The Question:

Rori, Will you please be more explicit with your examples.. about what’s the true feminine way & what’s passive aggression?

My Answer:

– I know this cannot possibly feel clear for every situation – because each situation might require a completely different “Script” for you to use!

This is because it’s all about your “vibe,” and what’s underneath your words, that counts! Sometimes, straight-out asking for what you want with the simple Script: “Sweetie, I feel so happy being with you, and I’d love to have more contact by phone …is there some way we can help me with this?” –

AND, if you’ve been talking about this for a long time, getting upset when he doesn’t call, arguing, etc – if you begin with this Scrip, he may just fall into getting defensive – and sense in-authenticity and control.

You YOURSELF might not actually FEEL like being this sweet and straightforward – you might feel ANGRY! – so, we need a different Script.

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