The Feminine Energy Workshop BUNDLE!!!!

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Wow! We’ve passed the 2 year mark with The Feminine Energy Workshop – and we keep growing!

If you’ve been to even one Workshop, you know how amazing these are, and I wanted to “bundle” the recordings up (at a hugely discounted fee of only $133 for a full 12 months!) so you could own them all to watch and listen to whenever you want help dropping into your Feminine Energy and uplifting your Feminine Self.

Just go here to OWN the Videos and Worksheets in a format you can stream forever, and also download to your computer! – for the first 12 unique, groundbreaking Workshops->

These 12 Workshops include the famous ones: Naomie Thompson on “Love Lenses”, Sanaz Shiraz with a brilliant array of  Physical Tools you can use to stay in your Feminine Energy whenever you’re feeling challenged, and Beth Ellen’s amazing insight and warmth.

Each Workshop recording is a full program in itself, each worth as much individually as the full, 12 program fee of $133…

(Note: though I don’t speak or coach at these workshops, I’m always there at every one, soaking up the brilliance and uplifting feelings…)->

8 Steps To Turn Your Feminine Energy Into ACTION!

The idea here is to be Channeling energy, power, and FUN:

1. Write down all the things in the world that matter to you – that have NOTHING to do with a man.

It can be World Peace, it can be growing your business, it can be moving, it can be finishing a project – and relate any “smaller” ideas you get to a BIGGER end goal – a bigger DREAM that makes you feel happy.

2. Now make a list of anything you could do to help CHANNEL your energy, the power of your thoughts and feelings, into accomplishing any one of those things.

Yes – I’m talking here about Masculine Energy. This is total “BOY.”

3. Now look out a window (or imagine you’re looking out one) and write down things that are FUN.

Things that FEEL like fun.

I don’t want to hear a “have-to” in the bunch.


We’re simply funneling and channeling the energy you’re using now to figure things out, to Problem-Solve into the happy, fun, ACTION, goal-oriented things on your list.

4. Now, purposefully schedule ways to keep that energy moving “out the window.”

Make an actual list.

5. Now – as you practice doing this, you’ll notice a lot of resistance from inside you. You’ll notice the desire to turn from this action work into thinking about a problem, a concern, or about your man – in your head.

You’ll notice yourself wanting to create action around the “thing” that’s bothering you – or around HIM.

Really catch that. Now…

6. Sink into the feelings – all of them.

Whatever they are…let them “roil” through you without judgment or comment…
…and the moment you feel ANY feeling that feels more about power than about defeat or concern or worry…

7. Then immediately go to your action list and TAKE AN ACTION.

DO SOMETHING from your list.

I really want you to associate your first feeling of power with action.

I want you to DO something from the list you have – whether it’s moving furniture, straightening your desk, walking outside, writing a letter to someone, redoing your resume, writing a business plan, starting the outline for your next book…whatever.

*It can’t be random with this step. It has to be something you thought up and wrote down.

If you read over your long list enough, you’ll remember a lot of steps, and so you can spontaneously do something from the list – but at some point I want you to:

8. Cross The Thing You Do OFF THE LIST.

I want you to associate the good, powerful feeling with a goal, with an action step, and with accomplishing it.

And this has absolutely NOTHING to do with HIM or “The Problem”!

To Get More Help Accessing Both Your Feminine “Be” Energy AND Your Masculine “Do” Energy –

…And get them BOTH expanding so far from where they are right now that you can FEEL the power they create!

Perhaps we’ll see you at the next live Workshop, and right now, you can experience the 12 amazing, original, first-year Workshops as the Feminine Energy Workshop Bundle Video Program, for only $133!->

…and please let me know how this Channeling Tool works for you…

Love, Rori

The Question:

“I’m not sure if the action one takes when the more powerful feelings emerge is from the first list created or from the fun list.  Would you clarify please?”

My Answer:

Thank you for your brilliant question! And it doesn’t matter!

If you’ve written something down, something that feels like a “do“… like an “Action“… That will be something you usually approach from your masculine energy.

What we want to do is experiment with approaching things that feel like masculine energy action, but from your Feminine Energy impulse and desire, propelled by that Feminine Energy power…

Everything should feel a lot lighter, a lot less deliberate, a lot more spontaneous, and start feeling more fun…

The idea here is to kind of swim through general chaos, all the different things you are feeling, and all the different impulses you have…

The idea is for the boy energy of feeling like you need to get something done to be carried out, not in the normal boy energy way… But through the intuitive and internal power of your Feminine Energy  desires that then just moves through your lists.

This is how we have completely changed the feeling of “work“!

Love, Rori.

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