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Learn How To Get Everything You Want From Your Feminine Energy

Join Rori Raye's top relationship coaches in this brilliant online Workshop, for only $17! - where you'll get personal help and inspiration to live your life as a full-out girl - and always from your Feminine Energy. 


In 90 Minutes at the Workshop, You'll:

♥ Learn New Modern Siren Tools for The Feminine Art Of Attraction

♥ Get Coached and Scripted to help solve your immediate situation, and help you:

*Bring In the man you want...

*Bring Closer the man you're with...

*Bring Back a man who's shut down or withdrawn...

♥ Feel Empowered in your Feminine Energy, as you swim with Sirens and Rori Raye Coaches, soaking up and learning to express your Sirenity!

May FEW - Feminine Dream

"The Feminine Dream"

In The Workshop on Sunday, May 26th, 2024, at 12 noon U.S. Central Time (10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern, late afternoon Europe, middle-of-the-night Australia!)...

Master Coaches Beth Ellen and Natalina Love - plus the brilliant team of Siren School Coaches will be helping you map out your own, unique path to your  Happy Ever After.

The cost is only $17! and includes:

♥ 90 minutes working with Beth Ellen, Natalina Love, and amazing Siren School coaches to immerse you in your own Empowered Feminine Energy, and turn YOUR dream into the life and love you want...

♥ Personal one-to-one coaching in small Zoom break-out rooms, to address and begin solving your unique situation... 

The Feminine Energy Worksheet to get you started - and...

♥ Video and audio replay of the entire Workshop!

♥ Though I won't be speaking or coaching at the Feminine Energy Workshop (if you'd like to work with me - that happens in the "Rori Raye Live" event, Live Masterclasses and on Siren Island once per month) I'll be "in the bleachers" with you, enjoying every moment, and learning along with you from Natalina Love and Beth Ellen.

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"I feel so happy to be with all the Sirens... I'm feeling more in touch with my truth and true desires every time I come to the workshops and get to be coached... 'Vee'"

Many of us don't believe we deserve what can bring us pleasure, so we don't even bother to explore knowing what we want, and yet a Siren's power comes from learning to use "Desire" as a skill!

Where are your Desires taking you?

Map out your path to Happy Ever After with us!

Love, Rori

*If you have any questions about how The Feminine Energy Workshop works, or are concerned you won't be able to make the live event on Sunday (you'll absolutely be receiving the full video and audio replays - plus the extensive written "chat screen" the coaches will also be coaching on throughout the event!) - Just write us here: