The Art Of Mothering And The Art of Creating Anything: How I Live From Moment To Moment And Still Get Things Done

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The Question: 

“Rori, A couple of weeks ago I noticed that I was starting to feel really competitive in my work, AND also this kind of urgency that women get with men!

…only that it was related to my writing and my website.

I did not like feeling that way, so I had to slow down and just focus on The Business Siren Protocols, and do the tools.

Now I feel better and more ready to go along.  Eva”

My Answer:

Oh, yes! This is why doing the kind of rambling brain dump way I like to work and teach my RRCT and BIZ students to work, truly experiencing coming from your Feminine Energy and creative self, is so incredibly challenging, and yet exciting and tremendously productive!

Think of it this way – you create at will and from your own inspiration and desire, whatever content you feel like talking about in whatever way.

We keep track of those things by putting everything in one document, and then the next experience is something really simple and seems silly… Subtitling and colors and all the sudden order begins to appear.

If you like, we can experiment with different ways of doing this… Using cards, bubble charts, drawings, ways to essentially gather together the pieces that you’ve just brain dumped,

This is a big deal!

For women who are used to working the other way around… First the structure and then Filling in that structure, this feels very strange.

About the competitiveness, please fall in love with that!

I am nearly always inspired by a horrid feeling of jealousy and competitiveness! I think: “Oh someone figured that out first!” That is a natural response in this world.

It’s like somebody, instead of opening a door for you, is winning a race.

But that is not true at all.

People are always opening doors for you, always activating your inspiration and desire, and always leading you from one aha to another.

What we need to do is learn to love all of these emotions and follow them down.

This is not something you can learn from reading.

It is an artistic process, much like learning to be a mother.

Learning to read your baby, learning to touch your baby and feel it all the way down to your toes.

Learning to feel the fear of being a mother all of that is a process and so is any artistic creation. And business is an artistic creation.

I could go on for days about this, read the Business Siren’s Handbook, and you’ll start to see lightbulbs come on. Love, Rori

From Eva:

I love what you say about the process of creating is an artistic process, like the creation of a baby and mothering.

So we create our babies both as real, small human beings but also as concepts, ideas and business…

I never thought of mothering as being a creative process, once the baby was out of the womb….but now I can see that it continues…

As mothers we continue to create together with our children what will be them, as they grow up to be good humans…

And I have to admit that even though I am the mother of two, (and extra mother for another five at times), I still have problems adjusting to this fear of being a mother.

But I do believe it will help to see it as a process!

All the worries, all the nurturing, all the masculine energy that I am putting out for them to be safe, which is in conflict with my inner girl who wants to just relax into the feminine…

Thank you for shining a light on that this is what is also going on with my creative baby, i.e. my website 🙂

My Answer:

Ah! Eva – I’m a new grandmother, and so it brings back every moment of raising my daughter.  All the worry, fear…and attention.

It was my natural gift for utter patience and focused, undivided attention that helped me see and experience so much of my daughter’s childhood – I was aware of being there.

I have memories.  Awesome.

And – I seem to have the same gift with my grandson.  When I get down on the floor – I’m all his.  I talk to him, I watch, I sense him – it’s just joy to not deal with ANYTHING else.

Now – if I feel like I have to check my email, or return a call, or I have an appointment, I feel stressed.  I feel divided.

And, sometimes, when that happens, I can’t get up off the floor – my daughter says, please watch, as she goes in the kitchen to do something, and there I am, divided.

AND – I also have a gift sometimes, for choosing what to “entertain” – and I can either let go of the other thing, KNOWING I will eventually get to it, and if it’s an appointment, I can either call the person and postpone, or tell my daughter I have to get up.

I realize this is not the same as being on duty 24/7 – yet, the same principles apply.

When my daughter was 5 months old, my husband taught me how to be a bookkeeper, on early computer, and I somehow managed to do heavy math, collect clients, work as an actress, go to appointments, do the work, run a business, and still feel like I was with my daughter 100%.

I wrote 2 books while she was asleep.

I juggled and balanced, like all working mothers, I was exhausted, like all working mothers, and yet, she inspired creativity and an absolute inability to schedule my life beyond appointments that involved other people (which I tried to stay away from as much as possible).

I learned to create “on the fly” – and I believe it was a huge training for me to essentially “eat when hungry, sleep when tired” – which I have adhered to almost all of my life since she was born.

People around me (daughter) who like to keep schedules and to do lists are helpful for me to hear, they add new ideas to my seemingly random way of doing things, but I could never be happy that way.

Art is just not easily scheduled – except for scheduling wide swaths of time where you can sit alone and create.

However – who has that?  It’s why I’m a watercolorist…

My paints and paper are all sitting out 24/7 – right in front of my kitchen, and I can step into my art space for 5 minutes if I like! and I DO!

Sometimes I paint a sketch, sometimes  I paint an eye, sometimes I make huge, sweeping paintings and forget to eat.

I realize this is a way of life that takes getting used to – yet, when a child is constantly wanting you to help him stand and walk and play – there is NO way to schedule. At least, none that worked for me.

When my grandson gets engrossed in a truck – THAT’S when I check my email, do a quick video, upload something, talk into my phone and write a blog post…check my youtube channel…and when he signals me to pay attention, I can do that instantly.

Many people describe this as “messy.” For me, it’s FREEDOM.

Love, Rori

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