The Theme Park Of YOU – “Artland”

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Have you ever felt “not-creative”?

Well, that’s impossible.

Living is creating. No way around it.

You are creating your life, and it’s a work of art.

You are a work of art in progress.

At all times…

No one is a blank canvas.

We come in as works of art, and we paint on that same canvas our whole lives.

We may not think we’re creative, but we cannot NOT be creative.

Life is art. And we are works-in-progress our whole lives.

All of us.

It’s not just paint on canvas that we’re creating – it’s words and pasted quotes and bits of things, and cardboard, and old letters and pictures and clay.

We’re multimedia.

We cover over old stuff – and some of it shines through or leeches it’s colors through, and some is hidden for a very long time.

Perhaps even for forever.

However you look at it, we’re constantly creating, whether we know it or not and whether we mean to or not, and whether we even want to or not.

A good place to start appreciating your own creations is to start appreciating the creations of others.

Especially if it makes you feel insecure and jealous.

Especially if looking at what other people have created makes you compare yourself to them and makes you feel bad.

That kind of thing is one of the wonderful opportunities of looking at all this as PRACTICE.

If you can practice appreciating what others have – you make it infinitely more possible for you to have it.

There isn’t a set amount of love in the world – and if your co-worker has it that means you’re less likely to have it.

This is not a reality show with a winner and runners-up.

This is not you being caught in a never-ending loop of being the bridesmaid and not the bride.

If you are a bridesmaid and can APPRECIATE what the bride has created – you’re one step closer yourself to bridedom.

♥ Since you are always creating anyway – stop thinking about how bad you are creating things.

♥And…remember to consider the past, Future and Present aspects of all this.

If you’re stuck in not appreciating what others and what you are creating, and you’re also stuck in the past about it…can you see how that’s going to slow you down?

And – to make this even deeper – if you then totally don’t appreciate yourself for NOTICING that you’re stuck here – then you’re making your ball and chain even bigger.

If you’re not actively engaged in loving your creations in the present – even when you don’t like what it looks like – you build your ball and chain.

If you are actively engaged in loving your creations and everyone else’s in the present – no matter what it looks like – you dissolve the ball and chain and move so much faster you’ll astound yourself.

Love, Rori


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