him how other people mistreat me like my family and how I have difficulty getting other people to like me because of my social anxiety disorder on top of my illness. He too has social anxiety but comes across always as likeable and popular. I ended up emailing him the following but I’m concerned that since Sat night his ex will call and make plans for him to visit that I will only push him further away from me by this confrontational email but I’m so hurt and fed up of him treating me like gold the first 3 months of our relationship to being used:

    “This is what I mean about sending me mixed signals. You tell me in an email you cant wait to talk about meeting up in Dec and you dont bring it up and when I do you say you are kidding about the trip?. And its just your nervousness you say but I just don’t deserve this kind of treatment. I need to be with someone who knows how to really show their affection. After everything I’ve been through I deserve to be treated with honor and respect!”

  3.  #3Hurting on November 1, 2008 at 12:41 pm

    I just want to add that he responded very negatively to my email. He is now denying that he ever said he was kidding and twisted it around and said he is very hurt and he deserves to be treated with honor and respect and he doesnt feel I’m dong this and he has been by my side through the illness. I guess i handled it oh so wrong. But how am I suppose to take it when he stops showing me affection? He says he is hurt I said this but he treats me like a buddy on the phone for the most part. My question is should I not have sent him the email. Should I not have brought up the trip? Should I not express my hurt feelings? He is angry that I didnt do it over the phone but anytime I do he changes the subject and is vague and I never get anything resolved on the phone. He also says I always jump to conclusions which he has on his dating site in bold capital letters that is his pet peeve (he wrote that ever since he and I have been having problems) but when I ask my other friend about his behavior he agrees with me that this guy is not into me anymore and I feel it too. He denies it and acts like Im wrong and makes me feel guilty. How do I handle a situation like this? Should I just not respond to his email? He hurt me and at the end he makes it about how I hurt him. He seems to forget how he came on to a friend of mine online saying he hasnt met anyone special yet when he told me he wants to build his life around me in the past. I took him back immediately after I wrote him how hurt he was and he begged me to come back. But seein how easy I am and how I keep coming back to him he stopped putting much effort into it. He also seems to not want to see me till Im healthy…..And that to me means he doesnt truely love me

  4.  #4Rori Raye on November 1, 2008 at 4:11 pm

    Hurting – I know your life has been difficult and very closed in. And so the relationships you’re having online seem like real relationships – but it’s absolutely impossible to know someone without being with them in real space. There are many great stories about long correspondences, back in the days when letters were the way you talked over distances – but until a man sees you in person, and there’s some kind of chemistry there for him – it’s just not real to him. It’s a fantasy. And every time you do or say something that shifts his view of his perfect fantasy – he’s going to get upset and back off. Hurting, it just won’t work this way for you.

    My total advice is for you to use ALL your energy to research and END this illness enough that you can get out of the house – join some support groups or meetings where you can do art, or dancing, or things you’re truly interested in, where you can learn to be around people. Ignore the people who are uncomfortable around you – and just find the people who ARE comfortable around you.

    See what you can do in person – by walking even a bit, or taking a bus…see what you can do for yourself to get into the real world.

    If you want to read an amazing true story, my friend Moira recovered and came back into life after 7 years flat on her back in bed at home with a back injury. She’s at You’ll be inspired. Her newsletter is short and helpful.
    Love, Rori

  5.  #5Kristina-Liban on December 5, 2008 at 12:31 pm

    Hi Rori.. I can’t Tell You How Sensitive & Touched i was when read this Email.. I Truly Thank God You Esixt !..
    I Do HAve Chronic Hear Disease & + Do Suffer From Lower BAck PAin ( to which i got a 9hrs Operation 5 years ago !) & Still Suffering Like Crazy Because of it !.. I Wear up MAterials ( had a Laminectomy Any Med. Doctor could explain you the type of material i have ) & still Live with !…

