The Forever Love Dream Feminine Energy Workshop!

FEW June 26

The entire Modern Siren Method is based 100% on literally “giving up the chase” of a man, and, instead, getting on with YOU.

This is not as easy as it sounds.

It means to stop thinking about, stop talking about, stop wondering about a man – because the moment we “give energy” to him by even thinking about him, I believe he can feel it – with or without constant texting or obvious “chasing.”

This is, in a way, a self-love project.

It’s a project where you become aware of where your thoughts and energy are at all times, and move them away from a man consciously, without judging yourself.

It’s a mixture of being “warm” if he ever shows up or writes (no matter how angry and frustrated you feel) – and keeping “distance” by completely not caring what’s going on with him when he’s NOT showing up.

And it’s completely counter-intuitive.

The key here – and the entire Modern Siren method is based on this key – is ATTRACTION.

Attraction is not the same as “love.”

Attraction is a “pull.”

If a man doesn’t feel a “pull” toward us, he won’t show up.

He can love us terrifically, but if he doesn’t feel a pull, for whatever reason, he stays back.

He can love you more than everyone, he can have a terrific sexual attraction for you – and, if he doesn’t feel a strong enough emotional pull to you, he’ll stay back and find something else to do.

This is how men work.

Truly, the only control you have over the emotional attraction you create in the world (with clients, with money, with men, with friends…) is how you decide, at any given moment, to experience all your feelings inside of you – without “stuffing them down.

Swim and fly with all of us Sirens tomorrow, Sunday, June 26th, experience the warmth, depth, compassion and brilliance of coaches Beth Ellen, Naomie Thompson and Natalina Love  as they lead The Feminine Energy Workshop “The Forever Love  Dream” – and Siren School coaches as they work with you one-to-one in small Zoom break-out groups – all helping you practice creating the “pull” of your Feminine Energy ->

A Personal Note From Beth Ellen:

“I became a love and relationship coach, because I want you to feel happy – to help you with your unique situation in a different way.

A way that WORKS, where you can continue to be YOU.

I know how it feels to put the best of what you have into a relationship and feel hurt when your best does not return the same effort or love.

I know how it feels to feel thrown away.

I also know what discouraged, devastated and confused feels like.

And what it feels like to wake up in the morning wanting the kind of relationship that doesn’t even feel like it could exist.

We’re all affected by how we were raised and our past relationships.

These experiences have held us back and trained us to have limiting beliefs about what we deserve to have.

We begin to ignore and hide who we really are, and feel upset when we don’t feel the love we want.

We start a great, hot relationship with a man, and then feel devastated when he suddenly disappears. Or when the fighting or cheating starts.

The Truth is: You deserve to be happy, and I look forward to helping you have the happiness you deserve.

Affectionately, Beth Ellen

More from Rori: Yes, this is all about self-love, self-mastery, self-awareness – what self-development is all about.

Meditation, yoga – all of these are Tools to experience a sense of self-awareness where you can feel everything – and still only take the “actions” that best serve you.

We are all so used to the concept of making things happen – to “manifesting.”

When, actually, becoming happy and fulfilled in love works in the completely opposite way.

Feminine Energy is the complete opposite of conscious “manifesting” – Hey – it’s even called “man-ifesting!”

Things around you, people, love, men, experiences…are pulled towards you from your Feminine Energy, and almost always repelled by the “trying” and “efforting” of our overfunctioning masculine energy.

The Modern Siren method is all about creating an attraction PULL from your Feminine Energy without any effort at all.

It takes a bit of practice to get used to this way of being…because you cannot create an attraction pull by “trying” or “doing”.

You create it just from your emotional state of Desire and Want.

And then, instead of “running toward” your Desires and Wants with your masculine energy, you simply radiate the feeling of those Desires and Wants and pull them all toward you.

You light yourself up with the Desire and Want of what makes you happy and makes you feel good.

As you learn to experience this Siren process, you’ll notice how the feelings of your Desires and Wants build in intensity, inside you.

And you’ll learn how to let yourself feel all that intensity, and then express it in words and body language, as it begins to weave a nearly magical, creative, magnetic “pulling” force all around you.

Men can turn around on a dime.

They forget what happened 5 minutes ago, if what’s happening right this minute triggers another feeling they like better!

We all have to learn how to have Heroic conversations that are risky and dangerous and deep – and it takes serious skills to put those words together in the middle of an intense moment. It’s also very painful to simply stop doing whatever we’re used to doing to make something happen from our masculine energy.

The Feminine Energy Workshop is meant to be an elemental, Siren “tribe” experience, where we can get stronger, braver, more powerful, successful and happy, just by being in the same “room” together.

Where the Feminine Energy of all of us, when we’re all together with the same sensibilities, intent, and commitment to our Desires and Wants, washes over all of us – magnified, increased, and giving us permission to be in our full selves. Here’s the Feminine Energy Workshop page->

*Oh! We’ll be watching our incoming emails all Sunday morning – so feel free to sign up last minute! (Actually, last minute can be very Feminine Energy…)  If you have any trouble getting the email with Zoom link, and getting into the event, just email me at, and we’ll get you in ASAP! (And if you miss the live event – not to worry, you’ll get a full, complete video, audio and chat screen replay by Tuesday!)

Love, Rori

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