The 2 Secrets To Being A Successful Feminine Energy Coach – And How To Do Them – Video

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Hi, this is Rori Raye. And what are the things you need to know and the things you need to do in order to be a successful coach right now when it feels like the field is so crowded and that everybody’s talking about being a coach, that everybody’s marketing and everybody’s scrambling?

What is it?

So we could break this down into two parts, and they’re really simple.

The first part is Skills. Not just the skills somebody else thinks you have, but the skills that you believe you have. Do you feel good when somebody comes to you for a conversation? Or just talking to somebody on the street that you’re just having a conversation with because you bumped into each other at the grocery store?

Or somebody who is actually your client. What does it feel like? Are you feeling anxious and nervous? Do you feel skilled? Do you feel able to just be present with her or him and just listen and intuit what’s coming next? What your part in this how you could serve this person is or are you always feeling about the second part?

Which is marketing… marketing, promotion all that stuff – that obnoxious stuff – that you see online all the time… It’s just all over the place here, and it just makes you so anxious, right?

It makes everybody feel anxious. I feel anxious reading at all even though I’ve been around so long I don’t have to deal with this at all.

It’s just It’s fun at this point, but I really understand because of all the coaches that I’ve trained what it is to get started and what that feels like and what it looks like and what works and what doesn’t work because if my coaches were not successful, then my coach training school would not be successful, right?

That’s just a given for me. I know.

That these coaches will be successful and that I’m going to help them every step of the way and that whenever they run into trouble, I’m going to be there for them and my whole team is going to be there for them…

So Rori Raye Coach Training. Yes is about helping you feel Skilled and helping you feel like marketing is fun and easy.

How in the world can you do that, right?

I mean, come on, you see everybody sweating it out there, everybody pushing and shoving some answers in your face.

So, let’s just start with this part.

Are you feeling, not do you have, but are you feeling skilled? Are you feeling you get results? Is that part handled for you? And then the other part is marketing.

Are you feeling it’s a big stretch?

Are you feeling that it’s just a whole layered thing that is just going to take so much of your mind and push you into masculine energy?

Or are you feeling like, Oh, it’s just a natural extension of my feeling confident and having skills and getting results. And is it fun?

So, I’d like you to ask yourself those questions and put them in the comments, write them to me at and let’s see if we can answer some of those to you specifically… and I’ll just keep on doing videos that answer those specific reasons why, either what you’re feeling about your skills or what you’re feeling about marketing and promotion and public and all of that stuff, that, you know, people are asking you to spend, you know, tens of thousands of dollars to “fix”.

To have any kind of success at that, right? No, it’s not necessary. You don’t need to sweat it. You are not a masculine energy person, and that is the solution.

Men who are coaches are now able to use their Feminine Energy to have fun with marketing and get it going.

But us, when we just dive into masculine energy, we kind of unsettle all the parts of ourselves that feel good about ourselves, and then it’s harder every step of the way to move forward.

So let’s solve that. You let me know your specific situations, and we’ll work through it.

Love, Rori

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