How Men Work – The Bachelorette Men Talk

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Have you ever wondered why your man – ANY man – is just standing there instead of moving toward you?

Why he’s practically ignoring you?

Hearing all those men on this season’s “Bachelorette” talk about each other – about the “fraternity” of men – where the agreement is to “not” compete for a woman (DeAnna, this season) just made me shake my head.  Actually, my mouth hung open, and when they panned the audience of women to see their reactions – they all felt just as I did.  They were completely shaken by hearing the men talk as if the WOMAN was supposed to come to THEM!

What are they thinking?

For instance, they couldn’t stand Jeremy’s competitive nature, where he was always interrupting the other guy’s time with DeAnna, always trying to get close to her.

When the show’s host asked them if they were “jealous” – they all said NO – loudly, and all the women in the audience started laughing.

So – is your man supposed to just stand there, not coming toward you?  Is it TRUE he’s feeling like he’s NOT SUPPOSED TO?

Absolutely not.  The men on the show who couldn’t move toward DeAnna either were completely incapable of it, by having some “Toxic” issues where they simply can’t even SEE another person as anything but an extension of themselves and someone to fulfill THEIR needs (this is called “Narcissism,” and a bunch of other psychological labels – and there are so many degrees of all these, and we all are a bit Narcissistic, so I don’t want to go around “labeling” any man – we can talk about Narcissistic men in later posts), or who weren’t truly INTERESTED in her.

The “not truly interested in her” part is where we can actually WORK – if what we’re doing is PUSHING HIM AWAY.

So – if he’s not coming toward you, he either can’t – or he doesn’t want to.  Simple, clear.  He can make all the excuses in the world, he can be clueless, he can say he’s afraid, and he can say he’s “hemmed in” by some unspoken brotherhood of men where he doesn’t know what to do.

So – what are we women to do?  How do we get a man to come toward us?  Or are we doomed to always approach a man?

My whole philosophy and all my Tools are about creating the “space,” the “vibe,” the “safety” and the INSPIRATION that will make a man move past his fears, his conditioning, the situation he’s in, and anything else that might be holding him back – and move to you and CLAIM YOU.

You don’t have to do anything.

DeAnna made some mistakes – like the fatal Barbeque where she showed up unannounced when all the guys were hanging out on the patio and ended up being IGNORED, telling them all off in an emotional, dramatic outburst, and stomping off.

But you don’t have to deal with that.

There are so many, so much better ways to relate to a man that will make him come TO you instead of HANG BACK – if he CAN.

My Reconnect Your Relationship program is a total How-To for reversing the situation – for making a “hanging back” man WANT to come toward you – to actually CHASE YOU DOWN.

If you’ve got “Reconnect,” let me know how it’s helping you.

Love, Rori

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