    Being in Such “Chronic” However “Dealing Myself ” with issues such as Child Abuse ( iwas 8 yrs old) & No Psychic Nor PSychotherapist Or Neurosurgeon COuls ever figure out the Problem I had .. They ‘ve put me on Anti-Depressants All my Life.. i sincrely forgot how “PAinful” it was for just Being ME>> !But now, its all coming back : 18 The Cold Wether (makes me Ache Like Hell) & Havinbg Stopped all Anti Dep. Bull(sorry for the word ) They tended to make me Feel :””NUMB” all the Time &+ SUICIDAL !.. So i Stopped them, got into Therapy.. But Rori.. Nobody Gets it !.. Nobody “Reaches” even beyond words “Exactly” or EvEN the underlayer of what s inside !

    I Do Need to Solve First : the ABusive Problem.. If you can help by coaching or emailing with someone who could give exact typical Meanings to what iam feeling i would be more than delighted..
    Thanking you Never Enough.
    Kristina (Beirut)
    \P.S.: i ‘ve tried several times to get the “Reconnect Program” to no avail too.. Coukd you simpky wire the tools you have Plz..?.. I just rear & Read Again your book However Quite VALUABLE.. These News Letters “Tease” me a Load.. 🙂 bcoz. i cant seem to get in touch with you on a pretty Deeper Level that i would like to reach ..
    Thanks. Love. K./

  6.  #6Rori Raye on December 5, 2008 at 2:51 pm

    Kristina-Liban, Welcome, and I’m so sorry you are in such distress, and yet I hear such strength in your words, and your desire to try new things to take care of yourself. I don’t know why you’ve had difficulty with the program, especially since you were able to download the book, and I’m sorry for that. Perhaps my customer service team at can help you.

    No one who has not experienced what you’ve experienced can “get” you at the level you speak of – in this way – each of us is so unique. Yet – you can CONNECT with your therapist, and I hope he or she is able to help you slowly unwind yourself from your pain and create new ways of experiencing the world that feel good to you. Love, Rori

  7.  #7Betsy on December 9, 2008 at 8:47 am

    I have a different problem. It’s the man that I am interested in who has prostate cancer. I have known him for several months and have seen him several times a week because of mutual interests. (Recently, I have pulled away and have not been so available.)

    I googled myself because I am in the news a lot. I decided to google him and found out about his prostate cancer. He does not know I know. (By the way, I am a 65 year old vibrant woman who was married for 38 years and then filed for divorce.) I feel that one of the reasons that we are not moving forward is because he is uncomfortable about his cancer. I’m wondering that if I am a siren, if it will be enough. (Soon after his wife died from cancer 7 years ago, he hooked up with a woman he has been involved with “off and on” for 6 years. I’m sure she knows about the cancer. In the meantime, he met me, and we have had great attraction.) I know that he needs time to heal from that breakup. I just don’t know if I am best advised to in some way bring up the cancer issue.

  8.  #8Rori Raye on December 9, 2008 at 1:16 pm

    Betsy – Welcome. First – if you know something important about him, and it hasn’t come up in conversation – you won’t be able to build intimacy because this “not talked about” thing will be in the air between you. So you might consider a conversation in which you talk about how awkward you feel and conflicted and torn – but that you googled him and felt shocked and upset to learn about his cancer. He’ll react. You’ll say that you feel secure that he’ll beat this – it’s a very, very beatable thing, and you feel shallow and self-involved to even think this, but you’re concerned how it might be affecting your relationship if you don’t talk about it, and ask him what he thinks…

    And then – you CANNOT talk about it again, bring it up, or turn into a nurturing woman, because the one thing a man with prostrate cancer wants is a woman who makes him feel like a “man” – turned on, sexual, hard, and able to perform sexually. The more vulnerable he feels, the more he needs to feel that. That’s why a hot woman who doesn’t know anything about him but who could show up as a “one night stand” would be very attractive to him – but he might be afraid to follow through for fear of not performing. So – what you want to do is to treat him as though he’s 100% and you don’t even SEE the cancer (once it’s out in the open) – and that you think he’s HOT, and you’re hot to be with him – but that you don’t CARE what he does!

