The Love You More Mastermind – I’ll Be Speaking With Jeanine Staples And Talking About “Of Course You Want MORE!”

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Another great,great event with the stellar Jeanine Staples – and I’ll be speaking on Day Three, on December 12th, around 2:30 eastern time…I’m writing you now, early, because there’s an “Early Bird” pricing here, if you sign up before December 1st.

The info page here is truly a great info page, you’ll find out more about Jeanine and how the whole virtual weekend will unfold for you: 

Some of the very specific, targeted to your situation, and even personal coaching you can expect to get immediate help with. You’ll learn – in the 3 days from December 10th-12th, How To:

* Get OUT of embarrassing, unsatisfying, frustrating, depleting relationships that don’t work (and entanglements with men who don’t deserve you).

* Get IN to an affirming, appreciable, wild love affair with YOURSELF. So that you experience more self-worth, self-respect, self-love, and self-trust than ever before.

* Get MORE! More closure on your past. More clarity on your worth. More connection to your abundance in life and love.

*Begin to call in your King so that you have the relationship you’ve always wanted in 2021. A relationship where you’ll feel respected, honored, trusted, chosen, truly, and deeply loved for who you really are. At your best AND your worst, no matter what.

This can happen for you in just THREE DAYS!->

Jeanine Asks (And will answer, on December 10th – 12th!):

“I know it’s important to love yourself and to have self-esteem so that you can be healthy in relationships.

But how?

How, how, HOW on earth do I actually DO it?

Not just say ‘I love you, Jeanine.’ But really, truly change what I see when I look in the mirror alone in my room?

* So that I can change how I show up on dates.

* So I can change how I show up at work.

* Change how I show up when I need to set boundaries.

* Change how I make decisions over what I will and won’t accept from others. And how they treat me.
So that I can feel sure of myself and stop chasing, chasing, chasing after men who are giving me tiny, stale bread crumbs of attention.”

And here’s how I see it all:

In my speaker spot on December 12th, I’ll be talking with you around my “Warrior Woman” call: “Of Course I Want More!”

It’s true for nearly all of us: no matter what we hoped for, wanted, from girlhood on – nearly everyone else around us either scoffed, thought our ideas and wants were impossible, thought “other things” were “way more important,” and (whether they meant to or not) steered us hard in other, “safer” directions.

They also taught us that masculine energy rules the world and everything in it – and that there’re only TWO ways to get what you want if you’re a woman. Either:

1. You have to give up, and just want something else. Or,

2. You have to go after what you want like a man.  All “suited up” and totally devoid of emotion.

Well, giving up is not even in my vocabulary, and getting “suited up” like a man is the way we women have all ended up feeling like we’ve lost ourselves, and so often find ourselves closing ourselves off from romantic love.

The people around you right now – men in romantic relationships, bosses, co-workers, friends, family, all have their own agendas for their own lives.

And they’ve all been taught exactly what we’ve been taught – that some things we want are not possible, and that if you want “MORE” of what you have, you’re either ungrateful or selfish.

That’s completely the opposite of what I believe, and of what Jeanine believes, and both of us have made our lives and our work about delivering the message that when something good is happening – that’s when you activate your want for MORE!

There is MORE love, MORE affection, MORE money, MORE thrills, MORE fame, adulation, devotion, intimacy, fun, laughs, happiness, peace, commitment, growth, knowledge, understanding….more of EVERYTHING.

This idea that we have to “stop” wanting things is just ridiculous. It came from some training from the beginning of humanity where “herd safety” was bound by rules for individuals – especially for women.

Now is the time to break loose!

You already DO love yourself! The idea that you have to “work” at self-love is just equally ridiculous.

What we ALL need to learn about loving ourselves, and then how to fully accept, revel in, expect, love coming to us – is about finally seeing and experiencing a MUCH BIGGER picture of who we are, what the world is, what true faith and trust in ourselves is.

Jeanine isn’t just a pretty face and good words. As a tenured professor at a steller research university, with so many degrees in so many areas, genuine cred as an activist in the world, and an incredibly nuanced, very different approach to how having love in the world and in your life, right now can happen – Jeanine is startling, emotionally so warm and caring, and gets results.

Jeanine was my student in the pilot program of RRCT in 2013, and she’s become a superstar of amazing stature.

We’ve worked together several times now – especially with Jeanine’s “The Solution” program – which, if you don’t already own, you’ll have a chance to after I speak on December 12th.

I encourage you to sign up now to guarantee your seat at the Love You More Mastermind, and to get this very low “Early Bird” fee – and I so look forward to seeing you and answering your questions during my speaking time->

Love, Rori

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