The Free How to Be A Successful Feminine Energy Coach Mini-Workshop!

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This How to Be A Successful Feminine Energy Coach Mini-Workshop has been a fairly well-kept secret for about 6 months:

On Sunday, November 13th – you can talk live with me, along with brilliant RRCT Director and superstar coach Naomie Thompson and brilliant Siren School Director and superstar coach Natalina Love – to help you stay 100% in your Feminine Energy IN your work (yes, in the workplace itself, no matter how full of masculine rules and determined men that space is) – at the first-ever, live online “How To Be A Successful Feminine Energy Coach” Mini-Workshop!.

On Sunday (and you’ll also have the video, audio and chat room recordings of the event!), you’ll learn how RRCT actually trains you in Feminine Energy, and teaches you how to do every single bit of “business building” from your Feminine Energy (I know it sounds impossible, but it works phenomenally well – and fast, too) , and be able to lock-in your RRCT 2022 fee before it goes up on January 1st, just by writing me!

Because I do (and have always done), so much of the hands-on RRCT Training, and will always be your available, personal Mentor! – we’ve always held the maximum RRCT enrollment at 20 women in a single year, spread out with individual “start dates” throughout the year – so the spaces are always scarce.

And to make sure you know everything you need to know to make a decision for yourself about becoming a coach – and who you study and train with! – we decided a Workshop would be perfect!

Instead of a webinar where I talk and tell you stuff, or an interview with Naomie before you’ve had a chance to get a real feel for what it’s like to be in RRCT, the How to Be A Successful Feminine Energy Coach Mini-Workshop will allow us all to interact, answer questions, and you’ll get to know how all our personalities and skills mesh with your dreams, your Wants and Desires.

In RRCT, you’ll be on an “Individual Track” – where you’re working with me, Naomie, and Master Coach Teachers in ways that are completely tailored to you, your personality, your interests, your background, what you want your life to look like as a professional coach.

And, most important, we all get to talk Feminine Energy – and how it works in the Workplace, and at your entrepreneurial home, day in and day out.

If this is tickling your mind – perhaps it’s a nice addition to the work with clients you’re already doing, or the career change you’ve been dreaming about but couldn’t quite put your finger on.

Go here to signup for the Mini-Workshop, and you’ll also find information on costs and timing and the specifics of how RRCT is structured (yes, there are payment plans!) on the Welcome to the Workshop page->

If you’ve been waiting for this opportunity, and are ready to roll – or just want to know more about RRCT with a personal email – write to me in the Contact Form on the page, and we’ll get you to your next steps!

Being a coach is the hottest profession there is right now – and being in RRCT – Rori Raye Coach Training – guarantees you personal attention and training from me, plus the hours of videos, audios and written RRCT Manual included – AND you’ll get the Rori Raye brand name totally behind you business-wise.

I consider this a mentoring moment for me, where I teach everything I know to you, and help you build a great coaching career – filled with clients and personal satisfaction.

Go here for the free Mini-Workshop, and I’ll see you there!->

Love, Rori

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