    He may be trying to get through this treatment phase without any real intimacy with a woman (thus the ex, who doesn’t really count – or who knows him so well he doesn’t think of his cancer so much when he’s with her) – and then have the fantasy that when the cancer’s over with – he can have any woman he wants.

    What you have to avoid is being some kind of nice, loving, nurturing transition woman by insisting that your own needs be met ALWAYS. Love, Rori

  9.  #9monalisa on August 13, 2009 at 8:05 am

    hello Rori,
    im woman in mid forties with chronic illness, affecting
    my mobility ( terminal lung disease)
    this mean Im unable to socialise with people,go for holidays( in case I go, I have to stop every 15 meters to catch my breath) and generally speaking most of the physical activities used by people to connect and share,
    form frienships etc…are unavailable to me:(
    Please tell me :should I forget completely about having
    ever relationship with be honest apart from health problems I dont have much to offer poor chap.This is my ongoing dillema,so I sort of isolated myself from social life.Also, men connect mostly through
    activities done together as a couple ,how can I if even making cup of tea takes my breath away!
    I would be v.grateful if u could shed some light on this
    thanks M

  10.  #10monalisa on August 13, 2009 at 8:17 am

    I would like to add that before I fell ill I was outgoing person ,loving travels,meeting people and having relationships with men .I believe illnes isolates
    I can feel it on myself,the only option for my disease is lung transplant ,but this is last resort and v.risky.
    So I probably have to resign myself to single life
    thank you Rori

  11.  #11Rori Raye on August 13, 2009 at 10:34 am

    Monalisa, Welcome, and I am so sorry for your pain and health situation. It makes all of our issues seem small in the perspective of yours. The only things I can suggest are these: To find whatever holistic, out-there and alternative treatments you can discover to expand your quality of life and reduce your pain and immobility…and as you do this…you will meet people and have conversations, and that will feel less isolating. Believing that you only have one option left is so difficult, and requires a completely different kind of surrender, and I would be so happy if you could find a way to find options for a higher quality of life, no matter how small and insignificant they might seem. There are many people out there with all kinds of illnesses who meet in support groups and at “healing” classes and spiritual forums and classes (in-person and on the internet), who would not shy away from a relationship with you. You would have something in common, and naturally build a friendship. Let me know if this helps your frame of mind and gives you something to pursue to help yourself. Love, Rori

  12.  #12monalisa on August 15, 2009 at 6:18 am

    Hello Rori
    Thank you for your advise. You have so much empathy and understanding to offer.:)
    I agree with you that my situation is not easy to handle and needs different approach.being unable to breath
    properly makes the simplest things unattainable ( not to mention having romantic relationship, I need good lungs for it!)
    Im trying to do small things at home like practising
    tai chi. and I read alot . I do have a friendships 90% of them formed before I fell ill , probably I simply need to
    concentrate now more on my wellbeing then having man in my life…he would get probably scared anyway by my lack of health. It takes a lot of courage to be with sick person .Its probably this strange feeling in me
    that life will pass me by while I struggle with my lung issues. Friends come over to my place sometimes and I enjoy their company..only when it comes to travels,having breaks there and there ,sharing photographs from different holidays ,you know Rori.
    It dawns on me.Sometimes all one needs is to pack the rucksack,buy the ticket and go for a break ..somewher e. and this is where Im stuck …but have to accept facts that for now its out of menu .Sorry if Im too whining now..
    It is probably this active part of me which is moaning and longs for easy walk s down the beach…you know Im kind of free spirit who loves hiking, travelling,ideally with someone close to my heart
    Thank you Rori again for you advice …it helped me to
    look at my situation from bit different angle, of relationship therapist : you .I love the fact that you created this corner for people like me ,where normal relationship advice doesnt applies.
    best of wishes 🙂

