The “Is He Cheating” Series – Video #1

Cheating Series

I was asked to talk more about “cheating” –

– how to discover it, how to recognize what you discover, how to deal with it on every level, how to begin to truly trust a man – and what to do to recover trust.

The Series is now 6 short videos, and as you ask questions, I’ll do more videos!

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The Comment:

Why am I here is always a great question. If you think a man is a liar, leave, don’t stay and complain or play the victim. If I stay, truly, he’s entitled to treat me however he wants. Why? Because I’m there. If a man shows you he doesn’t love you, the fault lies with you/a woman for sticking around. As a star, you have a choice.

My Answer:

You are so powerfully correct in the questioning, and, I have a soft heart for all women who stay, as well as admiration and hats off for women who are able to leave quickly.

I know what it feels like to make excuses for a man, and it all has to do with the value we hold for ourselves.

It has taken me most of my adult life to even begin to appreciate my value as a human, as a woman, and in the moments where I can’t fully appreciate, to at least LOVE me.

Becoming a “star” is the journey, and there are lots of nooks and crannies to get lost in…. Also, we’ve all been trained and conditioned in different, self-limiting ways.

I always want to be coming from the place of “I can have no real idea what the ‘meaning’ of this is, and so I cannot correctly place ‘blame’ or ‘fault’ – so there must be other reasons, other ‘whys’ – lots of messages….Perhaps I should video about this!

Love, Rori

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