The Feminine Connection Workshop!

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OMGosh! ...Come next Sunday, January 29th, for the tiny fee of $17 for 90 full minutes of live coaching with amazing coaches at The Feminine Energy Workshop!

You’ll be under the brilliant guidance of coach Naomie Thompson, Beth Ellen and Natalina Love, and then you’ll be working with other wonderful Rori Raye coaches in small Zoom “break-out” rooms – one-to-one – and all for only $17!

If you’ve been to a Rori Raye Feminine Energy Workshop in 2022, then you already know what to expect, and how great it feels – and if you haven’t, and you’re missing a group of women to be with, live, working with coaches on the same topic we’re all so immersed in: How to stay in your Feminine Energy, no matter WHAT’s going on around you or WHAT a man is doing, not doing, saying or not saying… we hope to see you!

(I’m always there, in the “bleachers”, soaking up all the Siren energy and literally hanging on Naomie, Beth and Natalina’s every word – they fill my day with lovely, Feminine Energy thoughts, feelings and dreams…)

As soon as you sign up, you’ll receive your “Feminine Connection” Worksheet, your Zoom Link to the Workshop, and bonus materials! ->

Go here, and experience being a brilliant Siren among other Sirens, where Feminine Energy is honored and loved, learn new Tools from Naomie Thompson, Beth Ellen, Natalina Love and the great break-out-room coaches (where you’ll also get personal coaching!) and feel good swimming and flying with all us Sirens:

Love, Rori





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