  13.  #13monalisa on August 15, 2009 at 6:50 am

    I though also about having this mental blocade..some of my friends suggested to me that its all in my head..I mean,some women have partner even though they struggle with mobility…I really dont know Rori,
    I ve had intense relationship 7 y.ago but back then I was more mobile…this relationship slowly disintegrated
    as I was loosing my ability to move around and was unable to spent time with him abroad or even on simple breaks in the country .
    It was my first real love,and since it gone I convinced myself that my illness had played big part in it.but I never brought up this issue when I was seeing him so I dont know …
    I know Rori it doesnt make any sense what Im writin now

  14.  #14Eileen Mary on October 5, 2009 at 8:42 am


    I have both problems. I have a neck disability that limits me and he went through Hep C treatment that has caused all sorts of problems. The big difference between us is that we have known each other 27 years. I know he is a real man that does not want me to do anything for him, but listen and love. But, we should all approach a relationship with a man as if they are like that.

    I have not seen him in 22 years and still the love is growing long distance with phone calls and emails, much thanks to Rori for this.

    At initial recontact he emailed the disastrous events that have befallen on him in the last two years. A breakup, Hep C treatment, hit and run accident, 3/4 of his house burning down, loss of job which caused his ending up as the ex’s border and lots of tension. The ex is always in his business telling him what to do, such as he needs to find his happy spot. He hates it, he is tried of her telling what to do, he just wants someone to listen, not fix it.

    I listen and just give him emotional support and tell him I faith in his character to get beyond all that has been thrown at him. Most recent conversation he opened up about the side effect of the Hep C treatment, severe eczema that makes him not even what to touch anyone. My response was ” I don’t care about the excema, your beautiful heart has always been what I loved. ” He got quiet, emotional, and softly said, ” I love your beautiful heart also.”

    We cannot always feel hurt and rejected when a man is going through an illness, they have their own inner struggles about their sense of self. On the other hand we don’t have accept what is unfair or make us feel bad.

    Example, My man Tony asked me to sent nudges by email to remind him to keep in contact with each other. I sent a feeling message telling him that makes me feel unimportant and I don’t like feeling that way. What I didn’t know was he requested that because his treatments affected his memory and he tires easily. In any case he did not take it as me being unsympathetic or demanding and selfish. I now am getting more emails addressed “Hi pretty Lady” and ending with X’s and O’s. Calls that start with “How you doing woman” and ending with “I love you”. Makes me feel all girlie at age 60. 🙂

    Listen to Rori’s advice, it does work.

  15.  #15Eileen Mary on October 5, 2009 at 8:50 am


    I have a disability and know how it can take a long time to see anything other than that about ourselves. It sometimes can be the whole focus of our lives. Try focusing on what you can do and build on them so you have more self-esteem. No one is perfect even those without disabilities. We all have something to give, even if it is just a hearing ear to a distressed friend, that has worth also.

    Hugs to you. Love Eileen

  16.  #16Wendy Hammersmark on October 24, 2009 at 2:03 pm

    I have just read the article that you and Kelly Ann Colbert have written and it has help to open my eyes. I live in a state of Chronic Pain. I was involved in a car accident when my daughter was 2 years old. She just now turned 18. Most of the bad pain has has mellowed. I had re-accuring episodes and have been through Physical Therapy 3 times And I was feeling a lot better until last Thanksgiving. The day before I was re-ended again. And everything seems to all be back along with new pain. This is all in my neck and upper back. I am depressed and in pain most of the times. My doctor says, go live with it and deal with pain by taking Advil. What a joke…. If I take only one pain pill at around 6pm Like Norco, my pain is gone. 3 Advil do nothing. It is sad to say but we are now an under medicated society because of all the people who have abused pain pills. That the people in real pain can’t get help. After reading the article, I have realized that it is the smaller muscles that I have not been trying to get strong and healthy. And I want to thank you for opening my eyes. I still don’t know where I can find the help. And since I have just lost my job of almost 25 years I have to do things that really don’t cost money. If you have any idea where I could start that would be great. my next post will be in the relationship area
    Have a great day

  17.  #17Hurting on March 15, 2010 at 11:12 am

    I have not been on here for a while. My heart goes out to all who have been suffering with a chronic illness. My heart is broken in a million pieces as I read what others go through.

