The Problem With Holding Off On Sex

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The problem with “holding off on sex” is that it’s a “strategy”!

“Holding off” is not necessarily a true expression of your desire to wait a bit until the timing or the moment feels “right” to you – it can be, in your mind, a sort of imaginary “ticket” to a deeper commitment from him.

It can feel like a “stepping stone” to love, and that’s never going to work.

The truth is, sex IS a way to go emotionally deeper with a man – that’s what makes marriage and deep relationship different from friendships (though not necessarily any more fulfilling!) – but the moment you begin to have sex because you hope, perhaps subconsciously, that it will deepen the relationship – you’ve fallen into your masculine energy, strayed from your true feelings, and become emotionally dependent on him!

And the moment you do that – you will be shutting off the connection and sending him away.

In the time of a growing relationship where the man becomes focused on “getting sex with you” and isn’t even aware of how his FEELINGS for you are growing or not growing – that’s when it’s crucial to know how you really feel, stand in your Feminine Energy, and enter the sexual arena only if you find it fun, pleasurable, joyful – and NOT any kind of “next step” toward a “secured” relationship.

This is not something we women have ever been taught or encouraged to learn about ourselves.

The problem exists that, without full-out sex at some point (and I call “kissing, touching…all of it” “sex”), so let’s refer to “full-out sex” as “body linking” – it’s very, very hard to truly “know” if a man will be a good “partner” for you on every level.

And until you know that you feel comfortable and satisfied with sex with this man, it’s hard to get truly connected to him.

For him, sex is how he expresses intimacy.

For you, it might be a huge leap of faith, and a bestowing of Trust on this man.

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My intention is to help every woman in every situation, and to help women everywhere to learn as much as they can about a man before they marry him.

I don’t see “sex” as something we “give” a man.

I see it as another, awesome way we can get to know a man, and see what he’s capable of emotionally and in every other way, before we commit to marriage.

I don’t see marriage as something a man “offers” a woman. I see it as a major commitment for a woman to make. And I believe she should know as much as she can before making that commitment.

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Love, Rori

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