The Difference Between Rori Raye And Evan Mark Katz

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Evan Mark Katz is awesome.

He tells it like it is, he’s never, to my knowledge, wrong.

And, for him, as it would be with most any man who sees the situation you’re in with a man who’s not committing to you and stepping your relationship up over time clearly – “dump him” is the obvious, straightforward answer.

And – if you’re not willing to dump him, for so many reasons, inner promptings, fear, old patterns, triggering – what are you to do? Just move on to another coach who’ll tell you “how to get him”?

This leads to what Evan always asks me (we’re friends!): Why Circular Dating?

And – here’s the answer:

I know not ONE woman who’s able to simply “dump” a man she loves, no matter how awful he is, how clearly not interested in committing to her he is.

The “hope” always trumps reason in this situation with a man, and this man is ALWAYS able to stimulate “hope.”

He’s not doing anything bad, he just wants you at the LEVEL he wants you, and NOTHING you do or don’t do is going to change that!

Not even dating someone else.

Yes, it’ll make him want to try HARDER to get you back (at the level he wants you at!) – but it’s not going to move the needle on the “commitment” compass.

I know a couple who were together for a very long time.

He’s a musician, so he traveled with a band some of the time, and lots of women followed him.

He loved being with my friend, she’s so kind, sweet, loving, an amazing human being, and totally devoted to him (who WOULDN’T want to be with someone like that!).

And the level he was comfortable with and wanted was living together. So they lived together for many years. My girlfriend was resigned to the fact that this was as far as the relationship would ever go, and she accepted that.

What happened was so unusual, perhaps it’ll give you a picture of what any man you’re deeply involved with emotionally who doesn’t want to commit to you will need to do in order to change his mind: He had a personal experience that led him to meditate.  Not just meditate – he went to the nearby ashram and meditated for hours every day. Every day.

And – that changed him.  He felt changed.  He married my girlfriend.

They’ve been happy-ever-after ever since. Devoted, committed.

So – if what it takes to turn the man you love around is something this intense – do you think it will happen for your man?

Are you holding out hope that some incredible thing like what struck my friend’s man will happen to yours? And perhaps you’re not even as committed as they were to begin with – living under the same roof?

I can’t say “never.” Yet – what happened to my friend’s man was something that HE instigated, not her.  So – she had absolutely no control over it, and no influence over it. It was in HIS “stars.”

So – Evan, for me, is right. Dump a man who isn’t giving you what YOU want, even though he’s getting what HE wants.

And – if you can’t do that right now – and I know how hard it is to even contemplate such a thing – then just do this:

Circular Date.

Learn what Circular Dating is – and how to do it – no matter what your situation.

Join Siren Island where the coaches can take you by the hand and help you step-by-step.

Get a private coach when you’re ready to be personally led, visually, over video Zoom one-to-one.

Join a Siren School class like Sirenity to get personal coaching at an affordable rate, with other student around you who’re doing what you’re doing and can help support you.

Love, Rori









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