    I am actually doing worse than when I first had written. I stayed in touch with the man I first talked about. He generously let me stay with him for a couple of months and it was very stressful because he could not handle my illness well and I also could not handle his reaction to my illness. It started off very well the first week but when I was getting setbacks with my treatments, he wanted me to go becuasae it was too much for him and overhwhelming. I do understand why he felt that way. He said if I was healthy there was potential. He thought I would get better with treatment. But I made so many mistakes in choosing the procedures and many complications that I have been left incapacitated. I have returend home with a broken heart and a broken body. He can easily move on as he has his health. I am suffering so much and it does not seem like I will be alone till I die. I feel like Im fighing for my life. I have no desire to go to support groups as this only makes me feel more depressed. I just want my life back and to find someone who will love me unconditioonally even though Im very very ill. I know this is selfish on my part but Im only 38 and have lost the past 4 years due to my health. I do not see a way out of it as Im too sick to have surgery. I was so close to getting my life back when I went to have treatment. So close to being dateable and worthy of being loved again. So close and then I chose to have a procedure that dammaged me so much that Im struggling to survive, no way out of it but to have surgery but feel like I will die with this surgery. But all this time I cant stop crying over losing the chance of having my life back and being with this man I loved so much who didnt love me as much. How can I find a man who will be by my side when Im so sick? I have never been needy for a man before I fell ill and this man came into my life and showed me so much love and compassion until it becamae too much for him to bare to see me suffer. I know people who are married and their spouses are there for them. I envy this. I need somoene by my side. My family is not there for me. My friends aren’t. I felt safe in this man’s arms. I just wish I didnt make such a foolish decion to have this procedure without invesitaging to see if it is safe. I had so many misfortunes and things happen to me when I describe in detail people are shocked how so many bad things can happen to a person. And I was healthy prior to being hurt by the medical system. I feel like I really need someone to love me and hold me. And I know that this man I stayed with would have, if I didnt react so horribly. I was a nervous wreck and he has anxiety as well. It was so awful for him because I emotianlly became unstable. He said if he were in my situation he would have freaked out too. But if I handled my situation with grace and diginity then maybe he would have still loved me. I try to be firends with him but its killing me. One day I want to cut all ties the next day I call him. He was my life for the past 2 years. He gave me the will to survive. I Had so much hope for a life with him. He was my soulmate. I lost everything. Him, my chances of recovery and Im afraid my health situation may be terminal.

    Im trying to date online but Im so afraid of rejection. I cant even go to a restuarnat. I was able to when I stayed with him. I was doing so great and now I have all these complicatons Im afraid surgery will not be the answser for someone as fragiel as me. I just want to have love in my life no matter how long I have to live. Is this selfish of me? I have a past history of severe trauma and abuse. I never had anyone love me my entire 38 years.

    Please forgive me for writing so much. Im in such utter eternal pain words cant describe……

