The Free Library Of The Pool Of Love – Video!

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It’s another freezing cold day and I’m here in my beautiful park area next to a little free library and it just made me think, here’s the free library.

I’m opening the door call these books that people have read and then they brought back, and that I can just pick up for free to listen to or to read, and then I can read it and then I can put it back and close the door.

Isn’t that a lot like dating?

Yeah. You borrow a man for a while, you try him out.

If you don’t like him, you put him back on the shelf.

You take a book, you like it, you keep it forever.

He was free.

You keep it forever and to exchange you put something back, which was all the other guys that you tried out.

I love that idea.

It makes it like men are like a free library.

I think that’s so funny and so true.

We think of it as such a big deal.

A date is important and it has an endpoint.

It’s just you and him.

What if we’re all free library pieces and we are on rent, but not rent?

We’re loan.

We’re loan from what?

Hmmm…What are we loaning him from?

What are we taking him from on a date?

We are perhaps putting him on loan from the Pool Of Love.

How’s that?

The big Pool Of Love.

And if you’re not already in love or hooked up in a relationship that’s working, you’re part of the pool and oh, you have all these guys to take from the free pool, the free library and test them out.

And sometimes you can take three or four or five, right?

I love this idea. Let me know if it appeals to you and I’ll talk more about it!

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Love, Rori

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