The Best Way To Get Through A Break Up – And To Attract Him Back:

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The Question:

“Rori, the man I love has gone. I just feel overwhelmed with longing for him and pain. Can you help me get through this awful break up?  ‘Sad'”

My Answer:

Sad, I know that this is not going to be what you want to hear.

But what works… The only thing that works –  is to feel the pain.

Literally go through the pain…

Sink into it, feel it, appreciate it, talk to it,

You will start to have a relationship with your self in this state of feeling, regardless of whether it is a painful feeling, or an ecstatic feeling, it all comes from the same energetic place…

I know you’re not steeped in all the Rori Raye stuff, so this is going to possibly sound weird for you… But this is where we focus everything.

If you’d like to come to the Feminine Energy Workshop, with my top coaches Naomie, Beth, and Natalina, you’ll see how all pervasive this tool, and attitude and approach is – and how successful it is!

What’s happening to you now is you’re trying to push it away…

…and that’s not ever successful for anybody.

In fact, it becomes overwhelming.

It’s the different parts of your brain and your body fighting, rather than everybody just sinking down and agreeing to feel this pain.

The weird thing is, once you really cry, and literally fall on the floor and curl up in a ball and invite yourself to feel the feeling rather than think about how to fix it or how it went bad or anything… You start to have a diffferent experience!

The new experience can feel almost like a big, empty space between where you really are, the real you, (this can feel, literally, down low in your body, where you feel completely immersed in your feelings and yourself) – And this other person (the parts of you that are trying to create a “persona” that pushes away the pain).

This other “persona” just feels like a whole Other world outside of yourself.

It can feel kind of superficial, almost, compared to what you’re really feeling down deep.

Once you get used to this, and used to not trying to push away the painful feelings… (and remember, they are only feelings…) – all the blocks start to fall.

Whether or not these new feelings make you throw up or not, they are truly only feelings …

They don’t have any meaning other than the meaning you give them!!!

What they most certainly do is: allow your full power to arise.

And once you start to feel them, you’ll feel so much better in a different way…

This is your Feminine Energy power.

It’s all emotion-based.

As soon as you start thinking about him and thinking about things, that’s when you go into your masculine energy.

That’s where the overwhelm and the pain happens.

It’s like a circle. A loop.

Once you just stay in the feelings – things shift.

If you lay on the floor long enough, you’re just gonna get bored!

You’ll get hungry!

When you get bored and hungry, you’ll (from your Feminine Energy) simply get up and go eat something!

You’ll read a book that you see on your bookshelf, or a magazine that’s just on the counter, or a TV show … And it will lead you around in a different way than the mental stuff that you’ve been experiencing.

I realize this is a whole new thing for you… And I can pretty much guarantee you that once you get this, you’re never going to go back to the other thing.

And, perhaps weirdly before you realize it completely, this is the most attractive energy you could ever be in!

Totally different kinds of men will be attracted to you.

That’s gonna be your new next step!

Getting used to the different kinds of men who show up, who are really able to be partners with you.

And the process is going to have to include you shedding the masculine energy you’ve been carrying around you like a lead suit of armor…!

…and yes, I totally understand that you don’t care about any new men and that dating feels awful.

You just want this one that you have strong feelings for!

Believe me, I know exactly what that feels like and it feels terrible…

But once you stay in your self, and into these feelings, instead of wanting him (and thinking about reaching out to him)… This is when men just come back!

Once you stop thinking about them, that’s when they come back!

I know this, and I know that you know this to be true…

And yet, once we know this – that they’re likely to come back – then we start thinking about getting them back and then that shifts it all back the way it was, and it no longer works!

We literally cancel the attraction out!

The trick is just to stay in your Feminine Energy, and it requires practice!

So that is your next big step… to learn enough so you can constantly practice…

Thank you for staying in touch and I am honored to answer you. You are going to be brilliant and happy!

Love, Rori.

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