  18.  #18Wendy on March 15, 2010 at 1:18 pm

    Dear Hurting,
    I am sorry to hear of your recent fall back. I do realize that my pain sounds minor compared to yours. But I understand how you put life of hold because of this. Right now I am afraid of getting involved with a man because of my physical problems. I don’t even think I can give someone a kiss without it putting me in serious pain. Right now it is even hard for me to bend my head back and put on mascara.which I put on maybe only once a month. But I do feel pretty when I put it on and it boosts my feelings for the day and I noticed because of this way I now act. It actually gets men to look at me and smile at me and I try to smile back. Just feeling happy makes our body feel so much better. Don’t let depression get a hold of you. I have been there. I know…. I think you did what I did… Moved in fear. Search yourself and see if the reason you did the last procedure was because you were afraid for your relationship. Afraid that if your weren’t better that you could never be happy or you could never make your man happy. You said that you also wished you had done things with more grace. You were moving in fear in that one too. Probably a freak-out fear…
    I too wish I had a lot more grace. My mother used take care of a man who is a quad. Had a accident when he was in his 20’s. He is now in his 40’s He has so much grace it amazes me. This man has to be carefully lifted so his skin doesn’t tear because of his condition or he might get an infection. He just got over one that went so deep he almost lost his leg. It took over a year to get rid of it. He has to take pain pills because his body knows there is pain somewhere and it will cause other problems if they don’t release this pain. People think his only problem is he can’t feel. They are wrong. His legs jump for no reason at all and he still goes out. He gets in his motorized chair and drives on the sidewalk down town by himself. My mother was only there 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening. If he has a problem than he would call her and he always had a joke or a laugh in what his condition was and why he needed her. I wish for this type of grace for you and what is happening to you. For this new surgery that you are afraid of (more fear) than release it and listen to your quiet voice inside of you and see what it says. remember it is the quiet one not the loud one that is usually moving in fear
    Take care and be kind to yourself.
    P.S. don’t give up on having love in your life. My mom’s best friend’s mother got married in her 80’s
    Love is not about the physical body. It is about the heart. Something I try to keep reminding myself. And in order for others to love us we have to love ourselves (with all our flaws) first.

  19.  #19Daria on March 15, 2010 at 2:09 pm

    Oh Hurting! I feel so sad reading your story. I hope Rori writes you soon. I want you to feel HAPPY!.

    I just did a sing a long with a song healer that made a song for me

    Her name is Brenda Macyntire

    when she did the song healing for me I felt ALL my fears and worries even the huge ones about teh world fly away from me like clouds.

    Her song healing sessions are not overly expensive at all…

    also you can contact Rori directly if she doesnt see your post.



  20.  #20Hurting on March 17, 2010 at 4:44 pm

    Wendy and Daria. Thank you so much for your loving support. It means so much to me. You have no idea.

    Wendy, thank you for sharing your story about the man your Mom took care of. It is very inspirational. The grace you speak of I used to have at the beginning and attracted men to me, but then the pain and fear took over as I kept trying to find answers, I made terrible life altering decisons that left me with so much phsycial pain and suffering and Im not able to take pain pills. My health situation is so complex that people with cancer have been shocked to hear my story and feel so bad for me which is the last thing I want is feeling sorry for me but thats how overwhelming it is and thats why Im so scared nobody would ever want me yet Im too sick and scared to do this alone.

    Daria thank you for sharing the resource for me I will take a look and thank you so much for the hugs.

    Much Love and Light to you both

  21.  #21Wendy on April 4, 2010 at 7:32 pm

    Here is a post that Rori wrote I thought would help.
    That I Would Be Good

    Sunday, 28 March 2010 @ 4:58pm • My Weblog

    Theme song for us for always by Alanis Morissette:

    Read the lyrics first –

    She starts: “I promised myself …”

    That I would be good
    even if I did nothing
    that I would be good
    even if I got the thumbs down

    That I would be good
    if I got and stayed sick
    That I would be good
    even if I gained 10 pounds

    That I would be fine
    even if I went banckrupt
    That I would be good
    if I lost my hair and my youth

    That I would be great
    If I was no longer queen
    That I would be grand
    if I was not all knowing

    That I would be loved
    even when I numb myself
    That I would be good
    even when I am overwhelmed

    That I would be loved
    even when I was fuming
    That I would be good
    even if I was clingy

    That I would be good
    even if I lost sanity
    That I would be good
    whether with or without you

  22.  #22Fiona on August 13, 2010 at 9:28 am

    What do you do if you have Herpes … how do you tell someone. What if you fear is keeping you from opening your heart?

  23.  #23Rori Raye on August 13, 2010 at 7:58 pm

    Fiona – This is such a great question – and the general rule is to tell a man before you have sex with him…actually, when sex first comes up – or if he asks…There are SO many people out there with physical issues – try some sites for people who have herpes….then you won’t have to wonder or worry at all…Love, Rori

  24.  #24Terri Brunner on September 12, 2010 at 9:02 am

    Hi Rori, I am on dating sites looking for a relationship. I have a chronic illness which I have had for the last 10yrs. I have been divorced for 2yrs. and got sick while I was married, he could not handle me being ill I always took care of everything in our family he did not want to take care of the family. My question is when in a relationship when do you tell them you are ill. I do not look ill, so people do not understand how ill I am. I am scared if I tell them right away they will run away, but if I wait to tell them I am not being honest up front. I can take care of myself most of the time. I am 50 and would love to be in a relationship again. Also with circular dating that is hard for me to do because of my illness I do not have the energy to go on several dates. Do you have another idea for someone like me. Thank you Rori I have really enjoyed your books. Terri

  25.  #25Rori Raye on September 13, 2010 at 10:48 pm

    Terri – Welcome, and google aound for groups with your illness or versions of it…look for meditaiton groups and reiki groups – great places to get healing and meet people…Love, Rori

  26.  #26Tia on January 23, 2011 at 1:06 pm

    I’m 27 years old and I’ve been dealing with kidney failure for ten years. I find that men either fall madly for me or completely run away. Its hard to measure how much they really care because I feel like alot of their feelings come from pity and not from true attraction to me as a person. I don’t really know how to analyze and express to them that I don’t really think they really like or love me for real. I’m currently on dialysis and am waiting for a kidney transplant. I’ve had boyfriends who saved my life before…Its hard to get out of these relationships because the men feel so attached to me, I feel alot of its purely that they’re worried and scared for me without them, even though I’ve taken care of myself just fine with or without a man. I dont know how to be in a relationship without having underlying thoughts that they only are with me because they feel corry for me or can save me and thats not what I want…. thank you for taking time to read this.

  27.  #27Karen on October 24, 2011 at 5:27 pm

    I recently opened up to the man in my life about a minor health issue that I have. Things have been going really well and I felt close enough to share it with him. His reaction on the phone was terrible. He said that he wasn’t in the frame of mind to hear about this or discuss it, glad I got it off my chest and abruptly said he had to go. I have not heard from him since and he was contacting me daily, numerous times. I feel sick about this but will not lean forward, will continue to love myself even with flaws and assume that things are over.

  28.  #28Wendy on October 27, 2011 at 3:05 pm

    Karen, I feel your pain and I am sorry for what you Are going thru. Men usually don’t handle emotions to well. I was wondering how much you were into “your problem” When you told him. Was it at a time he was pulling away….. You might have just freaked him out even more. Until he knows how he really feels about you he can’t process what is going on with you. Work on your happiness and see if he comes around. Find the siren within. Be happy with OR without him. Self love comes first. So you can be strong enough to love others.

  29.  #29Karen on October 29, 2011 at 5:26 pm

    Thanks Wendy,
    Yes, I feel my timing was off in that I called him to discuss this issue while he was in his “man cave” watching a movie etc. The next day he was acting as if nothing ever happened and it was never mentioned again. Things are not going the way I would like..he used the term “FWB” with me and I let him know I did not like that AT all. Since then, I have been pulling back tremendously. It has not led him to lean forward but at least I am clearing the path for the right one.

  30.  #30Frances on February 15, 2012 at 9:58 pm

    Any advice on suffering depression/anxiety for several years, being on anti-depressants (and wanting to get off them) and how this affects my relationships with men?

  31.  #31Daria on February 15, 2012 at 10:07 pm

    Frances – i would work with the Riffing tool… look in the Power and Self-Esteem section on the sidebar and clik back to the oldest posts by date – you can read and practice the tool right there

    I would work with a good body mind therapist – has some resoruces… Emily Van Horn (you can google her, is a somatic trauma release specialist)

    and i woudl get a good flow with my nutrititon Rose Cole at has a really detailed woman and emotional health oriented program

  32.  #32Frances on February 15, 2012 at 10:20 pm

    Thanks Daria, I’ll try those sites and information